by Gary Wade,Physicist and Research Director
of the American Institute of Rehabilitation,

How is your health? How is the health of your friends and loved ones? Are you and or your employer paying enough on the health insurance for you and your family? Are you at all concerned that bacteria all over the planet are rapidly becoming resistant to all antibiotics. Are you concerned that at the present rate of development of bacteria antibiotic resistance we will effectively be back in the pre-antibiotic era in just a few years? We now have different types and strains of bacteria all around the world that are only treatable with a single type of antibiotic and these bacteria are becoming resistant to this single antibiotic and there are no new antibiotic types in the research pipeline to use when these bacteria become totally resistant!

How would your friends, your family, and you like to be free from essentially all microbe (bacteria, viruses, fungus, and one cell organisms) caused disease and illness without the use of antibiotics?And this includes many degenerative conditions and diseases you and your doctor probably do not consider microbial in origin.�� How would you like half of what you are paying for health insurance put back in your pocket?What could or would your employer do with all that money?The technologies are available right now to be free of microbe caused and associated disease and illness. These technologies are in expensive, fast acting, and generally safe.This article will describe and explain how some of these technologies work and where you can find out more about them.Also, we will look at why your doctor probably does not have this technology in his practice.

As the title, Vibratory Energy Medicine suggests this article will focus on the use of energies of a vibratory nature to treat microbial infection and to produce other health beneficial effects.During the nineteen 20�s and 30�s Dr. Royal Raymond Rife developed two new technologies. One the Rife microscope and the other the Rife frequency instrument. The Rife microscope allowed Dr. Rife to see down to the level of viruses using visible light while the specimen was "alive" in it�s natural state.(ref.1,2) Rife was able to see viruses with visible light because he had found an optical assembly to overcome Fraunhofer diffraction phenomena which stops the best currently available optical microscopes from seeing anywhere near the virus level. (ref.3) Dr. Rife along with other researchers who used his microscopes were able to identify the different microbes associated with many diseases and illnesses. While observing these various microbes with his microscope Dr. Rife used his frequency instrument to produce specific frequencies of ultrasound which would destroy these microbes. Dr. Rife found that every microbe he encountered had at least one frequency of ultrasound (mechanical shaking) that destroyed it very easily. By 1939 Dr. Rife had found the lethal ultrasound frequencies for the microbes associated with 52 major diseases. Furthermore, all of his work had been verified by a series of clinical trials carried out in 1934, 1935, and 1937 by the Special Medical Research Committee of the University of Southern California. (ref. 4)

One of the reasons each specific microbe type is apparently susceptible to destruction by a specific ultrasound frequency (mechanical shaking rate) is the existence of periodically spaced, often closed on themselves, and elastically coupled together protein clump structures in these microbes. These structures play a vital part in the functioning and life cycle of the microbe and if they are destroyed and or significantly damaged the microbe can not survive and or propagate itself.By the very nature of their construction, these periodic protein clump structures are very susceptible to destruction by specific ultrasound frequencies (mechanical shaking rates). As a specific example consider Figures 1A, 1B and Figures 1C, and 1D of a virus coat. This is the protein coat which encloses the virus genetic material and associated enzymes / proteins. Approximately half the virus types that cause disease or illness in plants and animals have an outer capsid coat as depicted in Figures 1A and 1B. That is a capsid coat made up of twenty identical equilateral triangular protein clump segments which fold together into an icosahedral (Figure 1B). Figures 1C and 1D show two specific very simple examples of capsid coats where the black balls represent single large spheroidal protein molecules (clumps). When these specific examples of Figures 1C and 1D are folded together as in Figure 1B and examined, it is seen that the protein molecules form periodically spaced and closed on themselves structures as illustrated inFigures 2A and 2B. These structures can support and go into resonance with specific frequencies of mechanical vibration. Figure 3A shows the center of each protein molecule of the ten member protein ring of Figure 2A laid out in a linear fashion for ease of graphing some of the wave motions (resonate oscillation modes) that it can support (resonate with).Figures 3B, C, and Dillustrate some of the resonate oscillation modes. Figure 3B is the most stressful and potentially damaging oscillation mode; The reason being that all adjacent protein molecules are always moving in the opposite direction to each other which puts maximum stress on where these molecules are connected (bonded) together. These bonding regions are usually made up of mostly weak hydrogen bonds with occasional covalent chemical bonds. The bonding between clumps is weak and if the oscillation amplitude builds high enough the bonds will rip apart and the structure will be destroyed. Rife would sometimes literally see viruses explode like little bombs when he exposed them to their resonate mechanical oscillation frequency. You should now have a conceptual frame work or feel for why it is easy to destroy any microbe when you expose it to one of it�s fundamental mechanical oscillation modes.

