by  Gary  Wade,  Physicist



Editor’s Note:  The interview was done in the interests of clarification for those of us who are lay persons and are interested in knowing why and how magnetic fields affect the body. For more information on pulsed magnetic therapy please see Source Article



CB: You say that magnets affect the water molecules in the blood plasma causing them to vibrate.


GW: Yes, the ultra sound generated by interaction of the moving blood plasma across the magnetic field can destroy a microbe.


CB: Do you mean then that microbes are the cause of many of our illnesses?


GW: Yes, since microbes are inherently part of life, an imbalance or overgrowth in any one of the microbial families can cause havoc in human and animal bodies.


CB: Is it necessary to project different levels of intensity for different forms of microbes?


GW: Yes, there are various forms of microbes that respond to individual vibrational levels from low to high.


CB: When we talk about microbes you mean, of course, viruses, bacterias and fungi.


GW: Yes, plus protozoa and rickettsias—these are the main cuprits I’d say.


CB: Are we correct to imagine that as the blood plasma moves across the magnetic field, oscillation is created which ruptures the interlocking protein clump rings, thereby rupturing the viruse’s outer coat, which is known as the capsid?


GW: Yes, that’s essentially correct.  However, it should be noted that every virus has its own particular set of frequencies of vibration that destroys its capsid.


CB: Why do some practitioners of the healing magnetic art use the positive side and other the negative side of the magnetic field?


GW: Their claims seem to be based on empirical results.  However, with further research by scientists, I suspect that a difference in the way enzymes work in the presence of a north or south pole will be observed.  This is all speculative because the research has not yet been done.


CB: Do you think its important for people to become self sufficient to the greatest extent possible with regard to their wellness/


GW: Absolutely.  Orthodox medicine is commonly 10-50 years behind in implementation of research results and the pharmaceutical/FDA/AMA type organizations must suppress technologies that threaten the profit centers of the status quo.  After all, sickness care is big business.




     For some years now new age health practitioners have been using permanent magnets for the treatment of various microbial associated afflictions.  They have been making some rather strong claims of successful treatment.  When I have questioned such practitioners of magnet therapy they invariably can not supply any technical or accepted scientific reason for their apparent empirical treatment successes.  In this article I will explain some aspects of how  and why the treatment works using standard physics results in concert with the experimental research work of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife.(1,2)   The short parcel answer to why permanent  magnet therapy works has two parts.  First, the arterial and veinal blood flow in the presence of a magnetic field causes the generation of broad band ultrasound by water molecules and ions in the blood plasma.  Second, Dr. Rife found that each microbe type has its own specific frequency of ultrasound which will destroy it.(3)   Furthermore, the required intensity of the ultrasound to destroy the microbe at the required specific frequency for that microbe of interest, is ultra ultra low  ( ~ 10-16  watts / meter squared ).(4)   In other words the ultrasound generated by the interaction of the magnetic field with the person's blood flow can destroy a microbe, if the ultrasound frequency that the microbe is susceptible to is one of the frequencies of ultrasound generated and is at a sufficient intensity level. 


