By Gary Wade  (5/12/07)


The short answer is a qualified yes. Now for the discussion to support the qualified yes and what can be done about it. When the live blood of the average person is observed by high power optical microscopes, a variety of bacteria or other microbes will be seen. If the blood is cultured on the right growth media, those observed microbes and others will be observed growing on the cultures. What is not observed in the blood optically, except with very special ultra high power optical microscopes such as a Rife type microscope (ref. 1,2,3), are the nano bacteria, the mycoplasma, rickettsias, and viruses. All of these microbe types mentioned above can and will lead to and cause continuous cellular death throughout the body. Let us examine some of the ways this cellular death occurs including chemical poisoning. Example 1 - Let us suppose an individual has a virus infection of some body tissue or organ. In general the viral infection can be of two kinds. One where the virus is of the type that takes over cellular machinery and produces so many virus copies inside the cell that the cell swells up and ruptures open releasing the viruses to go off and infect new cells and repeat the process. In this process the infected cell dies and will need to be replaced. In the second kind of viral infection, the virus takes over the cell machinery and produces viruses that bud off the infected cell membrane and go on to infect new cells. In this type of viral infection the infected cell is not directly killed by the virus, but is generally not capable of carrying out it’s normal functions. These infected cells are however killed by certain types of white blood cells and will need to be replaced by the cell division of uninfected cells.

Example 2 - Let us suppose an individual has a traumatic physical injury, such as a bicycle crash, a car crash, a fall down the stairs, a sports injury, surgery, etc.. By traumatic physical injury, I mean an injury where tissue is ripped and/or ruptured. There will be bruising (internal bleeding) and torn tissue. The various microbes found in the blood will after a traumatic physical injury have access to new tissue damaged regions where the microbes can multiply greatly in numbers (an infection) and kill/eat large numbers of cells, which will need replacing after the infection is taken care of. Sometimes the low grade infection at a injury site last for many years. With this traumatic physical injury also comes the generation of scar tissue, which has it’s own set of problems, which can be converted to a healing resource as will be discussed below.

Example 3 - Suppose an individual takes in a toxic chemical(s) in their air or food or drink, for example 1 ppm of fluoridated water. These toxic chemicals can over time lead to significant cell disfunction and cell death in one or more tissue sets in that individual’s body. These dead cells from chemical poisoning will need to be replaced by other cells dividing. A great example of this sort of poisoning is what is called chemotherapy for cancer patients, where the standard allopathic medical treatment is often as bad or worse than the cancer they are supposedly treating. Another good example is the fluoridation of water. The fluoride ion for example is a general enzyme poison and disrupter. No technically competent person would ever want to drink 1 ppm fluoridated water, yet half of our country’s water supply has now been fluoridated. Perhaps we need a lot less technically incompetent lawyers as our state legislators. Once a city’s water supply has been fluoridated at 1 ppm the cancer rate goes up by approximately 1% per year from then on in that city until cancer is a given event for almost all people. This may well help explain why the cancer rate in the U.S. has gone from around one in twenty in the first part of the twentieth century to approaching one in two currently. The fluoridation poisoning of water in the U.S. was started shortly after world war 2.

When cells in any particular tissue location are killed or die off other cells in the neighborhood start dividing to replace the lost cells and or stem like cells migrate into the region to divide to replace the lost cells or pin point cells as discovered and named by Dr. Rife move into the damaged area and become the type of cell needed to replace lost cells (ref. 3). When these cells divide their chromosomes loose approximately 50 to 80 telomeres from each end of each chromosome, so that in both daughter cells resultant from the cell division process, there are now 50 to 80 telomere unit lengths shorter at the ends of the daughter cell chromosome ends. When these daughter cells divide again in the future, the daughter cells from that cell division will loose another 50 to 80 telomeres from each end of each chromosome in both daughter cells. Over the years as cell deaths continue to occur and cell division to replace lost cells continues, the number of telomere units become smaller and smaller in number until the daughter cells can no longer divide and do tissue repair, the person begins the process of shriveling up and dying.