Once you have it firmly in your mind that every microbe can be easily destroyed by it�s own specific mechanical shaking rate (resonance frequency(ies)), the important questions become: 1)What are the specific mechanical vibration frequencies for specific microbes, and 2)How do I generate these mechanical vibration frequencies.Over the last century several researchers and inventors have tried to answer versions of these two questions with various degrees of success.Dr. Rife was the most successful in this endeavor.However, several other notable people and their work need to be mentioned.

A quick, very abbreviated historical overview of the work of these notable pioneers is in order.Nickola Tesla in the 1890�s noted curative effects on various conditions when using high frequency electrical oscillation circuits. Georges Lakhovsky during the early to middle part of the last century produced various broad band multiple wave oscillator circuits that similarly to Tesla�s circuits produced broad band (wide spectrum of frequencies) ultrasound in human tissue.(ref. 5)Despite the considerable success of Lakhovsky�s multiple wave oscillators in curing many microbial diseases and cancers, it�s use was suppressed and outlawed by efforts of the AMA under the leadership of one Morris Fishbein, M.D.. Dr. Albert Abrams, also in the first part of the last century, developed various electrical oscillation circuits that supplied electrodes connected to the human body with complex voltage oscillation patterns that produced broad band ultrasound in human tissue.(ref. 6)Despite the considerable success of Abrams� circuits, their use was also suppressed and outlawed by the efforts of the AMA under the leadership of Morris Fishbein, M.D..The AMA under the total control of Morris Fishbein was able to suppress and outlaw essentially all drug alternative electro-medicine technologies that were of any real value and competition to the drug industry.Because of this tens of millions of people in the U.S. alone have needlessly suffered horrendous misery and pain and premature death,while at the same time having themselves and their families financially ruined by our(?) current corrupt medical system.To this day the AMA and its corrupt government ally, the FDA, have effectively suppressed the general implementation of effective electro-medicine technologies.Their actions have protected the annual tens upon tens of billions of dollars of profits for drug companies and the medical industry in general.This also keeps you going to pay the doctor�s office visit cost to get the all important drug prescription that may or may not "cure" the problem.You are their cash cow. Can you say moo ?

By the beginning of the latter half of the last century, after the AMA had succeeded in suppressing electro-medicine, several other people came to public attention with other electro-medical vibratory devices.One of the most notable persons was John Crane, an associate and business partner of Dr. Rife during the last twenty years of Rife�s life.John Crane popularized the use of electrodes applying a voltage square wave to the human body. Crane�s voltage square wave generator when tuned to specific frequencies was able to achieve many of the curative results as Rife frequency instrument.As with the other pioneers before him John Crane and his voltage square wave technology was suppressed by the AMA and FDA and is only used quietly today in what might be called the underground alternative health movement.Since John Crane, others have come forward with essentially "spin- offs" on the voltage square wave applied to the skin by electrodes method.Some devices use high voltage surges applied to the body through inert gas discharge tubes.

Another type of pulsed magnetic field device which also produces broad band ultrasound among other phenomenon in human tissue has been popularized by Dr. Bob Beck.This type of device uses a coil of wire through which a high voltage capacitor is rapidly discharged.In private research done at a New Port Beach hospital this pulsed magnetic field device in combination with another low frequency voltage square wave electrode device has been successful in lowering PCR viral load counts in AIDS patients from over several hundred thousands per ml to 250 per ml (test noise level). These patients became free of the clinical symptoms of AIDS.Even though these results were consistent in the approximately one hundred test subjects, no supposedly reputable main stream medical journal will publish the story of the test results.

I have been working on the technical aspects of Dr. Rife�s and the others� work for some ten years now. Putting all modesty aside, I have had great success in explaining the technical aspects of all of their work.As a result,I have built many experimental treatment units, which generate ultrasound directly using a piezoelectric transducer. These units, which I build under a commissioning agreement for experimenters, use a sort of "shotgun" approach to destroying microbes. By slowly scanning through the entire ultrasound frequency range that Rife used and then some, these ultrasound units have been able to alleviate a large number of conditions. Please, note that regardless of the facts, under the law, I am not allowed to make any medical claims.

