Some actual excerpts to client questions Part One (Updated November 2009)

by Gary Wade, Physicist and Inventor etc.


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     The active element of my machine is placed directly on the bare
     skin.  The active element is a round thin metal disk, which is built
     into and sticks out of the surface of a black ABS plastic box the
     size of a cigarette package (see picture of my machine on my web
     site).   This active element produces mechanical vibration of a
     frequency range of zero to several tens of millions of vibrations
     per second over the standard 45 minute treatment cycle of the





If the microbe or virus you are after is killable by Rife type
    technology, then three interrelated factors must meet some minimum
    conditions.  The three factors are the right ultrasound frequency is
    needed, some minimum intensity is required, and a minimum of
    exposure time at that intensity and frequency are required.  As a
    quick and dirty rule of thumb you want to be on or very near to the
    needed frequency for approximately ten thousand cycles at that
    frequency.  For example, let us say the lethal frequency is
    1,000,000 cycles per second, then the time for one cycle of
    oscillation is  1/1,000,000 seconds and the time for ten thousand
    oscillations to occur is (1/1,000,000 sec)(10,000) = 1/100 second.
    So, you see it is possible to scan through the frequencies at a
    relatively high rate if you are at or above some minimum ultrasound


What I am about to tell you only applies for my Rife type machines,
     the Ultra 10A and the Ultra 10B.  Because my type of Rife machines
     have a tendency to dissolve blood clots, they should not be used
     too soon after surgery.  It takes most people many days after major
     surgery for the surgical wounds to heal adequately so that
     bleeding does not occur along with treatment.  I would quess that
     perhaps two weeks should go by before treatment with the machine
     to be sure that there will be no internal bleeding problem.


There is no problem with heart conditions.  Quite often heart
    conditions are helped if the problem is microbe or virus driven.  My
    form of Rife type technology uses only ultrasound (mechanical
    vibration) applied to the body.  No voltages and or currents are
    applied to the body.  If you would like to talk to me about the
    situation, then send me your phone # and location.  I live in
    California.  If you would like my standard information packet on my
    form of Rife type technology, then send me your mailing address.


Hope this is what you want and need for your business information.

    Ultra 10A unit -  Is a low intensity broad band ultrasound unit.  It
    produces ultrasound frequencies at intensities that are generally
    regarded as quite safe.  The unit continually produces large numbers
    of ultrasound frequencies that continually slowly move up in
    frequency together over the standard 45 minute treatment period.  By
    the end of the 45 minute treatment period, a frequency range of zero
    to approximately 80 million cycles per second has been covered.  You
    do not need to know what the microbe problem is or what frequencies
    kill it.  You just come across the frequencies in the standard
    treatment scan and hope that the time of exposure and ultrasound
    intensity was adequate to kill the microbe at its particular
    location in the body.

    Ultra 10B -   The Ultra 10B does everything the Ultra 10A does, plus
    one extra thing.  That one extra thing is that it can accept the
    signal from an external signal function generator (standard
    electronic tech's square,triangle,and sine wave generator used in
    circuit testing), modify that signal, amplify that modified signal,
    and use it to treat the patient with a very specific
    sound/ultrasound frequency and all of it's harmonics.


In my opinion Multiple Sclerosis is caused by an infectious agent.
    Namely a nano-bacteria infection, where the nano-bacteria is a
    relatively slow multiplier of itself which makes the disease
    progress relatively slowly.  I know of two cases of MS that were
    turned around with antibiotics in the spinal fluid.  I have had two
    customers with MS who have commissioned one of my machines.  One, a
    medical doctor and a nurse.  The medical doctor who was bed
    ridden was back in his practice in about three months.  The nurse
    never reported back to me.


Yes, I can recommend my form of Rife type technology for some high
    blood pressure problems.  There are several causes for high blood
    pressure.  One cause is the formation of hardening of the arteries
    caused by infections in the artery wall.  There is inflammation
    associated with these infections that along with buildup of plaque
    closes off (reduces) the cross section area of the artery and
    therefore restricts blood flow ability.  If a down stream organ,
    i.e. the kidney does not receive adequate blood flow / blood
    pressure it produces hormone like compounds that make the heart pump
    harder (high blood pressure).  My form of Rife type technology is
    designed to go after these artery wall infections.  If it is
    successful in killing back these artery wall infections, then the
    associated inflammation will go away and the artery cross sectional
    area will increase and less blood pressure is needed to get the
    needed blood flow to the organs.


My form of Rife type technology only puts sound/ultrasound into your
   body, not electrical oscillations.  My machine does have a 60 cycle
   transformer that does have a 60 cycles per second oscillating
   magnetic field associated with it.  You might be very sensitive to
   oscillating magnetic fields.  Most electrical equipment has
   transformers in them that produce 60 cycles per second magnetic
   fields in and around the equipment.


In the last e-mail I forgot to answer your question about the use of
   my machine in herpes treatments.  We usually see the active herpes
   infection shut down shortly after one or more treatments with my
   machine.  However, this is only a control at best for the herpes
   infection.  My form of Rife type technology can only destroy the
   herpes virus in transit to infect a cell.  It cannot remove the
   virus genetic material from the infected cell.


Once the tooth has reached the abscess point, you need to see the
    dentist right away.  Try both high and low settings back to back and
    see if you get some relief.  Go to dentist now!


Yes, my form of Rife technology seems to work on Chlamydia.
    However, I am sorry to inform you that I no longer ship my machines
    overseas.  The reason being that U.S. government agents have been
    intercepting my machines in transit and sabotaging them and then
    sending them onto my customers.


My device or form of Rife Technology uses the direct application to
    the bare skin of an ultrasound transducer head which consists of a
    round circular shallow metal dome that has two active vibrating
    elements epoxied to the back side of the dome.  Sound/ultrasound is
    injected directly into the body where the transducer head touches
    the body and the sound/ultrasound spreads out into the body from
    this contact point.  There are no electrodes to hold onto, only a
    transducer head to press onto the body surface.  You do not need to
    know what you have or the frequency of ultrasound to kill it.
    During the standard 45 minute treatment scan the machine goes from
    zero to several tens of millions of vibration per second.  You just
    stumble of the needed frequency by old dumb luck.


My form of Rife technology is analog.  My unit has two frequency
    scan settings (low frequency and high frequency).  During the
    standard 45 minute treatment scan, with my unit set on the low
    frequency setting, the unit covers the entire frequency range form
    zero to 80 plus mega hertz.  You do not have to know what you have
    or the frequency that kills it, you just stumble on it during the
    frequency scan.  The unit is always producing thousands of
    frequencies simultaneously and these frequencies are all going up in
    frequency together in time.


There is very little in public domain of what you are looking for.
    Dr. James Bare, a chiropractor, has worked in Rife type technologies
    for many years and has several videos on the net showing one celled
    animals being kill by Rife type technology.  Also, there is
    available from Borderland Sciences a video of Rife in his lab which
    shows microbes being disintegrated by Rife's frequency instrument.


If the anxiety were a result of a neurological reaction to a toxoid
     from a microbe or viral infection, then you might expect to be able
     to get relief with Rife technology by killing the microbe or viral
     problem off.  It is also possible that certain frequencies of sound
     or ultrasound could induce the release of various hormones to reduce
     or get rid of anxiety.


No, you should probably not use it during chemotherapy because the
    combined kill off from my machine and the chemotherapy would
    probably be too hard on him.

   I do not build machines specifically for cancer.  If you would like
   to see the treatment protocols for the Ultra 10A, which explain how
   my form of Rife technology works and how to use my machine(Ultra
   10A), then send me your mailing address.


I know of no good frequencies for Lyme disease.  What is BABS?

   As for your friend, the standard soft tissue cancer frequency is
   thought by many to be 2,127 cycles per second.

  With my form of Rife technology I do not have to worry about what the
  frequency is for a particular problem.  Over the standard 45 minute
  treatment cycle with my machine the frequency range of zero to
  approximately 80 million cycles per second is covered.  I do not have
  to know the frequency needed, I just stumble on it by old dumb luck
  during the treatment scan.


The current belief by many people is that type one diabetes is driven
   by or caused by some sort of viral or microbial infection that
   attacks the islets of Langerhans in the pancreas which produce
   insulin.  I have only seen the results of two cases treated with my
   machine.  In both cases the treatment caused a clear reaction in the
   pancreas and in one case the insulin usage had to be greatly lowered.

