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By Gary Wade 12 / 11 / 97

Dear Editor;

I am a physicist and the scientific advisor to the National Health Federation. I would like to state unequivocally that anyone who supports the use of food irradiation is at best very ignorant of the pertinent facts. The consumption of moderate amounts of irradiated food on a regular basis is potentially very detrimental to your health and can be expected to greatly shorten your life span. The explanation for this is straight forward and is as follows.

When high intensity, high energy gamma rays bombard the molecules of the food, they at random knock electrons out of atoms of these molecules. These electrons generally are given high kinetic energy from their encounter with the gamma ray photon. So much kinetic energy that as these electrons travel through the food they leave behind them a track of thousands of broken and rearranged chemical bonds from many of the molecules they have collided with. The resultant molecules of these electron collisions are quite often harmful to your body's chemistry. Some are free radical compounds that can destroy many of your body's enzymes, attack cell membranes and rearrange protein molecules. All of these toxic, unwanted and unnatural compounds must be dealt with by the body cells and, in particular, must be gotten rid of by the liver and kidneys. The advocates of food irradiation apparently have no idea of the vast numbers of chemical compounds created by food irradiation.

As if all of the above was not bad enough, it gets worse.

When the electron is knocked out of an atom by the gamma ray photon, it leaves behind a place for an electron to be in that atom. An electron that is further out from the atom nucleus moves in to fill the ejected electron's place. This transition by the outer electron is accompanied by the emission of a photon. Depending on the particular atom type (element) and on the combination of which electron was ejected and which electron took its place the emitted photon can vary in energy from that of an x-ray photon to an infrared light photon. Furthermore, all the electrons that move to take the place of the ejected electron leave behind a electron place that another electron will move into fill with the accompanying photon emission. This process will continue until all but the outer most electron place is unoccupied and there now exists a vary chemically reactive ion ready to destroy and or rearrange the structure of an adjacent molecule or the one that it is in.

But it gets worse.

Those emitted photons travel through the food, initiating more electron ejections from atoms and direct chemical bond breaks and rearrangements. This massive destruction and rearrangement of the chemical bonds, which destroys bacterial chemistry so effectively, leaves a trail of "broken" molecules which our bodies will have to deal with. This will become just one more untraceable cause of the cancers that plague our society. Just this week I heard of another clean-living, health conscious cancer victim say "Why me?" This will become one more secret danger to the unsuspecting. However, since the food is not left radioactive, the irradiators want you to believe that it is totally safe and they tell you such. They are liars at best.

Questions that need to be asked are: Where are the technically competent people with integrity in the FDA who should have stopped this insanity of food irradiation approval by the FDA? Do such people exist in the FDA? Why has the National Science Foundation not spoken out against this insanity? Why are chemists and physicists not speaking out publicly against this insanity? Is the NIH so devoid of technically competent people with integrity that no one speaks out? How do we explain this apparent brain dead condition throughout our society?

Please print this letter in your publication.


Gary Wade



FOOD IRRADIATION by Lee Hitchcox , D.C.

(California Sun, Aug. 97, Vol.3 No.8)

Food irradiation (equivalent to 30 million chest X-rays) is being promoted as a solution to bacteria contamination and food borne illness. The nuclear,poultry and meat industries stand to reap sizable profits. However, this technology does have a price.

Food irradiation produces radiolytic products including formaldehyde, benzene, peroxides and benzopyrene quinones. 1 According to the FDA, these products exist in nature and are harmless to people in the amounts consumed. But irradiation also produces a different class of compounds called unique radiolytic products which do not exist in nature. These products have not been tested for safety. No study currently cited by the FDA can justify the safety of food irradiation.2 Irradiation kills bacteria which emit smells warning that food has spoiled. Food is not sterilized by irradiation and the surviving organisms are radiation-resistant.3 In one study, 80 percent of children fed irradiated wheat developed adnormal white blood cells (polyploidy lymphocytes) associated with leukemia. When the irradiated wheat was discontinued, the blood cells returned to normal.4 In another study, Chinese who were eating irradiated foods developed abnormal chromosomes. Irradiated sugar damages human chromosomes; several animals died eating irradiated foods.5

ABC's 20/20 recently aired a show on food irradiation, which concluded that scientific and consumer concerns were scare tactics. The wife of the show's excecutive producer is president of a PR firm representing the nuclear industry. To help prove that food irradiation is safe, proponents may wish to volunteer for a human study in which half eat irradiated foods and half eat non-irradiated foods.

The latest development of this technology is electron beam irradiation, also called 'electronic pasteurization.' Irradiated whole foods will be identified with a flower-shaped symbol and the word 'picowaved.' However, irradiated ingredients and processed foods may be sold without disclosure. Breads made from irradiated wheat need not be labeled.

Food irradiation can be stopped (as in 29 other countries) with a government ban, or with a national consumer boycott following mandatory labeling.

Call (800) 841-BODK to order the book this article and the Seed Wars article were excerpted from.

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