by Gary Wade, Physicist, May 1997

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Almost all animals on earth synthesize their own vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) from their blood sugar glucose and do not need it in their diet.The few exceptions are humans, other primates, guinea pigs, the red-vented bulbul, the Indian fruit eating bat, the rainbow trout and the Coho salmon. It is interesting to note that humans are missing just one of the enzymes in the sequence of enzymes required to transform blood glucose into vitamin C . Perhaps we still posses the genetic code for this missing enzyme, but we are unable to access it. Judging from the amount of vitamin C synthesized per day by common animals the average person is grossly under-supplied in their daily vitamin C intake. For example when vitamin C needs are given in mg / kg / day we have Goat ( 32 to 190 mg/kg/day ), Cow ( 15 to 18 ), Sheep ( 25 ), Rat ( 39 to198 ), Mouse (33 to 275 ), Squirrel ( 28 ), Gerbil ( 25 ), Rabbit ( 22 to 226 ), Cat ( 5 to 40 ), Dog (5 to 40 ), and Pig ( 8 ).1 Now compare this to the recommended daily allowance ( RDA ) of 0.9 mg / kg / day allotted for humans by the federal government medical professionals.2 Now less you might think that primates are exceptional in their vitamin C needs note that wild baboons have blood levels of vitamin C consistent with 10 mg /kg / day and wild vervet monkeys have blood levels consistent with 3 to 8 mg / kg / day. At this point your common sense should be telling you that the human RDA of 0.9 mg / kg / day is absurd, ridiculous, and some people in government need to leave government. For example the subcommittee on Laboratory Animal Nutrition of the National Research Council has recommended that most primates be fed vitamin C supplements ranging from 1.75 to 3.5 grams a day. Now what about the primate man?

There are over three hundred known enzyme systems for which vitamin C is essential for healthy functioning. Vitamin C is a powerful free radical getter and chelating agent for heavy metals, i.e. lead, arsenic, cadmium, and mercury. As if all this was not enough it is also a powerful anti- viral and anti-bacterial agent. As a matter of fact it should be the "drug" of choice of an enlightened medical profession. Instead it has been maligned, persecuted and suppressed by what passes in America as good competent medical professionals, as exemplified by AMA doctors. To prove my above stated claims of vitamin C being a anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent par excellent we need look no further than the work of Dr. Fred R. Klenner, M.D., former chief of staff at Memorial Hospital in Reidsville, North Carolina. Below is a partial listing of Dr. Klenner's professional publications. Please note that the most recent publication is approximately 40 years ago. I am going to quote from these publications. I believe you will find Dr. Klenner's work astounding and it will beg the questions: 1) Why have AMA doctors ignored Dr. Klenner's work?, 2) Why have so called medical researchers present and past not reproduced Dr. Klenner's work?, 3) Why does the AMA and the NIH bad mouth the use of large doses of vitamin C as a anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent? The answer to these questions is that the allopathic medical establishment wants control of your illness care at maximized profit to them! Remember, the AMA is a monopolistic trade association, not a kind, benevolent, caring association of doctors looking to bring health and well being to humanity at minimal cost. No, quite to the contrary. The more doctor office visits, the more tests, and the more "needed" prescriptions, the greater the cash flow to the doctor. Heaven forbid that the doctor use a cheap, quick, safe and effective vitamin like vitamin C to cure a mariad of bacterial and viral illnesses and diseases. For, who knows, the patient with more than half a brain might catch on how to take care of most of their health problem themselves cheaply, quickly, safely, and effectively, without the need for a AMA doctor.

