by Physicist Gary Wade (11/16/07)



An excellent example of a very effective anti-viral drug that is safe for the great majority of people, cheap, and has good side effects, which also has been approved by the FDA for use as a preservative throughout the American industrial food industry is butylated hydroxytoluene ( BHT ). Honest competent researchers have known for many years now that BHT drastically reduces the ability / probability of a lipid coated virus infecting its target cells.(5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16) Since roughly half of the serious virus diseases are associated with or caused by lipid-coated viruses, this is a rather important finding. For example, in the great majority of people, all of the herpes family of viruses can be suppressed by a daily dose of 500 to 1,000 mg of BHT taken with 1,200 to 1600 international units (I.U.) of synthetic vitamin E (dl-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate) in soft gel capsules for good absorption of BHT.


This virus suppression is for the great majority of viruses to the point that no clinical symptoms of their presence are observable in infected individuals other than anti-bodies tests. However, no drug company is going to apply for FDA approval to sell BHT as a anti-viral over the counter drug. This is because the patent on BHT has run out. Once one drug company has again gone through all of the same testing that BHT had to go through the first time for use as a food additive, but now as a drug, then any other drug company can sell BHT after FDA approval of the first drug company. There is no big money monopolistic profit in it. So what we have is the FDA's, AMA's, and drug companies dirty secret, that millions of people are suffering and dying needlessly. It should also be mentioned that the above daily dosage of BHT with vitamin E also slows your aging rate by at least 25 %.(17,18,19,20)


I will offer up some personnel experience to illustrate how effective BHT can be in fighting virus infections. A dear friend of mine some fifteen or so years ago informed me that she had contracted a herpes virus #8 infection and was suffering chronic fatigue from it. The doctors had nothing to offer her to cure or relieve the situation. However, I saw no real problem. I knew about BHT and massive doses of vitamin C (see vitamin C article on this site) to fight off virus infections. I wrote my friend up a treatment protocol using daily 1,000 mg doses of BHT. (Initially, BHT must be taken in a 250 mg dose and increased in 250 mg doses per day until the 1,000 mg dose level per day is reached. This allows the liver to adjust to the BHT without difficulty.) Along with the daily 1,000 mg of BHT, 1,200 to 1,600 I.U. of vitamin E, 6 to 10 grams of vitamin C, a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals and no dam fluoridated water. After four months on the treatment protocol all symptoms were gone and two months later the protocol was discontinued and now some fifteen years later everything is still just fine. If she had not had me to help her, the current medical system would still have her suffering or dead by now. This medical system has to be reformed.


When do the AMA doctors honor their Hippocratic oath? The references given for BHT research I listed were in the main stream literature read by AMA doctors. I listed only a tiny fraction of the BHT research commonly available in the mainstream literature. So why is the AMA not pushing the FDA for approval and for the wide spread non-prescription use of an effective, cheap, and safe anti-viral drug, which will save millions of people from horrendous suffering and greatly hinder the spread of infections caused by lipid coated viruses? Perhaps the answer lies in the implications of the fact that AMA doctors make large profits by being the legally sanctioned drug pushers for the pharmaceutical drug companies. It will cost you the price of office visits, tests, and the cost of the all important symptom suppressing toxic drug (the prescription). How much money do drug companies and AMA doctors make on prescription drugs for herpes #2 virus alone. Now BHT will not eliminate herpes virus #2, only control its out breaks.


If you want to see how AMA doctors have honored their Hippocratic oath ( ... " do no harm " ... ) in the past consider the Tuskegee, Alabama syphilis experiments carried out on black men for over a forty year period by our medical establishment, long after there was a cure. The ongoing results of these syphilis experiments were reported year after year after year in main stream medical publications and the AMA doctors did nothing to stop these cruel and immoral experiments. Instead they commonly went to symposiums and conferences where the experimental results were discussed and photographically displayed in detail.


What We the People need is a greatly reformed AMA and FDA. This will require a grass roots movement that will go actively after the corruption in the leadership in both the AMA and FDA, that was generated by and maintained by the greed and corruption of the multinational drug cartel.




* This article was originally part of Appendix H of the Paper: Dr. Rife and the Death of the Cancer Industry.




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