     Figure 1  illustrates the magnetic field of a flat wafer shaped dipole permanent magnet.  The magnetic field is invisible and only manifests itself by its effects on electric current flow and magnetically effected materials.  However, we are visually oriented creatures and like to visualize things in order to think about them.  Fortunately the magnetic field  associate with common dipole permanent magnets allows for a easy visual representation.  You can "see" the magnetic field by the use of diagrams which use the concept of lines of flux.  Such a diagram is shown in Figure 1, for a simple dipole wafer shaped permanent magnet.  Figure 1 shows a cross-sectional view of the flux lines for a plane cut through the middle of the dipole wafer magnet.  The significance of the lines of flux diagram is in the spacing distance between the adjacent lines.  The larger the spacing, the weaker the magnetic field strength.  The relative strength of the magnetic field at points a, b, and c in Figure 1 is the same as the relative distances between the flux lines shown.  The direction of the magnetic field at a point is parallel to the tangent of the flux line at that point.  Figure 2 shows a dipole wafer permanent magnet placed on the "patient's" skin.  The nature of the human blood circulatory system is such that with a one inch in diameter wafer magnet there are dozens to hundred of arterioles and veinules within a quarter inch depth under the skin/wafer surface.  In other words there are plenty of potential ultra sound source zones over the entire body surface.  To understand how relative motion between the magnetic field and water molecules or ions in the blood flow can generate ultrasound we need to see how charged particles react with mixed electric and magnetic fields.  Figure 3 shows the motion of both a positive and a negative charged particle in a uniform electric and magnetic fields which are at right angles to each other.  Though the physic theory and mathematics behind the goings on in Figure 3 are beyond most readers educational experience, the results are simple to understand when explained.  I will explain Figure 3 and hopefully verify my above statement for the laymen.  The uniformly spaced circles with X's in them ( lines of flux or field lines ) represent a uniform magnetic field going directly into the plane of the page.  For example the type of magnetic field you would have if the flat face of the north pole of the dipole wafer permanent magnet were laying on the page at that location.  The uniformly spaced parallel arrows in the plane of the page labeled E , which are at right angles to the magnetic field, are representative of an electric field.  Electric fields like magnetic fields are invisible, but similar to magnetic fields can be visually represented by electric field lines.  When the electric field lines are uniformly spaced and parallel as they are in Figure 3, this represents a uniform electric field of constant strength.  Such an electric field can be generated between two parallel metal plates, where the two plates have been given equal magnitude net charges, one of a negative charge ( excess electrons ) and the other a positive charge ( electron deficiency ).  Now it is an experimental fact and a mathematically derivable conclusion that both positively and negatively charged particles will execute the type of motion depicted in Figure 3, when placed in the type of crossed electric and magnetic fields depicted in Figure 3.  Furthermore, we see that the charged particles have a repetitive or cyclic motion.  In fact they have a well defined frequency of repetitiveness given by:


        F  =  ( Q ) ( B ) /  ( 2---) ( M )  ;                            Equation 1


where F is the number of half circle arcs executed by the charged particle per second , Q is the magnitude of the  charge on the particle ( ion ),  B is the absolute value of  the magnetic field strength, and M is the mass of the charged particle.  The charged particles depicted in Figure 3  are free to move in their cyclic motion without collisions / interactions with other particles.  This is not the case in general for  ions in blood plasma.  Because of the extreme compactness of the molecules in blood plasma, which  consists mainly of water,  the cyclic motion depicted in Figure 3  can only occur when the cyclic repeat distance  L  of  the ion of Figure 3  is approximately half the diameter of the blood plasma ion or smaller.  To make ultrasound in blood plasma by this cyclic motion we need weak interaction between the ion and other blood plasma molecules.  Detailed calculations for  L   where only weak interaction with other molecules occur as applies to ions in blood plasma flowing in the presence of a magnetic field gives:


        L =  ( C V sin w ) / B  ;                                                                                       Equation  2    


where  V is the magnitude of the velocity of the blood plasma flow relative to the magnetic field B,  w is the angle between the direction of the blood flow and the direction of the magnetic field and  C  is a constant   ( C =   (2--- M) / 80 Q  ).  Now looking back at Figure 2  we see that B, V and w  can take on a large  combination of continuous sets of values depending on just where in the blood flow system we are looking   (  0< sin w <1 ,   0 <  V  <  Vmax ).   What equation  2  tells us is:  Go to any point in the blood plasma flow,  and the values of B, C, V, and w at that point determine the size (L) of the ion cyclic displacement as it produces ultrasound of mainly a frequency given by equation 1.   As long as the given L  from equation  2  is  smaller than approximately half the ion's diameter , the ion will be an effective ultrasound producer.  Human blood plasma contains eight major ion types, which can produce ultrasound when exposed to a magnetic field.

