By Gary Wade, Physicist



All the cells in your body are powered by a cell fuel molecule generated inside the cell's organelle called a mitochondrion. The cell fuel molecule is called adenosine triphosphate or ATP. Adequate ATP production by your body cells is required to maintain and repair all body tissues. Without adequate ATP production your immune system is weak and will falter. Without adequate ATP production you have no get up and go. You are always tired and lethargic. The ATP is mainly generated inside the cell mitochondrion by a set of enzymes that form what is called the Respiratory Chain.


In the Respiratory Chain, one enzyme in the reaction chain grabs the glucose molecule first and reacts it with an oxygen molecule and absorbs the reaction energy to make ATP. Also, two electrons are removed from hydrogen atoms on molecules associated with the respiratory chain reaction and are used by these enzymes to facilitate the oxidation reaction. These electrons along with what is left of the glucose molecule are passed on to the next enzyme in the Respiratory Chain. This process of oxidation reaction, use of oxidation reaction energy to make ATP, and the passing along of the two electrons with what is left of the glucose molecule continues until nothing is left of the glucose molecule and the two electrons leave in the final by products of the oxidation reactions. You can read and study all the details of the Respiratory Chain in biology textbooks. However, there is a subtle error or omission in the Respiratory Chain as depicted in the textbooks. That error or omission is that it is always assumed that one enzyme always successfully passes both electrons along to the next enzyme in the reaction chain. In the real world crap happens and sometimes something goes wrong and one of the enzymes fumbles and loses one of the electrons. If the next enzyme in the reaction chain does not have both electrons, the oxidation reaction cannot occur and no further ATP production can occur until that lost electron is replaced. The lost electron is replaced or supplied by negatively charged oxygen molecules that have an extra electron to donate. This negatively charged oxygen molecule complexes with the enzyme that is short one electron and donates its electron during the oxidation reaction and thereby keeping the ATP production moving along smoothly and efficiently. In mammals (humans) the negatively charged oxygen molecules are obtained from the air by the acupuncture points and distributed throughout the body by the meridian system (see Figure 1).


The acupuncture points are small regions on the body surface, which are approximately 1mm in diameter. The acupuncture point region is usually charged up to around +5 to +10 volts, if there is no electrical discharge load on it, such as a standard high impedance voltmeter. When the potential at the acupuncture point is measured relative to the voltage potential at the brachial plexus with the standard available high impedance voltmeters, the voltage on the point drops to the one-volt range. These acupuncture point regions are constructed as illustrated in Figure 2. They consist of a series of tubes with the tube wall one cell thick. These tubes are butted up against each other forming a larger cross sectional tube structure at the skin surface, which is called the acupuncture point. To illustrate just how important negative oxygen molecule ions along with acupuncture points/meridian system are consider an experiment conducted by D. A. Lapitsky. Lapitsky placed small animals in a chamber with air of an abnormally low oxygen level. As the animals passed out and were about to die from asphyxiation, he turned on negative ion generators in the chamber, which generated negatively charged oxygen molecule ions. The animals became conscious, set up, sniffed the air, and began to run around the chamber. When the negative ion generators were again turned off the animals soon passed out again. I highly recommend that you read the book THE ION EFFECT by Fred Soyka with Alan Edmonds (ISBN # 0‑553‑20755‑5) and see page 52 for D. A. Lapitsky experiment.


The negatively charged oxygen molecules are generated by several processes. However, the main ion generation process is radioactive decay of various isotopes in materials at the surface of the earth. When relatively high-energy charged particles are emitted from the radioactive decay process, these charged particles generate through collisions thousands of ion pairs (both positive and negative) per centimeter of travel through the air. This radioactive decay process causes there to be several hundred to several thousand of these ions per cubic centimeter of air near the surface of the earth. The dominate negative ion form is the negatively charged oxygen molecule. The dominate positive ion form is the positively charged carbon dioxide molecule, which plants take in through their stomata on the bottom side of their leaves.


Since the planet earth surface has a net negative voltage of 220,000 volts and the bottom of the ionosphere has a net positive voltage of 220,000 volts, there exist a 444,000 volt potential difference between the earth surface and the ionosphere. Negatively charged ions such as negatively charged oxygen molecules drift upward toward the ionosphere. Positively charged ions such as positively charged carbon dioxide molecules collect at the surface of the earth. For mammals (humans) to collect some of the negative oxygen molecule ions as they drift upward toward the ionosphere, the human body creates a positive and a negative side of the body about a vertical center line and reverses the polarity about every 15 to 20 minutes (see Figure 3). Supper imposed on these body voltage polarities are significant voltage gradients where the further you are from the centerline of the body, the more negative (less positive) the electrical voltage potential is. As the negative ions drift upward near the human body, the positive half of the body attracts the negative ions into the skin surface area. The voltage gradient moves the negative oxygen molecule ions along the skin surface until they are drawn into one of the relatively high positive voltage regions of the acupuncture points where they are taken into the meridian system and distributed throughout the body to help in oxygen transport from inside the capillary to outside the tissue cell membranes and then assisting in the transport of oxygen in the form of a calcium ion complexed with a oxygen molecular cluster across cell membranes and finally through electron donation keeping the Respiratory Chain working smoothly and efficiently providing the all important ATP production at a level required for good health in general.


The Oxygen Ion Energizer is a simple device designed to charge the human body up to a significant positive voltage potential relative to earth ground potential, but with no danger of electrical shock. The Oxygen Ion Energizer when used in conjunction with a negative ion generator can supply the human body with copious amounts of usable negative oxygen molecule ions to carry out all the functions discussed above to support ATP production and good health. The Oxygen Ion Energizer consists of (see Figure 4) a small box which plugs into a standard wall plug and has a wire cable which attaches to either or both a electrically conductive bed sheet which fits under a regular bed sheet or attaches to a special electrically conductive pillow case which fits inside a regular pillow case for your bed pillow. By lying on your bed sheet and or pillow case while sleeping, your body is bathed in the negative ions drawn in by the positive charge on the sheet and or pillow case (Beta version of energizer is available at this time but without sheet and pillow material. This is being researched and will be available soon. In the meantime, the energizer can be attached to a metal wrist watch or simple taped to the arm/wrist for full benefit along with the ions) while at the same time your body can also be trickled charged up to the same positive potential to draw negative ions to it. To greatly enhance your body's ability to acquire negative oxygen molecule ions, a negative ion generator can be used along with the Oxygen Ion Energizer to be placed in your bedroom.