    If you would like to see the treatment protocols for my Ultra 10AQ
    unit, then send me your mailing address.


Systemic Candida is generally a sign of a high carbohydrate diet
    in refined sugars.  Even if a Rife type technology is used and is
    successful in beating back the Candida infection, it will only
    return in a relatively short time if the diet is not changed.  The
    frequencies that seem to go after Candida are up in the seventy to
    eighty mega hertz range where my machine reaches.  The reports with
    Candida being treated by my machine are that much relief and turn
    around in the situation generally occurs after several treatments.
    However, as mentioned above there is a real need in most cases for
    the person to rethink their diet, if they want to be Candida
    infection free.  The truth is that our entire plant is contaminated
    with Candida spores.  Take a few deep breaths and you too have been
    re-infected, now can your body fight it off?  With the right diet it

    If you would like to see the commissioning agreement and treatment
    protocols that go with the Ultra 10A unit, then send me your mailing


There are various so called Rife type machines out there.  However,
    in most cases a conservative approach works best.  That is, take your
    time, do not try to do too many treatments in a short time window.
    Treat with a particular machine and wait a day or so to see results
    of treatment.  Always drink plenty of non fluoridated water and take
    several grams of a good detoxing compound such as vitamin C and MSM
    along with plenty of water to adequately absorb and process the


There are some thirty plus forms of papilloma virus that infect
     people.  Rife type technology does not destroy these particular
     viruses because they do not have the common types of virus capsid
     protein coat that Rife-type technology can rupture and
     disintegrate.  We are currently working on another method to
     destroy these viruses.

    As for the herpes simplex virus, people with herpes simplex virus
    problems using my Ultra 10A have reported good results.  However, we
    cannot claim a cure.

    If you would like to see the treatment protocols that go with the
    Ultra 10A that tell how to use it and how it works, then send me
    your mailing address.


My form of Rife technology uses direct sound/ultrasound production
     from an ultrasound piezoelectric transducer, which sends the
     sound/ultrasound (mechanical vibration) directly into the body to
     kill the viruses and microbes.  The frequency range that my machine
     covers is from zero to approximately 80 mega hertz.  The MWOs such
     as various versions of the Lakhovsky MWO produce radio wave
     frequencies up in the hundreds of mega hertz on up into the multi
     giga hertz range.  When these radio waves pass through the human
     body they produce ultrasound of the same frequency as the radio
     wave.  If these frequencies are integer multiples of the
     fundamental lethal frequency of a virus or microbe, it can also
     destroy/kill the virus or microbe.  Also, some frequencies
     interact with cell organelles and cell DNA.


The microwave oven frequencies are up in the several giga hertz
    range and are electromagnetic radiation.  My form of Rife type
    technology produces ultrasound (mechanical vibration) and the
    frequencies stay below a hundred megahertz.


All people should share the same mechanical vibration frequencies
    for the various ion gates on the various cell types in the body.  I
    was proposing to use specific frequencies of sound to open up
    specific ion gates on specific types of scar tissue cells.

    The other method for general body repair/regeneration uses directed
    directional negative current flow (hydroxyl ion generation) to
    initiate tissue regeneration after amputation at the amputation

    What the two methods have in common is that they greatly affect the
    ion concentrations and their ratios in the cell nucleus and
    therefore effect genetic expression.

    There is no place to currently go for these proposed therapies.


Some or a lot of food allergies comes from or are driven by leaky gut
   syndrome, where a yeast infection in the gut allows chemical
   compounds in the gut that are suppose to stay in the gut to leak into
   the blood stream (portal vein to the liver).  If you are successful
   at getting rid of or controlling the would-be yeast infection, then
   is possible that some or all of the easily noticed allergies will go


Yes, psoriasis is usually associated with or caused by intestinal
    infection problems.  Psoriasis usually clears up with proper
    treatment of the intestinal infection.  As for your son's autism,
    yes it was quite probably the vaccines that caused it.  It could be
    the mercury, the formaldehyde, toxins, and viruses or microbes
    contained in the vaccines. The Autism rate has gone from 1/5,600 to
    now 1/160.  In my opinion there are a lot of people in the NIH and
    pharmaceutical companies that belong in prison for the rest of their

    I see two courses of action for your son.  One, a detox program to
    remove mercury.  And secondly the use of a technology such as Rife
    type technology to kill off possible microbes that are generating
    toxins that are possibly causing and maintaining the Autism


I received your phone message and will call you sometime tomorrow
    afternoon or evening my time (California).  I will try to answer
    your questions then.  As for the Ringworm infection, Ringworm is a
    fungal infection and funguses and their spores generally require the
    high frequency end of my machine to take care of them.  Your
    Ringworm problem is the first that my machine has been used on that
    I know of.  I will explain to you on the phone how to use my machine
    on funguses.


Most so called Rife machines are voltage square wave machines, where
    the person holds onto two cylindrical electrodes or stands on
    electrically conductive pads while a specific frequency of voltage
    in the form of what is called a voltage square wave is applied to
    the electrodes and therefore also the person.  These specific
    frequencies of voltage square waves produce specific sets of sound
    and ultrasound frequencies in the person.  If one of these
    frequencies is close enough to the sound/ultrasound frequency that
    destroys the particular microbe causing the problem, then you can
    expect a good out come from the treatments.

   The other next most common type of so called Rife machines use a gas
   discharge tube like Dr. Rife used.  These discharge tubes are driven
   by specific frequencies of modulated high voltage.  These tubes
   produce specific frequency sets of electromagnetic radiation (radio
   waves).  These radio waves when they pass through your body put
   forces on the ions and charged molecular structures in your body
   producing mechanical vibration (ultrasound) of the same frequency as
   the radio waves and also their hidden Fourier frequency components.
   The gas discharge tubes also emit sound/ultrasound directly into the
   air which travels to the person.  Also, these tubes generate
   oscillating intensity in light emissions at twice the frequency of
   the radio wave emissions.  The light emissions also induce mechanical
   vibrations in the person.

   Once you understand that Rife phenomenon is based on producing a
   specific frequency of sound/ultrasound to kill a specific microbe or
   virus, and then you will understand why I use the direct approach of an
   ultrasound frequency scan.



     My Ultra 10A unit has a tendency to dissolve blood clots.  What this
     means is that it should not be used to soon after surgery before the
     body has had time to heal all surgical wounds and remove clots from
     veins.  How much time this will require I do not know.  However, I
     would not feel comfortable with you using the machine on your
     daughter for at least a couple more weeks.


     The answer to the first question is no.  For the second question,
     the Ultra 10A does not use a coil to treat the body.  It uses a
     piezoelectric transducer.  The piezoelectric transducer produces
     mechanical vibration (ultrasound) up into the millions of vibrations
     per second.  Dr. Rife was always able to find a frequency of
     mechanical vibration (ultrasound) that would disable or destroy
     every microbe he worked with.
     If the world goes to hell, you will need a DC to AC converter from
     Pet Boys, a 12 volt car battery or better yet a 12 volt deep cycle
     marine battery, and a large solar panel to trickle charge the



     My machine is an analog device and never produces a single    pure frequency.  It is designed    to produce harmonic sets of    frequencies that slowly and continuously go higher and higher in frequency during the treatment scan.  Also my machine produces hidden Fourier frequency      components, which also vary their frequency both      upward and down ward during the treatment    scan.  The objective is to     be close enough to the microbe resonance frequency at some   intensity level     for an associated minimum time required to destroy the microbe.  Yes, the           higher frequency components are more attenuated as they travel through the tissues.  However, Rife technology is more about resonance phenomenon than      power level      used.  Once you have     some needed minimum intensity at a    particular frequency,    no additional power level or      intensity is required    to destroy the microbe or virus.  By     placing the ultrasound transducer head at certain systemic treatment locations the whole      body can be    treated.



     I live in
California where it is illegal to treat cancer with
     anything other than chemical poisoning, radiation damage, and
     surgery.  I imagine that in some other states it is allowed to treat
     cancer experimentally by other means.  For many years now various
     forms of so called Rife machines have been treating cancers with
     varying degrees of success.  For example, it appears that most soft
     tissue cancers such as yours are damageable or can be killed by the
     sound frequency of 2,127 cycles per second.  Various so called Rife
     machines including mine have the the frequency of 2,127 cps in their
     programs or automatic frequency scans.
     I am not allowed by law to make any health claims, no matter the
     facts of the situation.  My machine is a frequency scanning machine.




