EDITORIAL BY JACK BAKER © 2012--(Updated 2017)

Purpose:  To show alternatives to high health insurance costs.  The issue is not whether people can afford so-called health care, but if you have the right and freedom to choose what kind of health care you really need and want, i.e. there are plenty of other, even more effective treatments for disease that have been silenced by an overzealous FDA, AMA etc.   If you choose to go without, or cannot afford health insurance, what choices do you still have to protect and participate in alternative medicine?  Mandated health care by the government means you have to choose the establishment’s concept of health care and pay for it.  Your choice is erased and after a generation no one will even remember there might have been a choice, e.g. income taxes.  Become educated now before even the information disappears!  (This information is presented pending a Supreme Court decision and will be amended appropriately upon a ruling.) Note: We all know what the verdict was; the people lost and Obamacare was passed. But much like passing a kidney stone, the pain of this will be intense, i.e., many good people will lose their insurance or have no access to regular establishment medicine. THIS COULD BE A BLESSING IN DISGUISE IF IT RE-AWAKENS OUR SEARCH FOR REAL AND EFFECTIVE CURES!


Health Insurance is a real problem for more and more people either because they are out of work or because the cost of maintaining insurance is becoming so high it cannot be afforded by most people.  Whatever your political persuasion, when you get sick it really doesn’t matter which side is right, if you cannot get quality treatment.

Most people are vaguely aware of the field of alternative medicine only as some shadowy booga booga weird science and are afraid to ask their doctor about it for fear of sounding stupid and superstitious.  But those who have looked more deeply into this area, realize more and more that there are jewels scattered among the rocks.  It can be mind boggling at first, to delve into the immense field of alternative healing, since it is very large and can be confusing;  there are many so-called cures yelling for your attention, but only a precious few are really effective.  Symptom alleviation is common but true cures, or those that effectively treat the underlying condition, are fairly rare and  require a good deal of research or just plain luck to discover. 

Also, there are real dangers and charlatans etc., but there are also some very real and effective remedies that have been tested over the years and some even clinically proven, if you can find them. Yet, the self proclaimed authorities in the field, the FDA, AMA, so-called experts, peer review boards, etc. etc. for one reason or another, choose to either ignore these potential cures or even actively suppress them. You will discover, if you make a thorough research, that if threats and brides do not work to keep honest people silent, then it is not above the forces of the establishment to have people killed---of course it is made to look like natural causes or an accident!  Jail time is also handed out to would-be helpers who do not understand how sinister the system can be or, who are brave enough to confront it.  For proof of this see Politics In Healing, and other books in the  Bibliography at end of article.

We cannot, in one short essay, cover the myriad aspects of alternative medicine and health; the field is just too big.  However, we can give a few highlights and point the inquisitive mind in several productive directions so that real, practical knowledge can be gained---knowledge that will hopefully save lives and prevent unnecessary  suffering. 

THE KEY IS BEING PRO-ACTIVE  (don’t wait until an emergency strikes)

To wait until one is sick and in a state of terrified vulnerability, is to succumb to the comforting ministry of the white coats, that is the standard medical community we have come to be indoctrinated to believe is the only one, i.e. allopathic medicine and its priests, the M.D.s.  Each generation is programmed from birth to accept these compassionate and all-knowing doctors and healers as a special class of beings, ones who should not be questioned, whose field is so esoteric, that like lawyers very few but their own species speaks their mysterious language.  My generation was enamored of Dr. Wellby, Mash and others. This generation by Grey’s Anatomy etc. This type of medicine is based on a long tradition of surgery, drugs and now radiation and a coterie of wiz bang technical devices that cost a fortune and still do not offer up a real cure!  It is not the only kind of valid medicine there is, but we have been conditioned to believe that it is the only one.  All other forms of healing have been relegated to the voodoo file by careful education over the decades, controlling both what doctors are taught and what people believe about allopathic medicine, i.e. drug and surgery based.  In the Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, PhD., we learn that up to about the 1890’s,  electro medicine was developing and that over 10,000 physicians were using it, sometimes with great effect.  The fact that it was supplanted by drug and surgery therapy is due more to massive suppression of alternatives and a great deal of money invested in the pharmaceutical approach by the elite of the day. But this is another story.

To say this is big business is like saying the ocean is a large pond.  The fact is, that it has become so big it is like the federal government and has taken on a life of its own, to grow for the shear sake of growth.  As it has expanded, like any dominant predator, it has killed or enslaved every other life form around it. It has SUPPRESSED AND KILLED OFF MOST ALL OTHER FORMS OF TREATMENT THAT WORK AND THUS MIGHT BECOME A THREAT TO ITS PROFITS.