Shortly before birth the baby has cells throughout it’s entire body that have chromosome telomere tail lengths of around 2,000 telomere units. Each telomere unit consists of a single strand of DNA made up of six genetic code bases (GGGTTA), where A is adenine, T is thymine, and G is guanine. So we see that the person only has so much growth and repair ability determined by their initial number of telomere units at the end of each cell chromosome at birth. Furthermore, it should be pointed out that cellular metabolism rate and therefore organ, gland and tissue metabolism rates are apparently a function of telomere lengths (number of telomere units) at both ends of the chromosomes. After the telomere lengths shorten significantly from that of youth, the cellular metabolism and hormonal secretion rates from various glands decreases significantly. What the exact mechanism connection is not yet known. Once the telomere lengths have shortened to a critical length the cell can no longer divide.

As we continue this “normal aging process” of life where we are regularly exposed to toxic chemicals and the very large number of viruses and microbes of the world, we continually suffer cell death and cell replacement. However, we have only a very finite ability to replace cells and maintain a adequate metabolism rate for adequate immune system functioning. Over time (aging) one or more vital organs or tissue sets can no longer adequately repair or maintain itself due to telomere shortening fails, and you die. For example, cancer (failed immune system), heart disease (infections in the heart and arteries), liver failure (often viral caused or chemically induced, i.e. tylenol and alcohol used together), kidney failure (often viral or bacterial infection or chemically induced), etc..

The Fixes - What can be done to slow down, halt, and reverse this “normal aging process”, namely continuous cell death and cell division to replace lost cells? Some of the answers to this question are probably known by the reader and some should be quite a surprise. Most readers realize that good or proper nutrition is essential for a healthy immune system and optimum cellular functioning. Good nutrition in conjunction with high dosages of various vitamins, minerals and supplements can halt and reverse degenerative diseases and greatly slow the process of cell death from microbe infection and chemical poisons and therefore slow down needed cell replacement. For example, as shown by the work of Dr. Fred Klenner, M.D., Dr. Ewan Cameron, M.D., and two time Noble Prize winner Dr. Linus Pauling, Ph.D., massive doses of vitamin C when used with the proper treatment protocols, often including other supplements, can reverse many degenerative diseases and rid the body of many types of virus and bacterial infections(ref. 4). However, FDA officials at the behest of international pharmaceutical companies have sold out and betrayed the American people by signing off on Codex Alimentarius. Codex Alimentarius has the U.S.A. harmonize its vitamin, mineral, and supplement availability and dosage amounts available to that available in the European Union (E.U.). In the E.U. most supplements are soon to be taken away and allowed vitamin and mineral dosages are being reduced to ridiculously low levels. This is a direct result of actions from international pharmaceutical companies. In my opinion the time is fast approaching where the American people will need to organize, rise up and remove the ownership/leadership of the pharmaceutical companies and purge the FDA of the corrupt bureaucrats and purge congress of the corporate “elected” PAC whores who have not done the people's business, but instead have continually put corporate interests first. Is it not time for a nationwide reform movement where the people take back the government from the control of corrupt corporate interests, just as was done around the beginning of the twentieth century?

There are now readily available various vibratory energy treatment devices available to help clean out the body of various viral and microbial infections to the point that the immune system can finish the job. The most common types are blood cleaning devices like Bob Beck’s Zapper, various so called Rife Machines, pulsed magnetic devices, light devices, and others.

The Bob Beck Zapper is based on the Patent # 5,188,738 where it is disclosed that relatively weak electric current flow through the blood can kill or deactivate the vast majority of viruses and microbes. This type of blood cleansing technology has apparently not been implemented into general use in hospitals due to its effectiveness. Its general use would apparently drastically shorten patient time spent in hospital. Also, its proper use would also apparently greatly reduce further doctor office visits and prescription drug use. However, you would think that the "powers that be" would at least have the decency to use this patent to clean up blood for transfusions. But then again, the "powers that be" are fine with over 10,000 people a week in the U.S. dying horrible deaths of cancer, despite the work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. The greed of the "powers that be" seems to have no bound.

There are various kinds of so called Rife machines available. The varying success of these machines is based on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife’s discovery that every virus or microbe he studied, always had at least one frequency of mechanical vibration (ultrasound) that destroyed the virus or microbe very easily and quickly (ref. 5 ). By 1939 Dr. Rife had found the lethal frequencies of ultrasound to kill the viruses and microbes associated with fifty two major diseases, including the most common forms of cancer at that time (ref.6,7). today the most common form of so called Rife machine is the voltage square wave machines. These machines have two cylindrical electrodes you hold onto, one in each hand, while the machine goes through various square wave voltage output frequencies to treat the particular problem (ref.8). The best type of “Rife Machine” for anti aging purposes is a broad band low intensity ultrasound machine (ref.8). This type of machine scans through a frequency range from zero to several tens of mega hertz of mechanical vibration (ultrasound). With regular use this type of machine goes after all microbes and almost all virus types to keep the viral and microbe load in the body at a minimum and therefore a minimum of cell death rate occurring and minimum cell replacement rate is needed.