     Over the standard forty five minute scanning period my machine
     goes from zero frequency to several tens of millions of cycles per
     second.  The idea is to go through all the known and not known
     frequencies for all viruses, bacteria, parasites, etc..  It just so
     happens that all of the known and or believed anti cancer
     frequencies are included in the scan.
     If you would like to see the treatment protocols that go with my
     Ultra 10A unit, send me your mailing address.
     There are other options you can look into.  For example cesium
     chloride treatment.
  Go on google search engine and put in cesium

     chloride treatment for cancer.  Read the last third of my vitamin C
     article on my web site that deals with cancer treatment.
     As for the pros and cons of other Rife machines, I will let them
     speak for themselves.  All I will say is that mine is the best and
     the lowest cost.
     Well good luck to you.


     I would not recommend the use of my form of Rife technology along
     with your wife's chemo therapy.  In general what MDs call chemo
     therapy is strong chemical poisoning which kills off cancer cells as
     well as large amounts of healthy cells.  The addition of the
     potential kill off of cancer cells and microbe load by my Rife type
     technology would probably be to much for your wife's liver and
     kidneys to handle.
     I have no alternative health practitioners to recommend to you.



     There is a big difference between Lupus and Leukemia.  There are
     standard tests for the various forms of leukemia.  However, in both
     Leukemia and Lupus there is believed to be either virus or bacteria
     infections driving the diseases.  If this is true, then a Rife type
     technology such as mine could possibly be helpful.  I can not tell
     you what to do.  My equipment must be considered as experimental
     with no claims of any cures being made.  You get to look over the
     information on my web site and make up your own mine as to whether
     or not you wish to commission the construction of a machine for
     experimental use.
     If you would like to see the commissioning agreement and treatment
     protocols for the Ultra 10A machine, then send me your mailing


     I do not in general disclose machine ownership.  As for use of my
     form of Rife technology on HIV infection, I would expect a rather
     significant reduction in the viral load count.  However, I would
     not expect a complete clean out of the viral infection.  One reason
     being, there would be cells that are infected, but are not yet
     producing virus and therefore could not be destroyed by rupturing
     forming virus buds on the cell membrane.
     Some forms of ozone therapy can be a powerful tool against virus
     infection.  However, the form required to properly remove HIV is as
     far as I know not available in the
U.S., only currently available




     There are a couple of dozen or so, of the so called Rife type
     machines available.  Most use electrode connects to the body.  Some
     use plasma tubes.  I use a piezoelectric transducer element.  What
     Dr. Rife discovered in the 1920's and 30's was that every microbe he
     studied had at least one frequency of mechanical vibration that
     disabled or destroyed it very easily.  There are many ways to
     produce mechanical vibrations in the body.  One way is to expose the
     body to voltage wave forms that cause the charged particles in the
     body to move back and forth with the applied electric field and
     thereby produce mechanical vibrations (sound/ultrasound).  Another
     way is expose the body to the radio wave/multiple electric field
     emissions from a plasma tube, which also moves the charged particles
     in the body around and therefore generates sound/ultrasound.  The
     plasma tubes also emit sound/ultrasound directly into the air, as
     well as light pulses that generate sound/ultrasound in the patient.

     Once I figured out that Dr. Rife was generating ultrasound in the
     target with his Frequency Instrument, I realized that it would be
     much more efficient to produce the ultrasound using a voltage wave
     form applied to a piezoelectric element, such as those used in
     ultrasonic cleaner tanks.  I began developing a scanning voltage
     wave form generator to drive the piezoelectric elements.  At the
     current state of development we have a scanning device that over the
     standard forty five minute scanning cycle covers from zero to
     several tens of millions of mechanical vibrations per second.  You
     do not have to know what you have, the machine scans the entire
     range Rife worked in and then some.  
     I hope I have answered your question adequately.





     The determination of which frequency setting to use is quite often
     only a guess.
  In general if the problem is thought to be bacterial
     in nature, then both high and low frequency settings quite often
     work fine.  If the problem is thought to be viral in nature, then
     usually the high frequency setting works best.  In any case you need
     to read over the treatment protocols again.
     If cancer is not a concern, you can use the machine once or twice a
     day as long as the microbe kill off symptoms are not to strong.  Read
     the treatment protocols again.
     When dealing with cancers there are many factors to be concerned
     with.  How advanced is the cancer (how big is the tumor(s)?  Where
     is the tumor(s) located?  How is the patient's reaction to the
     treatment (how vital is their immune system)?  Is the patient using
     a good detox program along with the treatments.  Does the patient
     want to live?  As a general rule most cancer patients do not see a
     doctor and have a cancer found in them until the cancer is fairly
     well along such as late stage 2 or early stage 3.  When cancers are
     mid stage 3 into stage 4 they quite often have a bunch of dead meat
     at their core due to the poor blood supply to the tumor core.  As
     mentioned in the treatment protocols, the normal bacteria found in
     the healthy person’s blood find this dead meat a great place to
     multiply their numbers and therefore produce large amounts of toxic
     waste products which over-load the liver, kidneys, and immune
     system.  This infection needs to be put under control and finally
     gotten rid of.  At the same time the tumor as a whole must not be
     killed off to quickly, because then you will have a very big mass of
     dead meat for the bacteria to feast on and produce massive amounts
     of toxins and bacteria to travel throughout the body overloading the
     immune system.  That is why you treat the cancer patient
     approximately once every three days on the low frequency setting.
     And for the first 6 to 12 times you treat them from half way between
     the belly button and the top of the pubic hair on the center line of
     the body.  This makes sure that the microbe load in the blood is
     greatly reduced, while at the same time the believed anti-cancer
     frequencies in the scanning cycle are killing off a small fraction
     of the tumor, which the immune system must breakdown and remove over
     the next three days.  When a small amount of tumor is killed off
     that tumor goes through an inflammation reaction and swells up for
     usually one to two days, before going back to "normal" size.  After
     the cancer patient's reaction from microbe kill-off, the
     treatments given halfway between the belly button and the top of
     the pubic hair become very mild, then treatments in the area of and
     or on the tumor can be done.  However, it is a good idea to go back
     and treat the original treatment area perhaps once every three or
     four treatment times.  As the tumor becomes much smaller, the
     treatment can become more aggressive, perhaps one treatment every
     other day.  And when the tumor is very small or thought to be
     essentially gone, treatments every day are in order.  The low
     frequency setting is usually all that is needed for most tumor
     cases.  However, there are some tumors that respond better to the
     high frequency setting. For those tumors alternating back and forth
     between the high and low frequency settings works well.  As you
     treat patients you well get enough feedback to see what to do that
     works best in particular situations.




     1)  Eight pages of treatment protocols come with the machine/Unit.

     2)   The Ultra 10A unit has a preprogrammed 45 minute scanning
     period.  Over the 45 minute scanning period the sound/ultrasound
     frequencies go from zero to several tens of millions of cycles per


     3)  If the health problem is being driven by a microbe or
     virus, then my form of Rife technology has a good chance of being a
     very useful treatment.  By law I can make no health claims for my
     form of Rife type technology, regardless of the facts.  By law my
     technology must be considered as strictly experimental.  However,
     you can read the articles on my web site about Rife type technology
     to see why, from a standard physics point of view, it should be able
     to destroy almost all microbes and viruses.
     If you are interested in commissioning the construction of a
     machine, I would like to talk with you first and you will need to
     sign a commissioning agreement for machine construction.  Please
     send me your phone # and good times to call you.  Keep in mind that
     I usually work all night until around dawn and that I live in




     The implication of your e-mail is that I am supposed to say yes we
     can cure cancer.  First off to make a claim of a cure is illegal
     regardless of the facts of the situation.  Second off you only know
     if a particular treatment modality will work on a particular cancer
     by trying it.  Furthermore, in
California by law you can only treat
     cancers with chemical poisoning, radiation, and surgery.  There are
     many treatment options that are as good as and much better than the
     standard medical treatments of radiation damage, chemical poisoning
     with cancer causing chemicals, and surgical mutilation.  If your
     friend has gone through the standard chemo and radiation route, then
     there is probably not much hope left for them.  They would have to
     really want to live and take responsibility for their own illness
     treatment.  However, they are probably too weak to put up the fight
     If you would like to talk to me, send me your phone # and good times
     to call you.  Keep in mind that I usually work all night until
     around dawn and that I live in