This means, that cures are a threat to the present medical industry that has gone out of its way to specialize in a medical approach that suppresses symptoms in lieu of a cure.  A cure means that your customer does not need you anymore.  Therefore, the avalanche of symptom suppressing drugs on the evening news akin to the  1001 diets that flood the market because, THEY MOSTLY DO NOT WORK, at least not for long. The recidivism rate can be counted on to bring the customer back for a fix and a re-fix again and again and again……

Recently on the CBS show 60 minutes, there was a piece about how a Harvard researcher found clinical evidence that anti depressant pills work about as well as  a “placebo”.  They did not go into why but we suspect it was due to the faith that the patient has in the mystical powers of the priestly white coat doctor.  As stated, in our so-called modern cultures, we are conditioned from childhood to have reverence and respect for his healing power and this faith is so ingrained, most people will be hypnotized by his authority so even a sugar pill will work in as many cases as a real drug!  The Shaman, Witchdoctor, Medicine Man, etc. are present in all cultures in one form or another and must have some powerful effects because they have survived culturally since time immemorial.  (Some credit should be given to the power of the mind in all healing work and the patient should come to realize it is their own inner power that does the better part of all healing work once invoked and the obstacles to healing are removed.)

This is only important because if your doctor does not know about or believe in a certain alternative therapy then voila, his anti-faith is transferred to you the patient.  The natural result is you trust his opinion and never consider there could be an alternative—that works.  This has become a sort of self-fulfilling prophesy which serves the establishment well.

And when we say works, we mean CURE, although we are not allowed to say that word in the context of any specific disease because then we will go to jail.  There are sincere, good people sitting in jail right now, whose only crime was that they actually cured people or helped them where mainstream medical science could not.  And, that my friends, is one of the main reasons it is so hard to find a real alternative healer who can really help you.  BECAUSE, THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO MAKE ANY CLAIMS WHATSOEVER ABOUT WHAT THEY CAN DO FOR YOU! 

You might then ask then why so many charlatans are allowed to practice without harassment from the establishment. That is a very good question.  We believe it is because they are no real threat since what they do does not work and, they add to the establishment’s case that there are no real alternative therapies that work or they would be used by your doctor. These hustlers and sharks actually serve the establishment in this ironic and cruel way!  Periodically, some are brought to justice with great fanfare so the public can witness the dangers of stepping outside the normal and trying anything that might work.

Seems rather unfair doesn’t it?  Well, on the surface, the reason is to protect us all from fakes and swindlers of course. And that is a good thing. But, to say it again, the real healers are only a threat to the entrenched, establishment that lives off the suffering and death that could be avoided in many cases by opening the medical field up to alternative therapies, some of which have been used in other countries like Germany for 50 years!

WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU KNEW THERE HAD BEEN AT LEAST 10 PROVEN CURES FOR CANCER OVER THE LAST 100 YEARS?  How many people have suffered and died because of a greedy and corrupt medical system?  (*SEE TABLE AT END OF ARTICLE FOR COSTS OF CANCER IN DOLLARS) 

Yes, there is proof. It takes some determination to dig it out, but it is there.  They don’t want to find out what you would do. In fact, our system is glued together now by so many lies big and small, that if the Truth were known, there would be a revolution overnight.  People have been lied to for so long that the entire edifice of our society stands on a foundation made of lies. This is not a new thing.  All societies go through stages and especially free republics are subject to degradation precisely because they are free and give the bad guys plenty of freedom too.  Cultures like biological organisms grow old and weak.  The medical establishment is just one aspect of a society succumbing to its own freedom to allow bad choices.  But, it is the one human activity, excluding war, that actually costs the most in human suffering and deaths, although this is not really recognized by the public.  If one plane goes down it is big news. But, if thousands of people die every week through medical mistakes and prescription drugs, that is buried in dry statistics.  This is telling you what the news media is worth.  In fact, look at who advertizes the most on TV, especially the evening news and you begin to see the conflict of interest between airing the truth about anything that might upset the apple cart.

Which brings us back to the idea of being pro-active and beginning your research before you are too sick to resist the siren call.  LET US CONSIDER SOLUTIONS.


We will begin with two basic approaches;  prevention and treatment.  An ounce of prevention is more than worth a pound of cure these days.  You cannot put a value on sound health. Without health all else is a misery.  So prevention should be everyone’s goal.  Unfortunately, our society is not concerned much with prevention because again, there is more profit in sickness. And, the best time to prevent is when you are young and healthy and that is exactly the time when most people don’t want to be bothered with the discipline it takes to avert sickness in later life. Even the diseases of old age are creeping up on younger people now like gout and erectile dysfunction.  This can be averted by proper diet and a good life style. In fact, a good diet is not only a prevention it is also part of any serious cure that is permanent.

