(BIOGRAPHICAL) I first heard physicist Gary Wade in 1995 on radio station KPFK (90.7 FM) out of Los Angeles where  Roy Tuckman hosts a show called Something's Happening four nights a week (midnight until 6 A.M.). Each of his four nights is devoted to a different theme. Tuesday night is always about alternative health. The evening that I tuned in, Gary spent two hours talking with Roy about one of Gary's favorite subjects, Dr Royal Raymond Rife and the unbelievable obstacles  thrown in Dr Rife's path by the medical establishment (especially by the president of the AMA, Morris Fishbein) and pharmaceutical interests to prevent Rife from bringing before the American public a cure for cancer that appeared to work in almost all cases.

I already knew of the Royal Rife story a few years earlier, thanks to an audio tape of a program about Rife made in the late 80's by ABC's radio host Bill Jenkins on his weekly radio show called The Open Mind. From that tape, I was led to the wonderful books about Rife's life written by Barry Lynes ( The Cancer Cure that Worked! ) and his struggles to aid humanity in its battle against cancer; only to be repeatedly blocked and destroyed by the orthodox medical establishment.

     Gary's interesting radio interview with Roy Tuckman
threw new light on Rife's marvelous Universal Microscope and his methodology for treatment using something that Rife was later to call the Beam Ray Tube. Following the WPFK interview, I occasionally got to read an article by Gary in the Health Freedom journal or hear him speak at expo lectures, but I was hoping to learn much more from this man, who seemed to be very knowledgeable. Fortunately, that serendipitous opportunity has recently presented itself.

Thanks to Merlin Wolf, Gary and I have spoken over the phone on a number of occasions and have warmed to each other like two fleas planning to winter over in Rasputin's beard. I offered to provide an internet outlet for Gary's papers and he offered to send them! The Deal having been done,  I have wasted no time in uploading his articles and research data. In the near future, I will also upload his radio interviews. It will take some time to scan in and organize all of his material, but you will see his web page grow steadily with newly added files as they come in.

By way of a formal biography, Gary Wade has a master's degree in physics. He worked for Hughes Aircraft for seven years in their Advanced Manufacturing Technology Section of the Radar Systems Group. He was the former editor and publisher of the monthly publication, The UFO Report or SEE VIDEO LECTURE. He was also Scientific Advisor to the National Health Federation and the Science Editor of  the Health Freedom News. Currently, Gary is President of the American Institute of Rehabilitation, a non-profit corporation, which develops alternative health energy medicine technology. If you wish to contact Gary, you can reach him by voice or e-mail at the American Institute of Rehabilitation   or  RifeTech@FastMail.fm
Website:  RifeEnergyMedicine.com


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