By Gary Wade, Physicist 02 / 16 / 02

In The Beginning - One night back around 1989, I tuned into the Roy of Hollywood Radio Show on KPFK (90.7 FM). Roy was replaying the last ever-recorded episode of the Bill Jenkins, ABC Radio Show, THE OPEN MIND. Billís guests that night were Steven and Lavern Ross of THE WORLD RESEARCH FOUNDATION. The topic was the Rife microscope and the accomplishments of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. As the Rossí proceeded to tell the story of the Rife microscope and Rifeís accomplishments, I could hardly believe my ears. The claims they were making for Rifeís work were astounding to unbelievable. They claimed that Rife built several optical microscopes that could see down to the realm of viruses; that Rife had invented a thing called a frequency instrument that could be tuned to a particular RF frequency and would destroy or deactivate a particular selected microbe; that by 1939 Rife, with the use of his microscopes and frequency instruments, had identified and found the RF frequencies to destroy the microbes identified and associated with the cause and propagation of 52 major diseases, including cancer. Well, this was quite a program and Bill Jenkinsí last, despite the fact that his national program had the highest ratings for his time slot for eight years running. His program was cancelled immediately following the Rife show.

During the show the Rossí offered to supply, for $20.00, a Royal Raymond Rife Report from Borderland Sciences. I was hooked, I had to find out more about this Dr. Rife and verify what the Rossí had claimed. So, I sent money in and got the report. As I finished the report, I had no doubt that Rife had done everything the Rossí had claimed. For me the challenge became how to technically explain what Rife did and how to restore his work to use in our time. In 1991, I took on this challenge and have been working to succeed ever since.

The Trials and Tribulations of Rife Technology - In 1991 to 1993, I spent a great deal of time studying biological structures in microbes to verify my hunch that viruses, bacteria, and one celled organisms all had physical structures that were critical to their existence and or propagation that were also susceptible to destruction by resonant structural mechanical vibration. Having verified my hunch as reality, I proceeded to experiment with standard off the shelf signal function generators to produce mechanical vibrations in myself and other willing "guinea pigs". In particular "guinea pigs" with aliments that were believed or suspected of being microbial in origin. My success in treating these aliments was very hit and miss. I decided that my frequency generator often did not produced enough output intensity and or a high enough frequency of mechanical vibration. This lead me on a long journey of trial and error construction of ever more powerful ultrasound generators with an ever higher frequency range. My experimental units produce far lower output intensity than the common ultrasound units used in physical therapy by allopathic MDís and chiropractors in their practices. My journey is still not complete, but the end is in sight. Today my treatment success level is far less hit and miss and I have a pretty good idea of which aliments my form of Rife technology will work on and which ones I have to improve my technology to successfully treat. I am not allowed by law to make any medical claims of cures for anything with my technology. Only, our(?) government in the form of the FDA can declare cures.

I would like to tell you a set of anecdotal stories illustrating the type of experiences I have had developing my form of Rife technology. These are only anecdotal stories, not extensive clinical trials, so no claim of any cure is made or should be implied from these stories. However, hopefully these anecdotal stories will allow you to see why I have persisted to develop this Rife type technology for some eleven years now. There is a crying need for allopathic medicine, as represented by the average M.D., to wake up to viable alternative medical modalities and stop just essentially being the licensed pharmaceutical drug pusher.

Story # 1 - Some friends came over to visit one evening. My friendís wife commented that she had had a pain in her back for days that was really getting her down. Furthermore, this pain seemed to be associated with her on again off again pleurisy ( inflammation /infection of the sack that encases the lung) problem. I explained to her that I had this function generator that produced very low intensity ultrasound. And that, if she wanted to use it on herself to slowly scan through the available ultrasound frequencies, she might just stumble on a mechanical oscillation frequency that killed or disabled the presumed microbe infecting her pleura and causing her pain. She hooked herself up to the ultrasound generator and began a treatment while we all talked. About twenty minutes into our conversation and her treatment she suddenly said "the pain is gone!".

Story # 2 - A chiropractor friend knew that I had been working on building Rife type low intensity ultrasound units and was having some success in treating many ailments. He wanted one of these units to experiment with. So, I built him one. Some weeks later, I got a call from him about two strange occurrences, that happened with the use of the unit. His daughter, who is a psychic healer, was visiting from Hawaii. She had been badly/deeply scratched on her arm by her cat just before she left Hawaii. She was concerned about getting an infection (cat scratch fever). She asked her father if she could treat herself on the low intensity ultrasound unit. During the treatment two strange events occurred. One, the cat wound suddenly started to bleed profusely and then stopped again. Two, she had a sudden spontaneous out of the body experience. These two experiences gave me plenty of food for thought. I hit the books and discovered that the major structural strength of a blood clot comes from the polymerization of the protein fibrinogen. This fibrinogen protein molecule has three components. A central spheroidal protein clump sandwiched between two somewhat smaller apparently identical spheroidal protein clumps. All three protein substructures are chemically and elastically connected together and form a classical elastically coupled mechanical oscillator unit and is therefore susceptible to resonant mechanical oscillation when exposed to its resonant mechanical shaking rate. Specifically, the two outer protein sub units oscillate back and forth a 180 degrees out of phase against the central protein clump. These fibrinogen molecules polymerize together in a side step cross-link pattern to form the fibrin structure which holds the blood clot together. In theory, if these fibrinogen molecules are exposed to their natural mechanical resonance frequency, they can be made to vibrate so strongly as to rupture their polymerization bonds, which would effectively dissolve the blood clot. And this is what I believe happened. As for the out-of-body experience, I will save that explanation for another forum.