And if you are already ill, or concerned, then there are several healing methods that work, are inexpensive (contrary to what the owners of clinics in exotic places would have you believe), and are accessable even in the USA, although many times you must become your own doctor since to apply these methods is mostly illegal, or at least frowned upon by the FDA.  And even when it is not overtly against the law, we have known the FDA swat teams (yes they do carry guns illegally and do have sealed warrants) to raid perfectly harmless and legal practitioners in their homes, taking their computers, freezing their assets, etc. so they cannot fight back;  because, you see, the FDA is really working for the big pharmaceutical companies and their allies and if you cannot understand this, then you will never see the world as it is.  ( Lately, they have even been going after organic raw milk farmers! This you will understand if you read the book Politics In Healing.  Raw milk may hold the secret to a miracle cure that authorities do not want the public to ever know about!)


Our purpose here is not to elaborate on the means, since this would take a book or two. This has been done elsewhere and much better.  We can only say that to learn the correct and proper way to live a healthy life is the work of a lifetime.  Many have devoted their lives to practicing and preaching the tenets of effective healthy living like the late Jack La Lane, and many before him. There are thousands of good teachers and sources of material that one can look to for guidance. But it is not easy for someone who has grown up brain washed by the TV and other media to eat junk food, live on TV dinners, not take supplements, have no knowledge of real nutrients etc., to re-educate themselves.  It takes dedication, work and time.  But it is worth it.  If you are really motivated it can happen very fast.

Most of the suffering and pains of modern man come directly from over-indulgence in the wrong foods and a careless lack of proper life style.  Thus, we in the western cultures, suffer from what are called the diseases of civilization. These are the diseases like gout, that previously in history, only the very rich and powerful suffered from because they had unlimited access to rich and unlimited food and drink.

It is a fact that simpler cultures that have been studied over the years, who practice simple and wholesome eating habits, combined with hard work and cheerful attitude, suffer almost none of the modern diseases we have grown so accustomed to like cancer, heart disease, etc.

We can recommend some very key sources of concentrated information on prevention.  To cut right to the essential truth and how to make it work in your life, we would point to a high density information source by a Shaman Jim.  A very inexpensive e-book with almost all the facts and sources you could ever need.  From there it is up to you.  There are many, many great sources of information but this is something like the old Reader’s Digest, in that it condenses much good practical wisdom down into a short book less than 100,000 words.  See “CURE FOR EVERYTHING”.

It should be pointed out that we are not recommending becoming your own doctor.  If and when a qualified alternative doctor is available and can be afforded, then it is always better to go with an expert.  However, as things are developing, more and more people may lose their health insurance or be unable to pay for the expensive drugs and other treatments so-called modern medicine offers.  Everyone deserves to have viable alternatives. 

The pioneers many times were forced to tend to their own medical problems until the country doctor could make his rounds.  So, our ancestors found ways to help themselves with folk medicine and by borrowing from the local Native American treasure trove of herbs and other medicinal plants.  Jethro Kloss was one natural doctor who studied medicines from trees and plants and gave the world HEALING THROUGH HERBS, a modern classic.  There are many other great healers who gave their secrets to the world like Prof Ehret, Dr. Westerfield, etc. There are modern studies like THE CHINA STUDY that are extremely important in spreading the light of healing knowledge.  The “Cure For Everything” mentioned earlier summarizes and explains many of the best the world has produced over the last hundred years as well as some cutting edge experimental therapies that are still not practiced in the US.  This is one of the few sources that covers the really suppressed but effective therapies.

We do not have to feel helpless.  We can learn to help ourselves until the doctor makes his rounds.



FIRST AND VERY IMPORTANT let us look at the field of pseudo alternative medicine.  We mean by this not that it is false but that it is that range of treatments and therapies that are employed by the established medical community to assist their allopathic approach.  They are basically accepted into the standard medical paradigm  and labeled CAM or “complementary alternative medicine”, because they do not threaten the system.  In other words, they are not really that effective and offer no possiblility of a cure which would put them in direct competition with the doctors, nurses, hospitals, drugs, companies that make the tech and diagnostic equipment, etc. etc.  You get the idea. 