     The Ultra 10B unit does everything the Ultra 10A unit does, plus one
     extra thing.  It can accept the input signal from an external signal
     function generator and amplify it and send that amplified signal to
     the transducer head.  
     There are eight pages of treatment protocols that come with the
     Ultra 10A and B.  With the Ultra 10B is an extra three pages of
     information on how to use the external function generator with the
     Ultra 10B unit.  The external signal function generator is the
     standard electronic test tech and lab tech signal generator that
     produces sine, square, and triangle voltage wave forms.  This
     function generator must be purchased separately by the customer.
     The Ultra 10B is calibrated to only amplify frequencies from 100 cps
     to 400,000 cps.  This means that a low end signal function generator
     will do and will cost around $350 to $400.
     As for the phlebitis, the releasing of a clot into the blood flow
     does not mean the clot will dissolve before reaching the heart or




     I have two versions of Rife machine;  The Ultra 10A and the Ultra
     10B.  The Ultra 10A is a preprogrammed sound/ultrasound scanning
     machine.  Over the normal 45 minute scanning period the machine
     produces frequencies from zero to several tens of mega hertz.   You
     do not need to know the frequency of the microbe you are trying to
     destroy, the preprogrammed scan goes through all the frequency range
     used by Rife and a great deal further.  The Ultra 10B unit does
     everything the Ultra 10A does, plus one extra thing.  The Ultra 10B
     can accept a frequency signal from an external signal function
     generator and amplify it and add even and odd harmonics to it.
     As for payment, I accept credit cards, cashiers checks, money
     orders, and bank wire transfers.  

     I need a signed commissioning agreement before I can ship the
     machine.  I also need to know the power company voltage and
     frequency that the machine will operate with.  For example in the
U.S. we use 120 volts at 60 cycles per second (cps).  What is the
     voltage and cps in
Mexico?  Is the machine for use in Mexico or




     It is good to hear you are having good treatment results with my
     form of Rife type technology.  When you use the word stages, I
     assume you mean treatments.  The phrase viral charge we here refer
     to as viral load and in the case of hepatitis c we use the RNA
     strand test out of the University of Virginia as our standard.
     With cancers I use both high and low frequency settings.  At first
     only the low frequency setting for perhaps 15 to 20 treatments, with
     the treatments spaced out to once every two to four days depending
     on the particular case.  Then after the 15 to 20 treatments on low
     frequency, the patient is treated immediately following one of the
     low frequency treatments with a second high frequency treatment.
     Perhaps about every third or fourth low frequency treatment cycle
     should be followed by a high frequency treatment cycle.  If the
     patient's detox program is a good one and the tumor(s) are not to
     large then a treatment every other day can work.  Otherwise it is
     better to be patient and treat the patient once every three to four
     Viruses and bacteria are killed on both the low and high frequency
     settings.  However, the high frequency scan seems to have much
     greater virus fighting power.
     Well, I hope to hear more treatment results from you.  Keep up the
     good work.




     Your questions are for manufacturers of voltage square wave type so
     called Rife machines.  My type of Rife technology uses mechanical
     vibration produced by a piezoelectric element.  The voltage square
     wave machines produce the mechanical vibrations by having the
     electric fields generated by the voltages interacting with the
     charged constituents of the patient’s microscopic structure.  The
     voltage that can be safely applied to the electrodes is frequency
     dependent.  The higher the frequency used the higher the voltage can
     I recommend that you read my article “vibratory energy medicine” on my
     web site  This will give you a good overview
     of the various forms of Rife type technology available.




     Referring to the 10B unit:  Go on Google search engine and put in B K      Precision Models 4011, 4017, and 4017A as good examples of what you     need.  Then go to your electronics stores and ask to see their signal          function generators.  Checkout the brands such as B K Precision, Techtronics, Hewlet Packard, Gold Star, etc..  You will need a volt meter to adjust the    DC Offset on the signal function generator you purchase.  You will need to      set the DC Offset to a positive 4.8 volts per instructions in the three     pages of instructions I sent you.  Please feel free to call me if you need     help setting things up.  Do not forget to get a standard 6 foot long coaxial   cable with BNC connectors at the ends for connecting the function generator   to the Ultra 10B.  Get the standard 52 ohm cable from Radio Shack. Well,    have you been getting good use out of the 10B unit?  Any good success   stories to tell?




     First off by law I can make no health claims for my form of Rife
     type technology.  Secondly, the only way you will know if my
     experimental Rife type machine will work on your problem is by
     trying it.  There are many stories of various types of Rife type
     technology machines working on prostate cancer.  However, I also
     know of people who have used Rife type machines on their prostate
     cancer with no success.  I would say that it is a hit and miss
     If you would like to talk with me about Rife type technology, send
     me your phone #, your state, and good times to call you.  Keep in
     mind that I usually work all night until around dawn and that I live




     I am not familiar with the ________ machine.  My form of Rife type
     technology is only available from me by commissioning agreement.  As
     for my Rife type machine, yes I have had some people with a
     fibromyalgia diagnoses get substantial relief with just a couple
     treatments, others taking many treatments and only getting some
     relief.  My impression is that there are probably several
     forms/causes for a fibromyalgia diagnoses.  My machine must be
     considered as strictly experimental with no claim of a cure for any



     I will try to answer your questions in the order you made them more
     or less.  If this Mayo clinic drug is not the "normal" sort of
     deadly "chemo therapy" treatment, then there would probably be no
     counter indication to using one of the so called Rife type machines
     at the same time.  However, if the Mayo clinic drug is very toxic
     (poison) and not only kills cancer cells, but also normal healthy
     cells, then the combined kill off from the two treatments combined
     would probably be to much for the liver, kidneys, and immune system
     to handle.  If your friend decides to go the Rife machine treatment
     route, it would probably be more cost effective, time effective, and
     convenient to buy their own machine.  I have no one in the
     Seattle/Portland area to recommend.  As for the cost of my machine
     it is $1,570.00 at your friends door step and it must be clearly
     understood by all that my machine must be considered experimental with
     no claims of cure for anything.  Go look at the buying page on my
     web site (

     When melanoma cancers metastasize and go to key organs like the
     pancreas, the odds of survival become very low.  In my opinion, your
     friend needs to use several alternative medicine therapies very
     quickly and very aggressively.  I would suggest to begin with, that
     your friend look into cesium chloride therapy for cancer, and
     massive doses of vitamin C treatment for cancer (see the last third
     of my vitamin C article on my web site).   Literally half the
     battles against cancers are determined by the desire and will of the
     patient to live.  That will and desire determines the production
     rates of the key hormones of the body, which are produced in the
     pituitary gland.  It is these hormones that keep the immune system

     If you would like to see the commissioning agreement for
     constructing one of my Rife type machines and the treatment
     protocols that go with the machine, send me your mailing address.  





     No, my Ultra 10A unit does not hook up to the junk yard magnet.  To
     use/build the junk yard magnet setup, you will need the help of a
     technically trained person in electrical circuits and engineering.  
     The Ultra 10A unit does not automatically diagnose anything.  It
     automatically scans from zero frequency to several tens of mega
     hertz of ultrasound frequencies over the standard built in scanning
     period of 45 minutes.  You should not look to my Ultra 10A unit as a
     cure for AIDS.  It can only be expected to keep the viral load low.
     My technology (the Ultra 10A) can be expected to rupture virus outer
     capsid coats and thereby deactivate the virus from infecting another
     cell.  My technology can be expected to rupture budding virus capsid
     coats on infected cell membranes and thereby kill the infected cell
     that is actively producing virus.   My technology cannot remove the
     transcribed virus DNA from the infected cells that are not actively
     producing virus.  Therefore, virus infection will persist unless the
     person is continually exposed to the virus lethal frequencies around
     the clock for probably many weeks.  This will give the killer white
     blood cells time to check all body cells and kill all cells
     displaying AIDS virus foreign proteins.

     As a practical matter, since no one has determined the lethal
     ultrasound frequencies for AIDS yet, the above possible "cure" for
     AIDS is not available yet.  A properly set up virology lab could very
     easily find these frequencies.  However, AIDS is not supposed to be
     cured.  From my study of the matter, I would say that AIDS was
     introduced into
Africa by the World Health Organization through
     purposely contaminated vaccines.  Namely the polio and small pox
  The power elite wants the resources of
Africa without the
     black Africans.  We are dealing here with the scum of the earth.  In
United States AIDS was introduced through the use of an
     experimental vaccine for hepatitis B, that was made specially and
     only for gay men.  The New York City blood Bank, which participated
     in the production of this special Hep B vaccine for gays, imported
     pooled blood supplies from Zambia and Zaire to be used in vaccine
     production.  These blood supplies were heavily contaminated with the
     AIDS virus.