     Now imagine that the positive and negative particles in Figure 3 are elastically coupled together so that they can not escape from each other.  You now have what is known as a charge dipole.   As long as the charges are not rigidly coupled together they will still have a tendency to  execute the cyclic motion, only now there will be more stringent constraints on the amplitude of oscillation (" half circle" displacement ).  Well just such a charge dipole is a water molecule.  A water molecule contains two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom.  The oxygen atom has the two electrons associated with the hydrogen atoms in it immediate vicinity 80+ % plus of the time.  This  "hogging" of the hydrogen electrons makes the oxygen atom effectively negative in charge and leaves the hydrogen atoms deficit in electron charge and therefor effectively positive in charge.  The water molecule however is a quantum mechanical system and can only exhibit discrete ( quantized) oscillation modes.   If a  isolated water molecule is placed in a crossed electric and magnetic field as shown in Figure 3,  the water molecule will produce  oscillatory motions of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms only at quantized values and only at relatively very high values for both the magnetic and electric fields.   If the water molecule is in  liquid water it can still only execute quantized oscillation modes, however now the available number of oscillation modes are very large, very closely spaced together in energy values, and effectively start at zero frequency and zero energy.  The reason for the change in available oscillation modes ( states) is that water on an ultra microscopic size scale behaves like a crystalline solid.   Crystalline solids have phonons, which are quanitized vibration modes of the crystal .   These quantized vibrations travel through the crystal structure at the speed of sound for that particular  crystal.  Phonons can be thought of as quantized pieces of sound.  The crossed electric and magnetic field of Figure 3 can now couple their field energy into the production of phonons in liquid water.   The formula (Equation 1) for the oscillation frequencies of free hydrogen and free oxygen atomic ions is to a good first approximation the same as that for the maximum frequencies of the phonons generated in the water by the crossed electric and magnetic fields.  The reader may now be wondering where did the electric field used in Figure 3 to explain how ultrasound could be generated in a situation as depicted in Figure 2 come from.  The answer is, it is an experimental fact that when you move relative to and at an angle to the direction of a stationary magnetic field, you experience an electric field along with the magnetic field.  Furthermore, this induced electric field is at right angles to both your velocity direction and the direction of the magnetic field.  In other words the relative motion to a stationary magnetic field generates an associated electric field at right angles to the magnetic field just as depicted in Figure 3.  Therefor ions and water molecules being carried by the blood flow and moving relative to the stationary magnetic field in Figure 2 experience a crossed electric and magnetic field as depicted in Figure 3.  Both the hydrogen and oxygen atoms, which have an effective net charge in the water molecule execute quanitized bursts of cyclic motion.  When these quanitized bursts of cyclic motion take place in a highly compact and physically connected medium such as water or blood plasma, it produces ultrasound.


     To get some idea of the ultrasound frequency range generated by this process, let M be the mass of a proton ( essentially all the mass of an hydrogen atom ), Q be 80 % the charge of an electron , but of a positive sign, and B be .2 webers/meter squared at the magnet pole face, a common value for strong ceramic magnets.  Putting these values into Equation 1, we obtain for the maximum ultrasound frequency, 2.54   X   106  cycles per second.  Now note as you go away from the magnet pole face ( going deeper into the body ) the magnetic field strength drops off quickly, and therefor so does the frequency of ultrasound generated since we see from Equation 1 that the frequency is directly proportional to the strength of the magnetic field.  In other words  a continuum of ultrasound frequencies starting at the maximum frequency and going to zero frequency is generated in the body tissue under the magnet pole face.  Of coarse we could have chosen a permanent magnet or an electro-magnet which is the state of the art of technology and achieved several times higher maximum frequency for the continuum of ultrasound frequencies generated.


     To see how the ultrasound generated by the interaction of a magnetic field with blood flow can destroy a virus we will examine the outer protein coat ( capsid ) structure of a virus.  Most viruses of interest which cause diseases in plants and animals have an icosahedral capsid structure as illustrated in Figure 4A and B.  A specific example of this icosahedral capsid structure is illustrated in Figure 5.  Each dark circle represents a spherical protein molecule clump.  When the virus capsid of Figure 5 is folded together as indicated in Figure 4A and B, a simple virus capsid model has been formed.  Examination of this capsid model shows a large number of intersecting and overlapping closed rings of protein molecule clumps.  These closed rings of periodically spaced protein clumps are illustrated in Figure 6A,B,C, and D.  In classical physics when studying standing wave phenomenon the periodically spaced protein clumps as illustrated in Figure 6A,B,C, and D are known as the mass beads on a string problem with circular boundary conditions.  Figures 7A,B, and C  illustrate this classical physics problem for the ten member protein clump ring.  Figures 8A and B illustrate one of the standing wave motion modes which the closed periodically spaced protein clump ring of Figures 6A can sustain.  Figure 8A shows a ten member protein clump ring linearized for ease of graphing wave motion displacement of the center of the protein clumps from their equilibrium position.  Figure 8B shows the most stressful oscillation mode for the ten member protein clump ring.  In this oscillation mode adjacent protein molecule clumps are always going in opposite directions and therefor putting maximum stress on where they are bonded together.  If this oscillation mode is raised to a high enough displacement amplitude the ring will rupture.  If enough rings are ruptured, the virus capsid disintegrates and the virus is destroyed.. 