Let us consider some of the physical phenomena that occur to produce ultrasound and other effects in human tissue when using some of these vibratory energy medicine devices. Since this publication is being written for the general public we will try not to be overly technical here. I will just state the facts / situation and if you want more detailed technical information you can read my technical information posted on the referenced internet web sites.(RifeTech)

Electrodes Using Voltage Square Waves - Applying a voltage square wave to the bare skin using two electrodes means one electrode is at a relative positive voltage and the other is at a relative negative voltage and periodically the two electrodes switch polarity back and forth.Several things happen to the tissue which is exposed to a voltage square wave. 1)During the polarity switch sonic pings of very short time duration are generated in the dead skin layer.These sonic pings have very high frequency ultrasound components associated with them and by adjusting the ping rate (square wave frequency) a particular ultrasound frequency can be enhanced which will destroy a particular microbe. 2)During polarity switch the charged salt ions of your body fluid reorganize their positions and concentrations just under the dead skin layer adjacent to the electrode.This reorganization process generates charge density waves of the various ion type present and these charge density wave travel away from the skin surface into the body.A charge density wave is a moving ion concentration excess or depletion of an ion type. These charge density waves have an electric field which interacts with charged structures such as the dipole charge layers on all of your body cells.As these charge density waves pass through your body they vibrate all of your cell membranes and produce broad band ultrasound which can destroy microbes.Furthermore, if the electric field of the charge density wave is strong enough it can alter the structure of delicate proteins on the surfaces of virus capsid coats and bacteria.These proteins are essential for the virus to attach itself to its target cells.If the shape of these proteins are changed the virus can not attach to its target cell and is effectively dead.These charge density waves can be used to deactivate most snake venom which are in general delicate protein structures.(ref. 7) 3)The electric current flowing in the tissue from the applied electrode voltage has an electric field associated with it.This electric field places a force on charged particles and charged structures in the tissue.Since this electric field changes its direction periodically, it generates periodic forces, which generate periodic mechanical vibration.The frequencies of mechanical vibration generated are odd multiples (1,3,5,7�) of the voltage square wave frequency.So,if one of these frequencies closely matches the lethal ultrasound frequency of a particular microbe, it can be destroyed.(Some Rife benefits)

Pulsed High Intensity Magnetic Fields - When the ionic fluid of your body is exposed to a pulsed high intensity magnetic field, broad band ultrasound is generated.This ultrasound travels throughout your body and destroys microbes.The mechanism of ultrasound generation is the oscillating cycloid motion of charged particles in your body fluids.This oscillating motion is generated by the interaction of charged particles with both the magnetic field and the electric field generated by the magnetic field changing strength with time.(ref. 8,9)�� It should also be noted that charge density waves are generated by a pulsed magnetic field.

One other phenomenon should be mentioned before we end this article.That is,my associates and I have found that each type of ion gate on our cell membranes has its own specific mechanical vibration rate which makes it leaky (open up).This has profound implications in that much of a cell�s activity is determined by messenger compounds sent to control ion type flow through the cell membrane.We will be able to control cell activity with the specific use and sequencing of sound frequency exposure. As a simple specific example, consider the "alternative health" known experimental fact that exposing some cancer tumors types to a pressure square wave of 2127 cycles per second can kill them.The probable reason for this becomes easy to understand when you consider the fact that cancers generally have rather abnormal ion concentrations inside their cells;(For example, twenty five times higher concentrations of potassium ions than normal cells.).�� A pressure square wave has sinusoid sound wave components which are odd multiples (1,3,5,7, �) of the square wave frequency.�� So, if one or more of the odd multiples of (2127) cycles per second closely matches one of the major ion gate mechanical vibration frequencies, that ion gate will open up and that ion type will either flood into or out of the cell depending on whether that ion is positive or negative in charge respectively.All living cells, including cancer cells, must maintain a certain minimum separation or displacement of charged ions across the cell membrane to live.The cell does this by pumping certain ions such as sodium to the outside of the cell. If suddenly a major ion gate type is opened up and the cell is either flooded with this positive type of ion or a negative ion (i.e. chlorine ion) rapidly leaves, the cell may be unable to pump the ions out or in fast enough to regain the needed charge separation across the cell membrane and will die.This is what I believe happens to the cancer cells.However, normal cells can compensate.WARNING DO NOT USE A 2127 CYCLES PER SECOND PRESSURE SQUARE WAVE TO TREAT A CANCER TUMOR WITHOUT KNOWING THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN EXPOSURE TIME AND INTENSITY LEVEL. A TUMOR SHOULD ONLY BE KILLED OFF SLOWLY IN STAGES, LIKE RIFE DID, TO AVOID DEADLY COMPLICATIONS.�� Also by AB 1707.1it is illegal in California to treat cancer with anything other then: 1) whole body poisoning which generally weakens and damages the immune system, 2) massive carcinogenic in nature radiation damage, which also generally weakens and damages the immune system and 3) disfiguring and often debilitating surgery. Can you say moo?

Conclusion - The medicine of the future will be dominated by vibratory energy technologies. You need to educate yourself about these technologies and spread the word to others so that the general public will demand safe, inexpensive, and effective health / illness care. It is time to take back your right to the type of treatment you want, not the treatment chosen for you by vested monopoly like interests .Stop saying moo. You are not cattle, if you choose not to be herded.


Gary Wade is currently the Research Director of the American Institute of Rehabilitation and can be reached e-mail at:





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