     If things had gone as originally planed, in about two centuries,
     mainly only Germanic west Europeans would be left to rule the world.
     This is because the only human gene pool which has some immunity to
     the AIDS virus is the Germanic West Europeans.  Those Europeans
     which have the "mutant" gene(s) that allowed there ancestors to
     survive the black death of the middle ages are either resistant to
     or immune to AIDS depending on if they have one copy or two copies
     of the "mutant" gene respectively.  Can you say Fourth Reich.  Can
     you say Borman Organization.

     As a practical matter you can greatly reduce HIV progression by the
     use of selenium in the form of sodium selenite.  The HIV virus codes
     form four selenium dependent proteins.  When adequate selenium is in
     the body, these selenium dependent proteins complex with the HIV
     genome to greatly reduce viral replication.
  Probably something

     between 400 to 800 mcg of selenium a day should do the job.
     Well good luck to you.




     If you have dry mouth after treatments, it suggests serious
     dehydration.  The liver and kidneys need an  ample clean water
     supply (no fluoridated water) to process the kill-off material.  If
     you are not drinking over a gallon of good water a day, you are in
     danger of dehydration.
     Well, tell me are you seeing any good results from use of my
     machine?  If yes, what good results?





      Yes, my form of Rife technology is designed to kill the "good"
     bacteria in the gut as well as the "bad" bacteria in the body in
     general.  However, the so called good bacteria in the gut are there
     in many orders of magnitude of higher density than the other
     bacteria spread throughout the body in general.  This much higher
     density of good bacteria has an important consequence.  That is as
     the ultrasound frequencies enter the intestine, the bacteria on the
     outer edges of the intestine absorb their resonant/lethal
     frequencies and therefore attenuate the signal strength.  As the
     ultrasound goes deeper and deeper into the bacteria mass, the
     lethal frequencies are so attenuated in strength, that they can no
     longer kill bacteria well inside the intestine.  It works out this
     way because my form of Rife type technology is a continuous
     scanning form.  Any particular microbe is only exposed to a
     relatively short time period to it’s lethal frequencies during any
     one standard 45 minute treatment period.  So, only a small fraction of

     the microbes in the intestine are destroyed during any one machine scan.    
     I hope I have answered your question adequately.




     I assume you read my treatment protocols through a couple or so
     times.  In there you will note that one of the main problems for
     most 4th stage cancer patients is microbial infection from dead
     cancer tissue.  For the cancer patient to survive, this infection
     must be brought under control and eliminated.  At the same time     

     the cancer needs to be   killed off at a controlled rate. To do    this

   the patient's liver and kidneys have to be   able to detox (clean up)

   the kill-off from the use of my machine.  This requires the

   patient to have ample water intake each day into their system for the

   liver and kidneys to work with.  We are talking about approximately

   a gallon of fluid intake per day.  Also, it is very helpful to

   have several grams of vitamin C intake per day for detox.  Also,

   regular nutrition, i.e. adequate   vitamin and mineral intake are very

   important, along with    good proteins, fats, and oils.  Keep in mind

   that the heart runs only on fats and oils, not    sugar like cancer does.

     By law I can not make any claims for cure of anything.  My machine
     must be considered as experimental.  If you have read some of my
     articles on my web site, you know why I believe that microbes can
     be killed by specific frequencies of ultrasound.  Also, you know
     that I believe that cancers in general can be damaged and harmed
     also by various specific frequencies of ultrasound.  Whether or

   not the frequencies in my machine scan will harm or kill the

   specific cancer your wife has I do not know.  I do know      that

   my scan does contain all the frequencies that are believed to

   be anti-cancer by those  people who build the various forms

   of so-called  Rife machines.



     I have no way of knowing whether or not my form of Rife technology
     will fix this lady's liver infection problem.  She would have to
     try the machine to know for sure.  My quest, and it is only my
     quest, is that there is a very good chance that it will fix her.
     My machine is a scanning machine and it is designed to go after all
     bacteria, viruses, parasites, and a few other things.  But the
     bottom line is you do not know if it is going to fix your problem,
     control your problem, and help or not until you try it.




     No, my unit is not like the _______.  The _______ is run by a
     computer program that is supposed to be able to diagnose various
     health problems from current/voltage readings off the body and then
     treat it with specific frequencies of voltage applied to the body.
     My machine or unit does not diagnose anything.  It is designed to
     go after all microbes, viruses, parasites, and some other problems.
     And it only uses mechanical vibrations to do all of this.





     There are various therapies out there that can probably help you
     greatly with your various problems.  With Hep C you could use my
     form of Rife technology and probably get a significant lowering of
     your viral load.  This would have to be verified by the RNA strand
     test.  However, even though your symptoms from Hep C might be
     greatly reduced you should not expect to get rid of the Hep C with
     Rife technology as it is currently developed and used.  Only a
     holding off of disease progression with some reversal of symptoms
     at best can be expected with currently available forms of Rife
     technology.  Having said all this there is good news.  A friend of
     mine makes a very special form of colloidal silver that when taken
     following his treatment protocol over a 90 day period is currently
     getting approximately a 90% remission of Hep C.  That is 90% of
     the people with Hep C that follow his protocol for 90 days have a
     negative result on the RNA Strand test for Hep C.  If you are
     interested in talking with my friend about his colloidal silver
     product let me know.

     As for your cancer problem there are many alternative cancer
     therapies that appear to have as good or better results then the
     standard allopathic treatments and with greatly reduced cost and no
     killer side effects.  One of the cheapest and most effective
     anti-cancer treatments for most cancer types is A.K. Brewers Cesium
     Chloride cancer treatment.  Put this into the Google search engine
     and see what you find.  Of course there are many Rife machines out
     there treating cancers with varying degrees of success (apparently
     much better than allopathic medicine success rates).  My type of
     Rife machine is of course the best and least expensive.  If you
     would like a copy of my treatment protocols with my form of Rife
     technology, then send me your mailing address.  You can read the
     last third of my vitamin C article on my web site and see what
     success Cameron and others have had with using massive vitamin C
     doses to "cure" cancer.

     As for diabetes, I assume you have adult onset diabetes.  The jury
     is still out on what causes and drives this form of diabetes.
     However, getting away from refined sugar and high carbohydrate
     diets along with a regular exercise program seem to be helpful at
     halting or slowing the progression of the disease.  Several
     different supplements also seem to be very helpful at slowing
     progression.  Such supplements as chromium picolinate, zinc,
     copper, and vanadyl sulfate.

     Well, I hope this has been helpful to you in answering your
     questions.  If you would like to talk to me, then send me your
     phone # and good times to call you.  Keep in mind that I live in
California and that I usually work all night until around dawn.




     First off, I can make no claims for cures for anything by law.  My
     equipment must be considered as experimental only.  However, I have
     had positive experiences in treating some types of fungal
     conditions with my machines.  Some years ago a friend of mine had a
     very bad fungal infection on his feet (I do not know which fungus
     type it was).  He knew of my Rife technology work and asked if my
     machine would help him.  I said let us find out.  And yes it did.
     It went away for a month or so and then came back.  We treated it
     some more and it went away for a few months and then came back.
     Bottom line my machine seems to be able to keep his fungal
     infection under control.  The thing to remember about fungal
     infections is that they produce spores that can lay around in your
     environment until the conditions are right to turn into a fungal
     infection.  Shoes and rugs are ideal places for the spores to lay
     around in.  The ideal environment for most fungal infections is a
     moist, dark, warm, humid place with a food supply (you).  Sounds
     a lot like your shoe.
  Have you tried wearing highly ventilated

     shoes or sandals?

     I have my own foot fungus story to tell.  I got this great garage
     sale bargain of snow/cold weather shoes.  They were so comfortable
     and warm.  After I had worn them to the mountains for a snow trip
     for the weekend I developed horrible fungal rashes across the top
     of the bridge of both feet.  I had become the home of someone's
     spore collection.  I immediately tried all the normal fungal products.
     Nothing worked on it and it was getting worse.  Suddenly the light
     came on, why don't you use your own machine dummy?  I treated
     myself twice a day for two and a half weeks before it was all gone.
     I sent the shoes to a land fill.