List of Dr. Klenner's professional publications in the Tri-State Medical Journal:

1) Poliomyelitis - Case Histories, September 1956

2) A New Office Procedure for the Determination of Plasma Levels for Ascorbic Acid, February 1956:

3) Poliomyelitis Vaccine - The Authorities Speak, March 1956

4) The Role of Ascorbic Acid on Therapeutics, November 1956

5) Poliomyelitis Vaccine - Brodie vs. Salk, July 1955

6) A Critical Analysis of the Francis report Concerning the 1954 Poliomyelitis Vaccine Program; June 1955:

7) A letter to the editor, News About Diabetes Mellitus, May 1955

8) A Treatment of Trichinosis with massive doses of Vitamin C and Para Aminobenzoic Acid, April 1954:

9) Recent discoveries in the Treatment of Lockjaw with Vitamin C and Tolserol, 1954

10) An "Insidious" Virus, June 1957 List of Dr. Klenner's professional publications in the Journal of Applied Nutrition:

1) The Use of Vitamin C as an Antibiotic, 1953; Southern Medicine and Surgery, Charlotte, Vol. 114, No. 8

2) The Vitamin and Massage Treatment for Acute Poliomyelitis August 1952

3) Paper presented in the 52nd Annual Meeting of the Tri - State Medical Association of the Carolinas and Virginia, held at Columbia, Feb. 19th and 20, 1951- Massive Doses of Vitamin C and the Virus Diseases, Southern Medicine and Surgery, Charlotte, N.C., Vol. 111, No. 7

4) The Treatment of Poliomyelitis and Other Virus Diseases with Vitamin C, July 1949

5) Fatigue - Normal and Pathological, with special consideration of Myasthenia Gravia and Multiple sclerosis, Vol. 111, No. 9, September 1949, Charlotte, N.C.

Polio treated with vitamin C

Here are the details as to how Dr. Klenner handled the 60 cases of polio when it was epidemic in Dr. Klenner's home state.

... "These patients presented all or almost all of these signs and symptoms: fever of 101 to 104.6 degrees F., headache, pain at the back of the eyes, conjunctivitis, scarlet throat; pain between the shoulders, the back of the neck, one or more extremity, the lumbar back; nausea, vomiting and constipation."

"The treatment employed was vitamin C in massive doses. The initial dose was 1000 to 2000 milligrams ( 1 to 2 grams ) depending on age. Children up to four years received the injections intramuscularly . . . the temperature curve was adopted as the guide for additional medication. Temperature response after the second hour was taken to indicate the second one or two gram injection. If there was a drop in fever after two hours, two more hours was allowed before the second dose. This schedule was followed for 24 hours. After this time the fever was consistently down, so the drug was given 1 to 2 grams every six hours for the next 48 hours. All patients were clinically well after 72 hours. After three patients had a relapse the drug was continued for at least 48 hours longer, one to two grams every eight to twelve hours."

"Where spinal taps were performed, it was the rule to find a reversion of the fluid to normal after the second day of treatment." ( Note: No paralysis developed in any of the 60 cases. )

Vitamin C as a anti - viral "drug"

Taken from a report in the 1953 Journal of Applied Nutrition. The title : "The Use of Vitamin C as an Antibiotic."

"Our interest with vitamin C against the virus organism began ten years ago in a modest rural home. Here a patient who was receiving symptomatic treatment for virus pneumonia had suddenly developed cynosis. ( The skin turns blue, due to the lack of oxygen. ) He refused hospitalization for supportive oxygen therapy. X - ray had not been considered because of its dubious value and because the nearest department to give such treatment was 69 miles distant. Two grams of vitamin C was given intramuscularly with the hope that the anaerobic condition existing in the tissues would be relieved by the catalytic action of vitamin C, acting as a gas transport aiding cellular respiration. This was an old idea; the important factor being that it worked. Within 30 minutes after giving the drug ( which was carried in my medical bag for the treatment of diarrhea in children. ) the characteristics breathing and slate - like color had cleared."