There are many pulsed magnetic field type devices available to experiment with. For our purposes however, we are only interested in those that produce high frequency ringing magnetic fields. For example, machines that have a wire coil of 8 inches internal diameter or larger that produce a transient oscillating magnetic field that changes in strength at a rate of thousands of gauss per second and the magnetic field polarity changes many tens of thousands of time per second, each time power is pulsed into the coil. In other words a pulsed high frequency ringing magnetic field. In my experimental work on pulsed ringing magnetic fields of the type just mentioned, I have found several very useful and beneficial effects (ref. 9). Namely, the production of in the body tissue of  charge density waves, and oscillating electric eddy currents from a ringing electric field. Both of these effects are anti microbial. The charge density waves, which are moving compactions and rarifications of the normal positive and or negative ion densities found in your body’s interstitial fluids which are salt water like. These charge density waves can have a very strong electric field at the front of the moving wave. This charge density wave front electric field can interact with the delicate protein structures on viruses that are used to bind the virus with target cell surface proteins. If the electric field is strong enough it can interact with the various charged structures on these binding proteins and rearrange their structure so that they can not bind to their target protein. If the virus can not attach to the target cell surface, then the virus can not infect the cell. The virus is effectively destroyed. This electric field can also interact with bacteria surfaces and denature delicate protein structures on them or reorganize their structure so that these vital surface protein structures are non operational and the bacteria can not function normally and in some cases probably starves to death. The ringing electric eddy currents induced in the juices (essentially salt water) between and around tissue cells, as discussed in the patent mentioned above, can deactivate all manor of viruses and bacteria.

Another very important discovery made with intense pulsed ringing magnetic fields was their ability to make certain types of cells convert over into embryonic looking and apparently embryonic acting cells. For example, in experiments I conducted at Dr. John Martin’s Center for the study of Complex Infectious Diseases, I was able to demonstrate that fibroblast cells and certain epithelial precursor cell types could, with exposure to ringing magnetic fields of various field strength and pulsing rate, be made to convert over into embryonic looking cells. Furthermore, in field trials on horses and humans we were able to apparently undo the effects of traumatic physical injuries where scar tissue had or was forming. Empirically, it looks as though scar tissue which is formed by and maintained by mainly fibroblast cells, was having the surface layer of fibroblast cells on the scar surface converted to embryonic like cells that then in turn converted over into the adjacent normal cell type the scar tissue is butted up against. So, by daily repeated treatments with THE MAGNETIC PULSER unit we were, judging from empirical evidence able to undo the great majority of traumatic structural damage. In particular, in most cases, it proved to be very quick (six to twelve 15 minute treatments) and easy to alleviate the pain and discomfort from cartilage damage in joints, which would seem to imply cartilage tissue re-growth and or repair (Ref. 9).

So far I have essentially only discussed how to slow down the aging process by slowing down cellular kill off using nutrition and technological devices to greatly lower the viral and microbial load inside the body. However, there are at least two methods to actually halt and reverse the aging process throughout the entire body. Both of these methods of reversing the aging process use the enzyme telomerase, who’s function is to put telomeres back onto both ends of each chromosome in your cells. Before birth the genetic code information to make telomerase is suppressed throughout the great majority of body cell types and the body is therefore programed to die as discussed above. Scientists have now succeeded in cell cultures in releasing/expressing telomerase and therefore having cell cultures that do not go through the normal cell division and cell death process that normal cell cultures go through. If these scientists can succeed in finding drugs that can be taken up by all body cells in a well controlled fashion, then it is possible to think of living for thousands of years in very good health.

The other method for releasing telomerase is an electromagnetic method. Namely, exposing the body to specific frequencies of microwaves in the multi giga hertz frequency range at low power levels for a brief time (a minute or less). Experiments that indicated this method of producing telomerase were observed in a set of experiments designed to regenerate animal tissue carried out in 1977 by a scientist friend of mine. It turns out that the great majority of animal DNA is in the form of what is called B-DNA, which is a right handed double helix that is electrically conductive. There is another form of DNA that is a left handed double helix and is not electrically conductive. This left handed electrically non conductive DNA is called Z-DNA and it appears on the chromosomes in very short lengths at the beginning of gene sequences that are designed to be all expressed together or not at all. The gene for telomerase appears to be probably or possibly located in one or more of these gene sequences that a Z-DNA is at the start of the gene sequence. The Z-DNA acts as a blocker to expression (reading of) the gene sequence. The Z-DNA is created out of B-DNA and maintained in the Z-DNA configuration by the interaction with and complex together of the DNA with mainly specific positive metal ion/water molecule complexes. If these Z-DNA sections have their ion/water complexes removed from them, they convert back into B-DNA. If and when this occurs there are promoter proteins sitting next to the former Z-DNA segment that move over and complex with the newly formed B-DNA and form a start location and support structure for the DNA reader enzyme to begin transcribing and expressing the gene sequence so as to cause the generation of proteins and enzymes such as the enzyme telomerase. So, the key to putting telomeres back on the ends of each chromosome is to get specific the Z-DNA structure undone. The key to getting the Z-DNA structure undone is to remove the ion/water complexes that are complexing with the DNA base pairs making up the Z-DNA. There is in principle an easy microwave exposure method to remove or disrupt the ion/water complexes from complexing with the DNA base pairs. Since, Z-DNA is electrically non conductive and various proteins that complex with specific sequences of the chromosome DNA strongly effect the electrical conductivity of B-DNA at that location, the chromosome can be thought of as a thin wire that has been partitioned into a set of short electrically conductive sections that are connected together by insulators (Z-DNA) and resistors (various DNA complexing/coupling proteins). If each of these short electrically conductive sections are treated as a half wave antenna and are exposed to their fundamental resonance frequency of electromagnetic radiation, then standing wave electrical oscillations can be made to build in amplitude on these B-DNA sections. If these oscillating electrical waves build to an adequate amplitude level, the associated oscillating electric field at the ends of these B-DNA sections next to the Z-DNA, can be disruptive to the ion/water complexes that are complexing with the Z-DNA and maintaining the Z-DNA structure. If the ion/water complexes are disrupted to the point that they are removed from the Z-DNA, the Z-DNA converts over to B-DNA and the transcription process (gene set expression) is started. Similarly, various DNA complexing/coupling proteins may also be removed from the DNA and gene expression which their presence has been suppressing will end and transcription will begin. With the proper choice of microwave frequencies specific sequestered gene sequences can be made to be expressed at will. Many genetic diseases can be halted, reversed, and or controlled, fundamental tissue repair can be initiated and the genetic age clock (telomere length) can be reset to your prime on a regular or periodic basis.


The normal aging process where the continuous actions of chemical poisons and microbial and viral infections take their toll can be halted and reversed. There will no longer be a falsely fostered need to continually consume some toxic prescription drugs, which only temporarily mask or alleviate the symptoms of the problem they are being taken for, while pharmaceutical companies stay on the prescription drug gravy train. True tissue repair and renewal to the former state of your prime using energy medicine technologies are now not only becoming possible, they are becoming available. However, the down sizing of big pharmaceutical companies and their corrupt influences in regulatory agencies (FDA, FTC, and U.S. Department of Justice) and legislative bodies must come to an end for energy medicine technology to be fully developed and implemented into regular medical practice in your allopathic doctor’s office and your home. A brave new world of vibrant health stands before you, but you will have to get off your ass and fight for it with your health dollars, your political voice, and your social actions. What are you going to do to bring this possible future to fruition? Not somebody else, but you? Perhaps you can help do in your state legislature what the citizens of Alberta Province in Canada did in their legislature. That is they had the following paragraph added to their law books.

“A registered practitioner shall not be found guilty of unbecoming conduct or be found to be incapable or unfit to practice medicine or osteopathy solely on the basis that the registered practitioner employs a therapy that is non-traditional or departs from the prevailing medical practices, unless it can be demonstrated that the therapy has a safety risk for that patient unreasonably greater than the prevailing treatment.“

Is this not a common sense, honest and intelligent way to practice medicine and give We the People safe, effective medical treatment options? Now do you not think your allopathic doctor and or other licensed health practitioner and your friends and family deserve or have the right to live under such a common sense and just law? So, what are you going to do about it? Not somebody else, but you. Are you going to write, call, fax, and make an appointment with your state legislature representative and express your needs and desires? What are you going to do, not somebody else? You! Get off your ass!!!



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