     If you are going to try my machine you will need to clean the
     spores out of your shoes daily.  To do this you will need to put a
     small ozonating device or ozone into your shoes to deactivate the
     spores.  I believe that over time you have a good chance of getting
     the infection beaten back to a minor problem a couple times a year.
     I will mail to you my commissioning agreement for the construction
     of my Ultra 10A along with the treatment protocols that go with it.
     Well, good luck to you.





      My form of Rife technology uses a ultrasound transducer that is in
     direct contact with your bare skin.  This ultrasound transducer
     puts mechanical vibrations directly into your body.  Dr. Rife was
     always able to find a specific ultrasound (mechanical vibration)
     frequency that easily destroyed each specific microbe he studied.
     My Ultra 10A machine is a continuous scanning machine.  In its
     normal 45 minute scan the sound/ultrasound frequencies go from zero
     to several tens of millions of vibrations per second.  You do not
     have to know the frequency to use, it is all done automatically.




     As far as I know there is no problem with using the various forms
     of so called Rife machines and having metal implants.  As for your
     symptoms of arthritis, a large percentage of the users of the
     various so called Rife machines report substantial to complete
     relief from the arthritis symptoms for days to weeks to months.
     However, the symptoms usually return.  Dr. Rife found that
     Rheumatoid Arthritis was caused by a fungal infection in joint
     tissue and he found a ultrasound frequency that killed it.
     Unfortunately no one knows the frequency.  As for your cancer
     problem as well as your arthritis problem, no one is allowed by law
     to make any health claims for any treatments including Rife type
     treatment, unless the claim has been "officially blessed" by the
     powers that be, who want to own your illness care rights and have
     their friends clean out your bank account with the only allowed
     treatment modalities.  In the Rife technology community, there are
     various so called cancer frequencies for the various cancer types,
     i.e  2127 cycles per second (cpc), 2008 cps,  11,400,000 cps,
     11,780,000 cps, etc..  My type of Rife technology which is a
     preprogrammed continuous frequency scan of twice the frequency
     range that Rife was known to use, has all of these cancer frequencies and
     all the frequencies Rife used and then some.





    I know of no contra-indications in using Rife type therapy and
    cesium chloride treatment together.  They should compliment each





The ultrasound is produced by a piezo-electric element that expands
    and contracts its thickness with oscillating voltage values.  This
    mechanically vibrating piezo-electric element is epoxied to the back
    of the metal disk of the black ABS plastic box of the machine shown
    on my web site.  This vibrating metal head is placed directly on the
    bare skin for treatments.  My treatment protocols will describe how
    and where to place the transducer head.



     In answer to question 1:  It usually takes two to three treatments
     to rid (no more symptoms) the body of most microbe problems.  Some
     take a fair number more, but some are gone (no more symptoms) in
     one treatment.  And some are not apparently removed at all.

     In answer to question 2:  There have been no reported computer
     interference problems.  There is a problem of some interference
     with channel 2 and a little with channel 4 on TVs that have air

     In answer to question 3:  There are many frequencies that are
     disruptive to cell function during the frequency scan of my
     machine as it scans from zero frequency to several tens of mega
     hertz.  However, since the machine is always changing frequencies
     and not staying very long on any one frequency the healthy cells
     are able to compensate for this transient disruption of their normal
     functions.  The microbes however in general cannot compensate and
     are destroyed.  I know of few frequencies that can be very harmful
     if the body is exposed to them for a long time.  I believe that there
     are some frequencies up in the couple to several hundred mega hertz
     that could be very deadly if you were exposed to them for a short
     period with adequate amplitude.





    Yes, I have a lot more stories, but the ones I listed are all I am
    putting up on my site.  I am in a situation here where I must not
    make any claims for any cures by law or implied claims.  If I start
    being totally honest and listing the large number of things I have
    seen directly and which have been reported to me by machine owners,
    I would probably be considered as crossing the line by the forces of
    darkness and evil who want to own and control your illness care and
    treatment rights while lining their pockets up with your money, up till
    your death.





     Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma seems to be driven by a virus infection.
     Some forms of Rife type technology should be able to suppress or
     control this virus infection.  Dr. Rife discovered that most virus
     size bacteria "spores" and viruses had resonant frequencies in the
     several mega hertz to several tens of mega hertz range.  Most so
     called Rife machines do not cover very well these higher mega hertz
     frequency ranges.  Furthermore, none of the so called Rife machines
     scan through the entire frequency range used by Rife and then
     double that frequency range as my machine does.  In the standard
     forty five minute scanning treatment with my machine the
     mechanical vibration frequency goes from zero to eighty mega hertz.
     No one knows the frequency to destroy the virus associated with
     Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.  However, with my machine you do not have to
     know the frequency since my machine scans continuously through the
     probable frequency range for most all viruses.

     I will send you a copy of the treatment protocols that go with the
     Ultra 10A machine along with a commissioning agreement to construct
     you a Ultra 10A unit.




     Yes, most so called chemotherapy (poisoning) is rather unpleasant
     and harmful to the body.  So, naturally you are thinking about
     alternatives.  The simplest and cheapest alternative treatment that
     I can think of that has a relatively good success rate is cesium
     chloride treatment.  Go on the web and use the Google search engine
     and put in cesium chloride, cancer treatment and see what you can
     find. (

     You can e-mail me your address and I will send you some
     cesium chloride treatment of cancer information.  You can go on my
     web site and read the last third of my vitamin C article which
     deals with the use of massive doses of vitamin C to treat cancers.

     As for the use of Rife technology to treat cancer, it is against
     the law to make any claims for cures regardless of the facts of any
     particular situation.  For many years now people with various forms
     of cancer have been using various forms of Rife type technology to
     treat cancer.  In my opinion the success rate of these so called
     Rife machines in treating cancer has been more successful then the
     standard poison, radiate, and cut methods of the medical industry.
     If you would like to see the treatment protocols that go along with
     my Ultra 10A machine and what I have to say about its use in cancer
     treatment send me your mailing address and I will send it to you.






It has been my experience that no healthy tissue is killed by the
scanning through the ultrasound frequencies while at very low
intensity.  At worst there is only transient disruption of some
cellular function do to specific frequencies of ultrasound effecting
ion gates and some cellular organelles.  However, some cancer cell
types can be killed by certain specific frequencies.



I have two versions of my machine.  They are the Ultra 10A  and the
Ultra 10B.  The Ultra 10A is strictly a preprogrammed auto scanning
unit that goes from zero frequency to several tens of millions of
cycles per second of ultrasound by the end of the standard 45
minute scan.

The ultra 10B does everything the Ultra 10A does, plus one more
thing.  That extra thing is that it can receive from an external
signal function generator a specific frequency and amplify it and
send it out to the transducer head which produces the ultrasound

The end result of what most machines called Rife machines do is to
produce specific frequencies of ultrasound in the target (patient).
This is done by many different mechanisms depending on the
particular machine in question.

 Ultrasound is mechanical vibration that is above normal hearing
 range, which is normally defined as above 20,000 cycles per second.
 Microwaves refer to electromagnetic oscillation in the high mega
 hertz frequency range.  For example, the cell phones operate up
 around the one thousand mega hertz range and these are microwaves.
 The electromagnetic field is a field that can travel through the
 vacuum of space and puts periodic forces on charge particles. 

 Ultrasound is strictly a  mechanical vibration and requires a
 material medium to travel through and to exist.




Yes, during each ultrasound treatment cycle some of the beneficial

 bacteria are killed off.  However, the survivors divide and quickly
replenish their numbers.  Mainly only the beneficial bacteria near
the inner surface of the gut are killed off.  These bacteria absorb
their own resonant frequency and therefore attenuate that frequency
component intensity as it goes further into the gut.  These
beneficial bacteria are there in high density.  These outer gut bacteria,

by their absorption of the lethal frequency, act as a
shield for their own kind of bacteria further inside the gut.
The bacteria that usually cause health problems in other parts of
the body are generally found at very low density levels when
compared to the density of beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Therefore, these bacteria can not shield for each other effectively
and they are usually killed easily.