Story #3 - I was visiting a chiropractor friendís office some eight years ago. He also had one of my low intensity ultrasound units to experiment with. He had a nice TV set up in his office and there was a special series of Nature programs scheduled that evening I wished to see. So, I stayed and watched all three episodes. Since, I was just setting there watching TV, I thought why not use my ultrasound unit and get a treatment. As it turned out, I ended up giving myself three back to back treatments on the unit. At the end of my third 45 minute treatment cycle I got up to go to the bathroom. As I rose up I experience the very distinct strong subjective feeling of wellness. I thought how odd. I left the office and took care of some business and then to bed. Upon awaking the next morning I was greatly surprised to find myself with pain in the lower left abdomen, when I attempted to rise out of bed. I looked at my abdomen and saw three very large pimples or three small very ripe boils in a straight line. I proceeded to drain them and achieve nice pain relief along with a lot of discharge. During the following weeks, I noticed that a periodic recurring strain feeling that I had for several years in my lower groin was gone and to this day has not returned.

Story # 4 - The secretary in one of the chiropractor offices that had one of my low intensity ultrasound units decided to give my unit a try. She had been feeling physically down and thought it might help as it had for others. She placed the ultrasound transducer on her abdomen and gave herself a treatment. The following day she awoke to a very sore puss draining appendix "scar". For several days it drained and then healed back shut and she felt well again.

Story # 5 - An alternative health practitioner in a foreign country learned of my Rife type technology from a mutual friend who has two of my ultrasound units in his alternative health practice. She was so impressed by what she had heard about my units, that she commissioned me to make her a unit. A couple of weeks after she had received the unit I got a call from her. She wanted to tell me what had happened to two patients that had used my unit. The first patient was also her friend and she had been invited over for dinner before her regular treatment modality. The health practitioner said hey, I have this new ultrasound unit you might want to try out. So while dinner was cooking she gave herself a treatment. After dinner the patient felt a somewhat urgent need to go to the bathroom. While the patient was in the bathroom, the practitioner heard her let out a terrible scream. She ran to the bathroom to see the patient staring down into the toilet bowl at a very long and large dead tapeworm.

The second patient had swollen lymph glands all over her body. She did one cycle on the ultrasound unit. The following day all of her lymph nodes were swollen up as hard as golf balls and were very painful. Over the next two weeks all of the lymph nodes lost their enlargement to the point that it was hard for the practitioner to find the lymph nodes by palpation.

Story # 6 - Another alternative health practitioner in a foreign country who has one of my units, had a patient with diabetes and associated very poor blood flow in his legs, along with open sores on his legs. The patientís allopathic doctors said that one leg needed to be amputated and that the other leg would probably have to go soon also. The alternative health practitioner loaned his patient the ultrasound unit for several weeks and all of the infections cleared up along with much improved blood circulation. The patient regained the use of his legs.

Story # 7 - A friend of mine has a girl friend that books reservations at a major airline. She works long hours typing in front of a computer screen. She had developed a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome. I told my friend to bring her by and let her treat herself on my unit if she wished to give it a try. She gave it a try and after two treatments all pain was gone. She liked the unit so much, she had me make her one.

Story # 8 - A friend of mine showed me what looked like a very bad fungal infection on his feet and asked me if my ultrasound unit could help. I said, I do not know, let us give it a try. I had him treat his fungus infection several times and it cleared up. However, it returned periodically and we got reed of it periodically.

Story # 9 - A friend of mines mother-in-law was barely able to walk and the doctors told her that the poor circulation and leg infection problems were so bad that she needed to have both legs amputated. My friend wondered if my ultrasound unit could help her. I said, I do not know, but let us find out. I lent him one of my units for a couple of months. About a month on, I inquired how it was working for his mother-in-law. He said she was doing great and walking up a storm. All the circulation had returned to her legs. The only problem was that for the first three weeks of the treatment she gave off a god awful rancid odor that filed the entire house. However, now the odor was gone and the entire family was happy.

Story # 10 - Some years ago, while I was working at the National Health Federation, the editor of the magazine badly twisted his knee and could hardly walk it was so painful. I talked him into trying a treatment on my unit a few weeks after the injury. The day following the treatment most of the swelling and pain were gone. A week after the second treatment he was pretty much back to normal.