     It is important to construct a virus capsid model to get a full and clear appreciation of how susceptible a virus is to ultrasound of its resonance frequency(ies).  Here are the instructions for assembly of the virus coat in Figure 5.  First go to a copy machine and enlarge the figure 122% two or three times.  This will give almost a page full of virus coat.  Second, make another copy of the last enlargement onto thin cardboard copy paper.  You may have to look around to find the right copy machine for this.  Third, cut out all dashed lines on the cardboard copy.  You should now have something that looks like Figure 4A except for extra tabs for gluing the model together.  I have found that Elmer's Glue All works well.  Fourth, taking a straight edge ruler and lining its edge up congruent with all of the equilateral triangle facet edges as those shown in Figure 4A, fold the cardboard over the ruler edge until a 90 degree fold angle is achieved, while folding away from the faces shown in Figure 5.  Be sure to fold all of the glue tabs this way also.  Fifth,   begin gluing adjacent tabs flush together.  It may prove helpful to use scotch tape to tape the adjacent faces together after gluing while waiting for the glue to set.  Also strong alligator clips are useful in holding the glued tabs together while the glue sets up.  Have fun and may the glue be with you.


     The common virus capsid coat was chosen to show how ultrasound generated standing waves can destroy a microbe which has closed on themselves periodically spaced protein clump structures.  Bacteria, protozoa, rickettias, and fungi all have these closed on themselves periodically spaced protein clump structures in their outer structure which makes them susceptible to destruction by ultrasound.  In our present circumstances where antibiotic resistant bacteria are about to become rampant, and  anti-viral drugs are largely still just a bio-tech dream, it is time to know of ways to treat yourself, if the medical establishment has no viable answers  or you must wait until you die while the FDA gets around to approving a viable treatment, which has been known and well documented for many years by honest competent researchers.


      Advancements in electronics have made a much more efficient and vastly more powerful replacement for the permanent magnet method of ultrasound  generation to kill microbes.  Namely, the piezo-electric transducer, driven by an appropriate signal function generator as can be purchased in any electronic test equipment store.  By merely applying a triangle voltage wave form from the function generator to the piezo-electric transducer, pressure square waves are produced by the transducer.  These pressure square waves have effectively hidden in them an infinite set of sine wave pressure waves of frequencies equal to odd integer multiples of the frequency of the triangle voltage wave.  By very slowly varying the frequency of the triangle voltage wave form from its lowest to its highest value on the function generator, a set of pressure sine waves is generated by the transducer , which covers a frequency range of two hundred thousand to twenty million plus cycles per second for most commonly available function generators.  This ultrasound frequency range is sufficient to kill the vast majority of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and rickettias known.  With most function generators the application of a very slowly varying  o to +10 volts  or 0 to -10 volts to the voltage controlled frequency ( VCF) input will vary the triangle voltage wave frequency over its entire range.    


     There are still many reported empirical effects / results of the new age healers using dipole permenate magnets, which I have not been able to verify or explain yet.  However, I feel confident that once scientists begin to take these effects / reported empirical results seriously and then do serious experiments / calculations on the effects of strong magnetic fields from dipole permenate magnets on enzyme chemistry and cell physiology, that many of these effects / results will be put on strong theoretical ground.  One of the most interesting reported empirical results is that the magnetic north pole must be face down on the skin over the infected area for the treatment of infections and cancer to work.  Furthermore, if the other magnetic pole ( south pole ) is face down on the skin it supposedly often worsens the condition.  However, when I tested a magnet used by a new age healer at a recent health show I found that he was treating infections with the south magnetic pole down on the skin.  So, I find this aspect a point of confusion needing resolution.


     One point I would like this article to make is that just because some authority figure or organization or government bureaucracy says that some treatment or product or whatever is of no value because there is no scientific evidence to support the reported empirical results, it does not matter, their opinion when based on ignorance, self / vested interest, and stupidity is no more valid than yours or mine when our opinions are based on a similar foundation.     It should also be clearly noted that authority figures, government bureaucrats, organization PR personnel all commonly lie to the general public.  And in my opinion this is something we should begin to punish them serverly for doing.  Perhaps, knowingly lying to the public about a substantive issue should be made a mistimeaner that carries a mandatory ten day jail term plus a stiff fine.




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