The Ultra 10A unit covers twice the frequency range that Dr. Rife
was know to work in.  During the standard 45 minute frequency scan
of the Ultra 10A the frequency of mechanical vibration goes from
zero to several tens of millions of cycles per second.  With the
Ultra 10A you do not have to know the frequency that kills the
microbe, you do not have to know what the microbe is, the Ultra 10A
is designed to go after all microbes.
I also make the Ultra 10B unit.  The Ultra 10B unit does everything
the 10A does, plus one more thing.  That extra thing is the the
Ultra 10B can accept a specific frequency from an external signal
function generator and amplify that specific frequency and send it
to the transducer to treat the patient.  If you have a known
microbe infection, with a know frequency that destroys that
specific microbe, then the Ultra 10B can dwell on that frequency
and hopefully resolve the problem quickly.




  Yes, there is a fair amount of disagreement about the frequency
  ranges that are useful.  I am in the wider the frequency range the
  better camp.  When I studied the Rife Frequency Instrument to
  figure out how it worked, I realized that his frequency instrument
  had a frequency doubling property about it.  Furthermore, I found
  that the frequency instrument of Rife’s that I was studying had an
  oscillator power supply that went to 20,000,000 cycles per second
  (cps).  However, because of the frequency doubling property of his
  ray tube on the Frequency Instrument, the ultrasound frequency
  generated was up to 40,000,000 cps.  So, when I started to build  my
  own ultrasound treatment generators, I wanted to at least reach
  40,000,000 cps in my frequency scans.  I found that there were
  virus type problems and fungus like problems that did not appear to
  respond well to frequencies below 40,000,000 cps.  My current
  design, the Model Ultra 10A effectively goes out to around


Yes, vitamin C is great for keeping down infections and detoxing
many toxins associated with drug use and infections from poor diet.
However, to get off alcohol you need to do two things.  1) Get the
person to stop eating their food allergies.  For example, the
favorite drink of an alcoholic is generally fermented from a food
stuff to which they are allergic to.  Alcoholics are addicted to
their allergies.  There is a book called: THE PULSE TEST by Dr.
Arthur F. Coca, M.D., ISBN 0-668-01792-9.  Go on and buy
it.  It will tell you the simple way to identified all of a
person’s allergies and food and chemical sensitivities.  2)
Alcoholics generally have a strong blood sugar regulation problem
that requires lots of chromium supplement.  Without this proper
blood sugar level  regulation, the alcoholic will crave alcohol.  A
good form of chromium is chromium tri-picolinate.  The best I know
of is Super Chromium made by TWINLAB.  It has 600 mcg of chromium
per capsule.  The alcoholic should take three of these a day, one
with each meal.  Usually, the craving for alcohol will go away in
about three to four weeks of chromium use along with key allergin
removal.  An excellent book on the use of chromium to “cure”
alcoholism was written by Dr. John Dobbs, but I cannot remember the title. 

However, if you research/look for his many books you will find it.




I have had little experience with Lyme disease with my form of
Rife technology.  I know of only two people who had commissioned my
machine that claimed to have Lyme disease.  Both claimed relieve
from symptoms, but not a "cure".  I have only one person that had
MS commission a unit.  He is a medical doctor who was bed ridden
with MS.  He is now much improved and practicing medicine again.  I
do not think my form of Rife technology can do anything about mercury
toxicity.  As for treponema, Dr. Rife found a frequency of 900,000
cycles per second (cps) on his frequency instrument would kill it.
However, when I studied the physics of how Rife's frequency instrument
worked, I realized that his instrument had a frequency doubling
effect. Therefore, I suspect that the frequency of ultrasound that kills

treponema is actually approximately 1,800,000 cps.  This is very
important information since there seems to be a new very prevalent
stealth form of treponema spreading throughout the land.  This new
form of treponema does not have the normal onset symptoms, does not
show up on the normal tests, and attacks the thymus in particular
and opens up the body to all manor of infections.




When killing streptococcus bacteria or any other bacteria it is the
intensity and frequency of sound/ultrasound generated in the
patient that is important not the type of equipment used.  Both
"ray tube" type Rife machines and direct piezoelectric
sound/ultrasound machines work.  They both have the end result of
producing the needed mechanical vibration to kill the microbe.  I
recommend that you read my article: VIBRATORY ENERGY MEDICINE on my
web site to get a better understanding of
what Rife type technology is about.




There is no problem in using my form of Rife type technology if you
have extensive metal implants.  If you have more specific concerns
let me know.




Your approach to experimenting with the machine sounds pretty good.
You have used the machine enough so that there is no particular
worry about the Herxheimer reaction, therefore you should have no
worries about using the machine two or three times a day.
If during your treatments you have very noticeable reactions in your
body such as might be expected from a kill off, then you can set
the machine to semi pause for a few minutes and let the frequency
generation slide backwards back through the lethal frequencies.




My machine has two oscillator banks in it.  Each oscillator bank
drives one of the two piezoelectric transducer elements which
produce the mechanical vibration (sound/ultrasound).  Each
oscillator bank produces large numbers of harmonic frequency sets
of voltage oscillations simultaneously.  This in turn produces
large numbers of sound/ultrasound harmonic frequency sets
simultaneously.  All of the frequency members of these harmonic
sets are moved upward in frequency together slowly over the
standard 45 minute scan cycle.

When you know the frequency for a particular disease microbe it is
nice to be able to dwell on that frequency.  However, quite often
that frequency is not known.  In the case of the lymes disease
microbe there is no known frequency that has proven to work well on
it.  The whole idea behind my form of Rife type technology is that
you do not have to know the frequency, you simply scan slowly
enough through the entire Rife frequency range and then some and
kill off the offending microbe by just old dumb luck.  




My form of Rife type technology, the Ultra 10A, is not a diagnostic machine.  It is a crowd killer.  It is designed to go after and destroy all viruses, bacteria, funguses, parasites, etc..  Over the standard 45 minute treatment cycle, the Ultra 10A covers a
sound/ultrasound frequency range of zero to several tens of millions of cycles per second.  You do not have to know the frequency of the problem you are after.  You do not have to have a good diagnosis of what you have. All of the so called Rife anti-cancer frequencies are automatically in the scan. The scan is a layered frequency scan in which large numbers of harmonic frequency sets are created simultaneously and all the members of the harmonic frequency sets move continually upward together in frequency over the standard 45 minute scan.



The statements you refer to in the information packet were not in
the material (information packet) I sent you.  I think you are referring

to material on the buying page of my site.  As for your
questions, we refer people to other therapies that are more
effective then my form of Rife technology for their particular
problem.  For example, Hepatitis C is most effectively treated
using a very special form of colloidal silver made by a friend of
mine.  His product is called Super Silver and if the patient
follows his treatment protocols for 90 days they will probably find
that the RNA stran test for Hep C will be negative at the end of 90
days.  Now my form of Rife technology has been shown to
significantly lower viral load in Hep C cases, but not get rid of
it.  The problem is that there are infected cells continually
producing viruses that infect new cells during the time between
treatments with my machine.  My machine can only destroy the
viruses and virus buds of viruses budding off infected cells.  Rife
technology can not remove the genetics of the virus from inside the
infected cell.  At best my machine can be used as a control for the
infection by keeping the viral load low.  Your own immune system
must hunt down the infected cells and kill them.  This is the
situation with most virus infections.  My machine should be thought
of as a big/giant leg up for the immune system.  Furthermore, there
are some very small viruses that do not seem to be effected by Rife
type technology.

I have tried to build a scanning machine that is very complete in
its frequency spectra from zero to approximately 80 mega hertz.
However, in that frequency range there are small/narrow frequency
regions where the out put intensity is lower than I would like and
lower than is required to treat a significant portion of the body
in one scan.  Three things which are interrelated have to happen
for a microbe to be killed/destroyed.  They are 1) Be on or near enough
to the M.O.R. , 2)  Be there (at the frequency) for some minimum
length of time, 3) All of this with some associated minimum
intensity of sound/ultrasound.  For some microbes it is hard to
achieve these interrelated conditions except for a relatively small
part of the body during any one treatment scan.




It is my general policy not to put anyone in contact with my
customers.  Furthermore, most of my customers, particularly health
practitioners do not want to be identified or contacted.  I
understand your potential need and desire to do due diligence
before making a purchase of expensive equipment.  However, I will
be of no help to you there.  Perhaps one of my competitors can
steer you to one or more of there happy customers.



As for a cure for your Ankylosis Spondylitis, its is illegal to make
any health claims for a cure of anything by me.  That right is
strictly reserved for the gods in the white coats.  I have no experience 

with Ankylosis Spondylitis.  If it is caused by a micro infection, then

there is a chance my form of Rife type technology might be effective against it.  My ultrasound transducer head dose not have to be on every part of your spine to be effective against microbes in the spinal region.  The sound travels around the body once it enters the body.  You should be able to treat the whole
spine by using a couple or so locations/positions.