They may give some real comfort and even some relief, but they are not ever meant as a serious curative agent.  Get that through your head the next time you are tempted to ask an MD about real alternative medicine.  If they know what it is, they are probably already an alternative MD and you should be glad you found them. They are out there, but very hard to find.  The ones that advertize may or may not be really helpful. But, they do make a lot of money.  We would recommend prayer to find a real alternative healer or doctor and a lot of detective and leg work, i.e. due diligence.  The sad fact is that MDs and chiropractors, Naturopaths etc, the healers that are licensed by the state so to speak, are not allowed to practice most of the esoteric alternative therapies. They are trained not to at the risk of losing their licenses and of drawing unfavorable attention to their specific profession.  For example, Chiropractos are warned not to ever use Rife or Radionics or even mention the terms. MDs know better than to ever mention or apply Ozone therapy unless they are in a state that allows or sanctions this remedy!  There are only two states we are aware of the actually have explicit  alternative medicine laws, California and New Mexico.  But this is misleading because CA has a strict law that forbids treatment of cancer by any other means than surgery, radiation and drugs by an MD.  You takes your chances in CA.  Most serious people will go to another state or to Mexico or to Germany etc.  (Again, this is expensive and risky, especially in Mexico where it is hit and miss if you can find a reputable alternative therapy. If you can afford it, Germany is much better.)

However, there are other ways. If you cannot afford the 3 to 5K a week stay in some exotic clinic etc. you can take your life into your own hands and be your own physician.  After all, any real healer knows it is the mind and body that heal. The physician or healer only removes the obstacles to healing so that Nature or God etc. can do the real work!  Remember this.  The witch doctor is a very important member of the tribe but you should never put him above God, even though most think they are close, e.g. MD minor deity.


YOU MAY FIND THAT REAL ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT COSTS A FRACTION OF WHAT MAIN STREAM MEDICAL TREATMENT COSTS!  Below is a table of yearly cancer costs from a Government source.  Some very effective cancer therapies we have found cost only hundreds or several thousand dollars to acquire and apply!  No surprise the medical profession has little or no interest in these very effective remedies and in fact goes out of its way to persecute and prosecute anyone brash enough to try to share with the public.  In fact, some great men have tried to give away these secrets and suffered jail and death for their trouble.

Why have we made you read this far before revealing anything. That is why.  Only the very dedicated and sincere will get this far---we hope.

A good Rife machine can be bought for about 2K. 

A good medical ozone machine can be bought for 2K.

Some supplements like cesium chloride can be bought very cheap.

Eating a high fiber, plant based diet can be very reasonable.

Of course,  you can find plenty of Rife and Ozone machines for a whole lot more!  That does not mean you are getting what you pay for.  It is a quest and you must approach it like you are hunting for the Holy Grail or the Golden Fleece.  There are tricksters out there just licking their chops.  There are also dedicated, spiritual people out there who want to help you, although not enough.  Read, study, research.  Separate the wheat from the chaff.

These and other solutions are out there.  We still live in a free country although for how long is doubtful. While you still have the right, you should excersize it and seek out the Truth. If you are sincere, I believe you will find it as I have and be grateful enough to share it with others.



As you can readily see, there is a massive profit in cancer patients to the medical system.  There is little incentive to change it to a system that is cheap and efficient. 


Average Annual Costs of Care

Annualized Mean Net Costs of Care by Age, Gender and Phase of Care (Per Patient). Costs in 2010 US Dollars.

Annual Costs of Cancer Care in US 2010 Dollars

Age 65+


Last Year of Life1






Cancer Death

Other Cause






























































































































































































Note: All estimates adjusted for patient deductibles and coinsurance expenses

  1. Phases of care: Initial year after diagnosis, Last year of life, and the period between (Continuing). Months of survival are first applied to last year of life, any remaining to initial phase, then to continuing.

This site is based on a study that estimates and projects the national cost of cancer care through the year 2020 separately for multiple cancer sites using the most recent available U.S. population projections, cancer incidence, survival, and cost of care data. More information about the methods, data sources and assumptions in: Mariotto AB, Yabroff KR, Shao Y, Feuer EJ, Brown ML. Projections of the Cost of Cancer Care in the U.S.: 2010-2020. J Natl Cancer Inst. 2011 Jan.



There are many suppressed cures for cancer for this very reason---GREED.  And cancer is but one disease that has suffered this scandalous shroud of censorship.  But it is the most glaring and the most horrendous.  Horrible suffering for millions of people and all while valid and affordable cures have been suppressed by the establishment!

If you have no insurance then, this matters to you.  What then are your alternatives if you have stage 1 through 4 of cancer and need help now?  SEE TREATMENT SECTION ABOVE FOR SOME SUGGESTIONS—DISCLAIMER: NOT MEDICAL ADVICE---SEE BELOW TO BEGIN YOUR SEARCH



Haley, Daniel. Politics In Healing. Oroville, CA: Potomic Valley Press. A MUST READ. 10 STORIES of how alternative cures have been suppressed. (available at

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