(Ed:  e-mail sent to me by a practitioner)

There are many QUACK-clinics which prey on desperate people.  The
first place I would go if I had cancer would be to my colleague's
clinic in Houston.

The following is an actual unedited testimony.
Burzynski Cancer Clinic

I was away in Houston, Texas to take my brother to the Burzynski
Cancer Clinic.

I would like to give you a report of my "experience" at the
LIST. The WORLD  needs to know about Dr. Burzynski,s Cancer Clinic.
Keep in mind, Dr. Burzynski discovered this cancer cure in the 70's
and has  been held back to the point of JAIL by the FDA, court
battles, and you name  it from our FEDERAL GOVERNMENT. He is, now
doing, FDA approved "clinical  trials".

Here is my story:

My brother was diagnosed with Metastatic Malignant Melanoma about 8
weeks  ago. He had two tumors in his brain, PLUS MANY tumors in his
lungs, liver,  neck, and throughout his body with ALL lymph nodes
swelled indicating  possible tumors in multiple lymph nodes. He was
experiencing SEVERE SWEATS  EVERY NIGHT, and had a SEVERE cough
wherein he could not say a complete  sentence without coughing VERY
hard, PLUS he had very little energy. At two m "cancer clinics", one
that specialized in Melanoma, he was told he had from 3  weeks to 6
months to live. The ONLY treatment available was, FIRST, radiation
to his whole head wherein he would PERMANENTLY loose ALL hair
including eye  brows, and eye lashes, and would be "highly
susceptible to stroke" that would  cripple or KILL him. SECOND,
assuming he survive the radiation, he would  received massive
Chemotherapy to the fullest extent that his body could stand  without
dying for 3 to 4 months. THIRD, due to the massive Chemo he would
need a bone marrow transplant from one of his two brothers to restore
the  damage from Chemo. The report had one section near the end of
this gruesome  report titled, "Alternative Treatments". It was a very
short paragraph that  said (and I QUOTE) " There are NO alternative
treats from Metastatic  Malignant Melanoma."

I had learned about Dr. Burzynski via Dr. Julian Whittacker in the
early 80's  and had even sent money to support his legal battle, pay
bonds to avoid jail  by FDA. I told my brother who had decided to NOT
take the radiation and  Chemo, AND to just ride it out and DIE. He
immediately accepted my offer to  drive him to Texas.
Here in what has happened: We arrived at the clinic 8/4/00. After
consultation with two Oncologist and  Dr. Burzynski, it was recommend
that we treat the cancer orally with the  Burzynski medication rather
than intravenously as some patients require that  do not still have
good body functions and activity. The next day, 8/5/00  he(my
brother - Jimmy) began taking one capsule six times per day, then 2
six  times then 3 six times, etc. until eventually he will reach 12
six times per  day. The reason for the slow increase is to conform
with the FDA protocol,  AND to allow the body to compensate for the
influx of medication. Jimmy had  NO, repeat NO, ill effects
whatsoever from the medication. On Monday morning  Jimmy noticed that
the two LARGEST Swollen lymph nodes on his neck (half the  size of an
egg) "seemed" to be SMALLER. Jimmy had about 15 lymph nodes that  you
could feel swollen around his neck, under his arms, etc. Jimmy
continued  to increase by one capsule each day(six times). Jimmy was
examined by the  Oncologist on Wednesday (THIS WAS AN EXCITING DAY).
As he examined Jimmy he  said in an excited voice, the swelling is
ALL GONE in ALL Lymph glands. He  turned to the Doctor recording the
findings and said, "Write, ALL swelled  glands are normal", and
continued to examine. We told the Doctor that Jimmy's  cough seemed
to be better. The cough was caused by a large tumor the size of  a
baseball pressing against his wind pipe. Jimmy also seemed to be
feeling  better.  We asked the Doctor, how soon we could leave since
Jimmy had NO INSURANCE and  the cost of staying in a motel was fairly
expensive AND I needed to get back  home to my wife. He said if,
everything, looked OK on Thursday 8/10 we could  go home. On
Thursday, another full physical found EVERYTHING AOK, Jimmy was
feeling MUCH better, cough even better, sweats the same but he was
sleeping  better. We were then given a box FULL of bottled capsules,
and headed for  home.

NOW, as I write this, Jimmy just reported, NO MORE night sweats, NO,
repeat  NO, coughing, and he is feeling better (energy wise) than he
has felt in  "months". He plans to go back to work on Monday!!!!!!
NOTE: He is up to 9 or  10 (not sure) capsules six times per day and
STILL NO side effects. He has  started the diet recommended by Dr.
Burzynski's Staff Dietitian which is  designed so as to NOT "feed"
the cancer cells.

This letter would be far too long if I began to tell how impressed we
were  with the HIGH professionalism we saw at the Burzynski Clinic,
how impressed  with staff, the building, and everything we saw.
Jimmy feels that he has beat the IMPOSSIBLE odds with Burzynzki's
treatment.  I MUST say that MANY prayers have been prayed, and I
believe God worked the  "miracle" through Dr. Burzynski.  We saw MANY
patients that had seen similar results. One that had Throat  Cancer
that completely disappeared in two weeks. Please do NOT get the idea
that ALL patients are cured "instantly". Most take longer. All start
on the  road to health "instantly", but are SO far down the road that
it takes longer  to get back to good health. Jimmy had only
been "sick" a few months ( 2 or 3)  before the symptoms began to
surface, and he found he had a VERY FAST growing  cancer that was
spreading RAPIDLY. He was going down FAST, DAILY.

Pass this along for the SOLE PURPOSE of letting other cancer patients
WORKS. Also, I would ask every person  that will, to go to Dr.
Burzynski's very detailed website, AND use the links  to write your
Congress Person, and Representative about a Bill that is before
Congress AS WE SPEAK that will restore a parents right to decide
treatment  for their child. There is a your child named Thomas
Navarro that is literally  waiting in Houston for the Bill to pass so
that he can receive Dr.  Burzynski's treatment. There are NO
documented records of ANY child  recovering from the cancer that
young Thomas has, except that Dr. Burzynski  has successfully treated
7 out of 8 children with that cancer. THE PROBLEM: A  child cannot
request alternative treatment, and the LAW says that ONLY the  FDA
can make that decision - the parents cannot. READ the story of
Thomas  Navarro. My heart goes out to him and his parents.

I pray that at least ONE person will read this AND respond to their
Political  Representative on behalf of this child. ALSO, I pray that
those is need of  cancer treatment will have the opportunity to
consider this cancer treatment.

It has certainly worked for my brother, Jimmy. He will continue the
medication for 4 to 6 months, and will return to Houston in 8 weeks
for more  MRI's, and CT Scans, and examinations. NOTE: he will be
examined and  monitored by a local Doctor on a daily basis in accord
with the FDA  requirements on the Burzynski Clinical Trial
Treatments. Hopefully,

Burzynski will soon be able to practice his art EVERYWHERE, so that
we can  FINALLY conquer cancer. The Burzynski Website is