One of the main problems that cancer patients have is the bacterial
infection inside the tumor and the associated systemic infection in
the blood.  When cancers reach a certain size they begin to die in
their core do to very poor blood supply to the center of the tumor.
Cancer tumors induce fast capillary growth and blood supply to the
surface of the tumor, but it is not a well designed blood flow
system.  As the cancer continues to grow the blood supply to the
cancer central region becomes poorer and poorer.  A point in time is
reached where the tumor dies in the core and the normal bacteria
found in the blood take up residence at the dead meat site and begin
rapid division and production of toxic waste products, which poison
the entire body.  The bacteria spread throughout body blood supply
causing the immune system to go into 24/7 over time work until it is
exhausted and the patient dies.  My form of Rife type technology is
designed to go after and destroy the bacterial and other microbial
infections.  In the standard 45 minute treatment scan of my machine
the frequency of mechanical vibration goes from zero to several tens
of mega hertz.  All of the so called anti cancer frequencies are
included in this continuum frequency scan.  If any cancer cells are
harmed or killed during the scan I deeply apologies the the cancer
  I know how much they love money.



I have no specific Rife technology experience with dientamoeba
fragilis or entamoeba coli.  I can make no health claims by law.
If you have read through my web site you know my form of Rife type
technology was designed to go after or kill all forms of microbes
by the use of a very slowly changing frequency scan that over the
standard forty five minute scan covers the frequency range of zero
to several tens of millions of mechanical vibrations per second.
If you would like to see the treatment protocols that go with my
Ultra 10A unit, then send me your mailing address.  If you would
like to talk to me, then send me your phone number and good times
to call you.  



The molecular Enhanser produces broad band electromagnetic waves
that travel in the body and on the body surface.  By broad band, I
mean that a very wide frequency range of electrical oscillation
frequencies are generated.  A frequency range of from approximately
60 cycles per second (cps) to high mega hertz frequencies are

generated.  Some of this electromagnetic energy is converted to
ultrasound (mechanical vibration) of the same frequency of the
electromagnetic energy.  Some of this electrical and ultrasound
energy can be used by various body molecules to do useful
functions.  Also, some microbes can be disabled or killed by this
ultrasound spectra if it has frequencies in it that match the
microbe's  natural resonance frequencies.  The molecular Enhanser
also produces ozone and copious amounts of ions.  The IR light
emitted from meta stable oxygen molecules that come from ozone
decay is very anti-microbial and very useful in cellular ATP
production when this IR light is absorbed by enzymes the make ATP
the cell fuel.  This light also helps in oxygen transport across
the cell membrane.  The negatively charged oxygen molecules
generated at the surface of the Molecular Enhancer discharged tube
are absorbed by the lungs and acupuncture points and are used in the

body to help transport oxygen to the cells and maintain efficient
ATP production.  A high ATP production level is essential for proper  

cell function, cell repair and therefore tissue repair.
Also, a strong immune system requires large ATP produce.

My form of Rife technology uses a scanning through a rather wide
frequency range of sound/ultrasound to kill all forms of microbes,
including viruses.  During the standard forty five minute treatment
scan of my Ultra 10A unit, the frequency of sound/ultrasound goes
from zero to several tens of mega hertz.  All of the so called
Rife anti-cancer frequencies naturally occur in this scan.  You do
not have to know the frequency of the microbe or whatever you are
after, the scan automatically just comes across the frequency that
is needed.



Human cells are very different from and much bigger than bacteria and viruses.  Health human cells suffer transient disrupt from the exposure to the ultrasound scan, but can compensate for the disruption.  The viruses and bacteria generally rupture open when their primary resonance frequency is used and therefore can not compensate for the disruption.


What you are describing sounds like the condition know as tinnitus, which is usually associated with ear damage coming from prolonged exposure to intense sound levels, usually high frequency sound.  For example, jet engine mechanics who work around and on jet engines in operation.  Also, people who work in very loud industries or factories, i.e. foundries.  Sometimes people develop tinnitus after ear infections.  My Ultrasound unit does not produce anywhere near the power levels to cause tinnitus.  I have never had anybody ever report any hearing difficulties from my machine.  On the contrary, I have had people with tinnitus report a lessening to complete relieve from tinnitus after use of my machine.


First off, in the U.S. it is against the law to make any health claims for any technology that has not been approved as a cure for something by the powers that be.  As for my form of Rife technology, it is a scanning type of technology.  Over the standard 45 minute scan my machine produces frequencies of sound/ultrasound from zero to several tens of millions of mechanical vibrations per second.  All of the so called anti cancer frequencies claimed to be useful by the "underground" alternative health Rife type technologies are in my machine scan as a natural progression of frequency scanning.



I do not know what to make of your dog experience.  However, with the shingles and plantar warts I can help. My Ultra 10A and the 10B when operating as a 10A and set on the high frequency setting usually gives relief from shingles and other herpes viruses.  For best results set the timer for one hour and then add twenty more minutes to the timer after the machine has ran for twenty
plus minutes.  Sometime after 50 minutes into the treatment the transducer head may become a bit to warm and you will need to run the machine on cool down setting.  I have had a report of the Ultra 10A getting rid of plantar warts with continued use.  I do not know which setting high or low frequency was used.   



As for _________'s questions, I know of no frequency that regular speakers can transmit that will dissolve blood clots.  My Ultra 10A and 10B can dissolve blood clots, but the frequency to dissolve the clots seems to be up in the 15 to 20 mega hertz range.  From what you have stated so far I do not think there is any problem in using the Ultra 10B in scanning mode to treat the prostate problem.
I have dealt with several emphysema cases and have found in this limited sample that several treatments of both high and low frequency setting used on the hard cartilage of the wind pipe cleans the situation right up.  It is good to hear you are having similar results.



Dr. Robert O. Becker in his book, THE BODY ELECTRIC, discussed in detail how he was able to get fibroblast cells to go embryonic like and how these fibroblast cells were the probable cell type that the rat used to make embryonic like cells for re-growing its leg in Dr. Beckers experiments.  I have conducted my own experiments on fibroblast cell cultures using high intensity pulsed ringing magnetic fields.  I was able to get fibroblast cells to convert over to embryonic looking cells.  I then used this same high intensity pulsed ringing magnetic field to treat horses and other animals and empirically was apparently able to remove scar tissues and repair damaged tissue. 

As for Parkinson's Disease and substantia nigra region being fixed or repaired, yes that seems to be quite possible.  One of the owners of a horse we treated has Graves' Disease and several other health problems and took Eldopa to stimulate dopamine production in the substantia nigra region of the brain.  They treated themselves with the high intensity pulsed ringing magnetic field and now no longer need the Eldopa and have regained their muscle strength and control.  What actually happened in this individual is not known for sure; we can only speculate, but they are very happy with the result.  I have a picture of the high intensity pulsed ringing magnetic field device on my web site along with a brief discussion of how it is believed to work.  (Magnetic Pulse Device)



Yes, the signal strength does go down with increasing distance from the transducer head.  The higher the frequency component the more it is attenuated with distance from the transducer head.  However, Rife type phenomenon is more about resonance then power levels used.  Very weak signal levels compared to those used in normal physical therapy ultrasound units can easily kill off microbes as long as you are on the specific microbe resonance frequency.  Also, there are several locations on the body where the transducer can be placed which greatly facilitate the transport of the ultrasound to large portions of or the whole body.



People, including myself have had pretty good luck clearing up  Athlete's foot with my form of Rife technology.  However, it will  come back if you do not do other things or do not keep using my  machine.  These various funguses, including Athlete's foot, produce  spores that just lay around all over your environment just waiting  for the right conditions to occur for them to form a fungus again.   And inside your shoe is a great place for them.  I regularly put  vitamin E oil from a standard vitamin E 400 IU gel capsule in  between my three outer toes on both feet after I shower.  This stops  my Athlete's foot from coming back.  For some reason Athlete's foot  can not stand vitamin E oil.



     (Editor’s note: The small fraction of beneficial bacteria that are killed by the Rife unit (e.g. in the intestine), grow back very quickly; in a matter of hours. They are very hearty      as is witnessed in how fast they come back after being wiped out by antibiotics.)