By Gary Wade, Physicist, (11/07)


     While doing my research on Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's work and seeing what did and did not happen with Rife's research results, it became very clear to me just how systemic the corruption of the medical establishment and corporate America has been and still is.  Anyone who wants to can research and find large numbers of specific well documented examples of effective suppressed inexpensive drug and non-drug treatments for a wide variety of human aliments / conditions.  What these examples will have in common is that they were and are still suppressed by corrupt and generally un-indicted criminals in and out of government.  In our so-called mass news media, which is now essentially a big corporate conglomerate owned enterprise, there now exists little effective investigative reporting into much of any topic which could seriously affect the current profits or planned profits of big corporate America ( their advertisers and/or owners) . 


     What generally currently passes for investigative journalism is pathetic and fraudulent.  What we have in America today are well entrenched user classes, i.e., the corrupt multinational corporate user class which is accumulating more and more power and wealth to themselves at the expense of the wealth and liberty of the common people and their descendants.  One of the easiest to recognize user classes in America is that of the AMA allopathic medical doctors.  Their restrictive monopolistic trade association, the American Medical Association ( AMA ) exemplifies what greed, corruption and the quest for power can do in the guise of fostering safe and good medicine for the general public. 


     We have a situation in America where allopathic medical doctors are trained in AMA run and/or accredited/sanctioned medical schools.  These doctors spend years learning, biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, diagnostic procedures, and the all-important officially sanctioned treatments.  At first look or on a superficial level the allopathic system seems prudent and legitimate.  However, when any fairly well educated person begins to take a close detailed look at what is actually taught and not taught ( suppressed information ) to allopathic medical students another wholly different perception and understanding is formed.  Of the 129 medical schools in America only  22 of them have any required courses in nutrition.  And these nutrition courses only supply the beginning rudimentary information about nutrition.  Medical students are not trained to see the connections between many degenerative diseases and prolonged sub clinical malnutrition.  Nor or they trained to treat many degenerative diseases with what is often wrongly called mega-nutritional supplements by mainstream allopathic doctors.  Instead allopathic doctors are taught the proper sanctioned surgical or sanctioned pharmaceutical treatment.  As often as not these surgical and pharmaceutical treatments are ineffective or only mask symptoms, but do not cure or alleviate the root problem or ailment. 


     These pharmaceutical treatments do however generate massive profits for pharmaceutical companies and the allopathic doctors who are the only sanctioned pushers of the sanctioned drugs.  This situation is no accident.  One of the most corrupt men in all the history of allopathic medicine, namely Morris Fishbein, who was the head of the AMA during it's formative years, brought it to it's position of hegemony under the law.  Fishbein was the editor - in - chief of "Index Medicus”, the American source index for everything medical.  Also he was the associate editor of "International Medical Index", published by Elsevier in Holland.  He essentially determined what allopathic medical doctors would and would not learn about in their medical training.  All information on alternative medicine was essentially banned, i.e., all information on homeopathy, osteopathy, and chiropractic manipulation was banned in these publications. Also, information on foods / herbs as remedies was also banned.   The spirit of Fishbein's work is being carried on today in allopathic medicine.  Even though books have been written which document overwhelming evidence testifying to Fishbein's systemic personal and professional corruption, which has played no small part in the death of million of patients,  the AMA currently proudly gives scholarships which bare Fishbein's name. 


     Fishbein saw to it that essentially only toxic pharmaceutical treatments were taught and sanctioned for use by allopathic doctors.  I state “toxic pharmaceutical treatments”, because I, like you, can read the detailed pharmacological and clinical trials information contained in The Physician Desk Reference on each FDA approved ( sanctioned ) drug.  Tens upon tens of thousands of people are debilitated or die each year needlessly from the allopathic doctor prescribed use and misuse of these toxic FDA sanctioned drugs.(2)  Compare this FDA sanctioned drug use death rate ( 140,000 per year) to the death rate of zero per year from the combined use of all vitamins, uncontaminated amino acids, and all commercial herbs.(3)  Yet we have a systemic corruption in the FDA pretending that these vitamins, amino acids, and herbs are dangerous and must be put under their control and approval authority for use or non - use by us as they see fit.  The great pity here is that there is massive evidence to support that there are cheap, safe, and effective alternative nutritional and herbal remedies to treat almost all ailments for which toxic pharmaceutical  drugs are prescribed.(4)       I do not need the FDA deciding anything for me.


     The allopathic medical doctors need to be freed from their corrupt AMA leadership.  The allopathic doctors need to organize and reform the AMA.  They need to lobby every state legislature to put on the law books what the assembly of the province of Alberta, Canada put into law when they got fed up with the medical corruption.  That is:


  “A registered practitioner shall not be found guilty of unbecoming conduct or be found to be incapable or unfit to practice medicine or osteopathy solely on the basis that the registered practitioner employs a therapy that is non-traditional or departs from the prevailing medical practices, unless it can be demonstrated that the therapy has a safety risk for that patient unreasonably greater than the prevailing treatment.”


      Is this not a common sense, honest and intelligent way to practice medicine and give “We the People” safe, effective, medical treatment options?  Are your state legislative representatives capable of writing a bill that would put this paragraph on our law books and give “We the People” the medical treatment options we need but are currently denied to us by vested, monopolistic interests?  We need a bill that covers all licensed health care professions.



*  This article was extracted from Appendix H of the paper:  Dr. Rife and the Death of the Cancer Industry.





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