"Returning six hours later, at eight in the evening, the patient was found sitting over the edge of his bed enjoying a late dinner. Strangely enough his fever was three degrees less than it was at 2 P.M. that same afternoon. This sudden change in the condition of the patient led us to suspect that vitamin C was playing a role of far greater significance than that of a simple respiratory catalyst. A second injection of one gram of vitamin C was administered by the same route, on this visit and then subsequently at six hour intervals for the next three days. This patient was clinically well after 36 hours of chemotherapy. From this casual observation we have been able to assemble sufficient clinical evidence to prove unequivocally that vitamin C is the antibiotic of choice in the handling of all types of virus diseases. Furthermore it is a major adjuvant (helper) in the treatment of all other infectious diseases."

First experiment on measles

"This experimental "strike" on vitamin C as an antibiotic opened a new avenue of approach to the problem of dealing with the virus bodies. With a great deal of enthusiasm, we decided to try its effectiveness with all of the childhood diseases. Measles was singled out more than the others because of the knowledge, that it is a small virus like the one causing poliomyelitis. It was reasonable to assume that if measles could be controlled then Poliomyelitis, too, would have a drug that could prevent as well as cure the disease."

"The use of vitamin C in measles proved to be a medical curiosity. For the first time a virus infection could be handled as if it were a dog on a leash. In the spring of 1948 measles was running in epidemic proportions in this section of the country. Our first act then, was to have our own little daughters play with children known to be in the "contagious phase". When the syndrome of fever, redness of the eyes and throat, catarrh, spasmodic bronchial cough and Koplik spots had developed and the children were obviously sick, vitamin C was started."

"In this experiment it was found that 1000 mg. every four hours, by mouth would modify the attack. Smaller doses allowed the disease to progress. When 1000 mg. was given every two hours all evidence of the infection cleared in 48 hours. If the drug was then discontinued for a similar period ( 48 ) the above syndrome returned. We observed this off and on picture for thirty days at which time the drug ( vitamin C ) was given 1000 mg. every two hours around the clock for four days. This time the picture cleared and did not return. These little girls did not develop the measles rash during the above experiment and although exposed many times since still maintain this immunity."

"Later cases were given the vitamin by needle. The results proved to be even more dramatic. Given by injection the same complete control of the measles syndrome was in evidence at 24 and 36 hour periods, depending entirely on the amount employed and the frequency of the administration. Aborting of these cases before the development of the rash apparently gives no interference to the development of immunity."

"Unless the virus is completely destroyed, as demonstrated in the experiments with the virus causing measles, the infection will again manifest itself after a short incubation period. small, single daily doses do not even modify the course of the infection. From a review of the literature one can safely state that in all instances of experimental work with ascorbic acid on the virus organism, in experimental animals, the amount of virus used was far beyond the range of the administered dose of this vitamin. It is timely to note here that all of our research with vitamin C on the virus was done, using MAN as the experimental animal. This makes an important difference. For example the signs of acute and chronic vitamin C deficiencies in the monkey are distinctly DIFFERENT than in man."

Viral Encephalitis

"The next case was that of a colored woman aged 28 with history - given by relative - of chills and fever and chest and head cold for 14 days, severe headache for 3 days. In stupor when first seen, eye lids closed, a white foam at the mouth which she periodically tried to spit out. Temperature by axilla 106.8 (axilla means armpit). Dehydration was much in evidence, breath sounds diminished to absent, tactile (by touching) fremitis (palpable vibration) increase over the entire right. The sulfa drugs, penicillin and streptomycin with supportive treatment had been exhausted. Four grams of vitamin C was given intravenously along with 1000 cc. of 5% dextrose in saline solution. Temperature dropped to 100 (ax.) within 11 hours. Four hours later vitamin C was resumed - every two or three hours - in dosage of 2 to 4 grams depending upon the response. After 72 hours the patient was awake, sitting up in bed and taking fluids freely by mouth. There was no fever at the hospital. Vitamin C was continued for a period of two weeks; the frequency was cut to every 12 hours, two grams at a dose. An interesting complication was deafness; her speech gave a loud, monotonous, bell-sound effect. It was debated whether this was the result of the streptomycin or to the encephalitis. