By Gary Wade, Physicist  11/2007



     Recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) is the genetically engineered bovine growth hormone that was developed by, among others, Monsanto Company, and is sold under the name Posilac.  Monsanto Company spent around one billion dollars to develop BGH and bring it to market.  The FDA approved BGH for use in dairy farming in November 1993, it actually began usage in February 1994.  BGH is injected into cows to increase their milk production by approximately 20%.


     The extra BGH from the injection is very hard on the cow's metabolism and health.  BGH injected cow's have approximately a 80% increase in the rate of mastitis (udder infections), which must be treated with antibiotics.  These antibiotics end up in the milk and milk products.  The effects of BGH are so devastating to a cow,  it would be a wonder how it got FDA approval, if the FDA were not so systematically corrupt.  To illustrate how devastating BGH is, I will quote directly from an article written by Minnesota dairy farmer John Kurtz who carried out BGH field trails between 1985 and 1988 before FDA approval of BGH.(113)


     "When the injections began, it was obvious something happened.  After about three days the injected cows were milking more.  An hour before milking time, their milk would run, because they weren't able to hold the milk.  They'd be stomping from side to side and bellowing, wanting to be milked.  Something had been triggered....


     "The first lactation milking period went extremely well.  But one problem caught up with us in the second lactation: poor body condition.  Basically, these cows were...  taking fat and body reserves and turning them into milk."


     To get the cows back into good condition Kurtz worked closely with veterinarians and nutritionists sent by the FDA and Cyanamid.  "But, by the end of the second lactation, one - fifth of the rBGH - treated cows had died, and another 15 percent had gotten "down cow syndrome" -- they fell, could not get up, and had to be killed.  Autopsies conducted on these animals by the University of Minnesota showed that "these cows had so much taken out of their skeleton that even their shoulder blades had a ripple effect, like a ripple potato chip, where they had pulled calcium out of their system to produce milk."


     "These cows are in a negative energy balance.  They can't eat enough to maintain their milk and maintain their bodies and be able to conceive."


     As if this devastation alone were not enough for  BGH  non-approval by the FDA, consider what the BGH (Posilac) package insert says about side - effects:  Painful udder infections (mastitis);  increased body temperature;  an increase in digestive disorders such as indigestion, bloat, and diarrhea;  increased numbers of enlarged hocks and lesions of the knee;  disorders of the foot region;  infertility;  increases in cystic ovaries and disorders of the uterus;  decreases in gestation length and birth weight of calves;  increased twinning rates;  higher incidence of retained placentas following calving;  and possible unknown dangers to replacement bulls (adult male progeny of rBGH - treated cows used for breeding).


     Now what about the quality of the product (milk) produced by BGH treated cows?  As mentioned above presently present in your milk and milk products due to the treatment of mastitis and other aliments as the cow's health degenerates from BGH use, are a large number  (82)  of different antibiotics.(114)   Only the residue for four of these antibiotics is usually tested for in milk.   However, antibiotics which in general are strong immune system suppressers should not be your main health concern.(115)   The milk from BGH treated cows contains elevated levels of BGH and an insulin like growth factor  IGF - 1. (116)      IGF - 1  has been theoretically  linked to breast cancer, colon cancer, glucose intolerance, diabetes, hypertension, acromegaly (enlargement of hands, feet, nose, and chin), and gynecomastia (growth of breasts in men).(117)     IGF - 1  is naturally produced in humans and mediates the action of human growth hormone.  There has been only one very poorly performed IGF - 1 rat study on normal rats, which was a Monsanto - sponsored study, on the effects of higher levels of IGF - 1 in milk.(118)     This Monsanto - sponsored study  (propaganda study)  was far too short (two weeks), used far too low of levels of IGF - 1, (119)  and had clearly ambiguous results which the researchers chose to ignore and claimed the rather dubious conclusion that IGF - 1 is orally inactive in rats.(120)


    This Monsanto sponsored study was apparently designed to minimize the chance of finding  IGF - 1 to be orally active.  This study could then be used by corrupt FDA administrators such as Commissioner David Kessler to state:  "We have looked carefully at every single question raised, and we are confident this product is safe".(121)


     There is no legitimate need for BGH use.  The U.S. already has a vast surplus of dairy products on which the government pays price supports.  In fact the government's own study shows that 30% of the small dairy farmers will be forced out of business by BGH use by the large milk factory farmers.(122)   These large milk factories will have higher production and lower milk prices, making it impossible for the small farmer to compete.  And at the same time the government will be paying the milk factories an extra 300 to 500 millions dollars above current levels in price supports over the next five years.(123)    All of this, plus ever-increasing surpluses of dairy product for the government to store and/or get rid of.  What we have here is welfare for a petrochemical company (Monsanto Company) that has invested one-billion-plus dollars into a failed product and welfare for large inhuman (scum of the earth) milk factory corporations.


     How could such an unneeded, inhuman, and dangerous product like BGH get FDA approval?  Well, the answer is that the FDA administrators work for the vested interests of large petrochemical/pharmaceutical companies, not for the health and welfare of the American people.  To illustrate this, consider these facts.  Attorney Michael Taylor of the Washington D.C. law firm of King and Spalding where Monsanto was his personal client regarding food labeling and regulatory issues, resigned from his law firm in 1991 and was appointed the FDA deputy commissioner for policy.  As FDA deputy commissioner for policy Taylor wrote, approved and signed FDA labeling guidelines thereby justifying FDA policy of not requiring the labeling of milk produced using rBGH.(124)    


    Companies that are concerned about the safety of BGH usage and who label their products rBGH free are being sued by Monsanto Company.  Monsanto Company is being represented by the law firm of King and Spalding.  The law suits rely heavily on the Taylor-approved guidelines.  These guidelines have been enclosed with Monsato letters that threaten suit against companies with enough honesty and integrity not to use rBGH and so state this on their labels.


Conclusion:  The unchecked power of large corrupt corporations are at the core of America’s problems.  We the People need a massive reform movement to clean up corrupt corporate America and bring the corporations under control.



*  This article was extracted from Appendix H from the paper: Dr. Rife and the Death of the Cancer Industry. 




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