Story # 11 - A chiropractor friend was interested in trying my ultrasound unit on herself. So, I let her treat herself. We sat around talking while she was being treated. Suddenly she said, "I can really feel it in my left tonsil!" She had had a very bad recurring infection of that tonsil over the past couple of years. After about a minute and a half the discomfort left her left tonsil. We continued to talk and about ten minutes later she said; "Now I can feel something in my left arm. Oh yea! That is where I broke my arm skiing two years ago." In another forty five seconds or so the sensation in the left arm cleared.

Story # 12 - An allopathic doctor friend of mine who has one of my ultrasound units had an abscessed tooth (a molar). His dentist said the tooth would need a root canal. He was given antibiotics to clear up the infection before the root canal. My friend also had a very large intense static magnetic field treatment device for experimental tissue regeneration work. He thought to himself, I have all this equipment, why donít I try to get ride of the infection and heal the tooth. So, he continued the antibiotics, used my low intensity ultrasound unit every day, and spent many hours with his tooth (whole head) between two very large intense magnetic pole pieces. After three weeks of this treatment, when he returned to his dentist for the root canal, the tooth X-rays showed the tooth completely healed.

Story # 13 - A medical doctor, in a foreign country, who mainly treats cancer patients in his practice, has told me that after adding treatment with my low intensity ultrasound unit to his standard treatment protocols, he is seeing nearly 100% remission in his cancer patients. My suspicion is that my ultrasound unit is hitting some of the frequencies that Rife used to kill cancers in the 1930ís and 40í. Also, just as or more importantly, I believe that my unit is killing back much of the heavy microbial load normally found in the blood of the average cancer patient. I believe the freeing up of the resources of the patientís immune system to concentrate on the cancer can be critical to the survival of the patient.

Story # 14 - An elderly patient suffering from chronic fatigue treated himself in the afternoon with one of my ultrasound units. That evening and following through the next couple of days he felt like he had a case of the flu. He then quickly improved and had several more treatments over the following weeks. He now has plenty of energy and says he now looks forward to life doing things he has not done for years.

Over the past eleven years I have written many articles on Rife type technology, been on numerous radio shows promoting Rife technology, given many public lectures on Rife technology, and produced both audio and video presentations on Rife technology. I have been well received by the public in general. However, I am continually dumb founded and amazed how those technically trained in electronics and the physical sciences can continue to ignore Rifeís great work when their fate and the fate of their loved ones and friends are clearly at stake. Our illness costs are clearly out of control. We get very poor return on our illness care/treatment dollar. Our antibiotics are soon to become useless against many strains of bacteria. We have both new and old virus types rapidly spreading throughout our general population, thanks in no small part to years of contaminated vaccines, which Rife type technology should be able to stop and or control. Currently approximately one out of three people as a minimum is expected to get cancer in their lifetime. However, if the trend in the increase of cancer rates continues, it will soon be one out of two people getting cancer in their lifetime. Ask yourself why those that are clearly capable of developing and implementing Rife type technologies into general use are not doing so. I have been asking myself that question for some time now. Of coarse there are plenty of technically trained people that are not familiar with Rife type technology, but there are now plenty who are. My current feeling is that a combination of fear and corrupt vested self interest can be blamed for the lack of development of mass produced commercially available Rife type technology. On the fear front, people fear the powerful vested interests such as the AMA, pharmaceutical companies, FDA, and NIH that do not want to see low cost effective alternative medical treatments, such as Rife type technology, used because of lost profits and lost grant money. On the corrupt vested self interest front, the people and corporations that could easily develop a Rife type technology, also fear the large vested interests and are quite welling to play ball with them and work on cornering their own little piece of the corrupt medical money pie. There have been a few small manufactures who have tried to bring Rife type technology to the masses. However, so far all such manufacturers that have an effective piece of equipment have been shutdown by the FDA before they have been able to make a dent in the AMA and, pharmaceutical medical cash cow or NIH grant monies.

The Future - My Rife type ultrasound technology Rife Device has now reached the development stage where extensive clinical trails are in order. However, no matter how good the clinical results may turn out to be, past well-documented history indicates that the pharmaceutical companies, the AMA, the FDA, and the NIH will do all in their power to stop the implementation of this type of technology. If you are interested in reading a well documented detailed account of the suppression and destruction of past and present effective inexpensive alternative health modalities by the vested interests such as the AMA, FDA, pharmaceutical companies, and NIH, I highly recommend, POLITICS IN HEALING, by Daniel Haley, Potomac Valley Press, Washington, DC, ISBN# 0-9701150-0-8, LCN 00-091629. Only by people educating themselves and privately and publicly acting on this and other information can we hope to see the current ineffective for the patient, corrupt allopathic medical system overthrown. In every state of our union we need to pass laws that get rid of the current effective dictatorial control over your illness care and medical treatment that the monopolistic trade associations such as The American Medical Association have over us. We need our regular allopathic medical doctors to be able to use any alternative health modality they deem appropriate, as long as it is no more dangerous than is the normal standard of practice approved by the AMA. Furthermore, no doctor should have to fear loosing their license for using an alternative modality, which is the current despicable situation in the state of California. AMA, pharmaceutical companies, and NIH, let my people go. They do not want to be your cash cows and victims any longer. Let my people go. (With each generation the unit gets better; Part II soon)


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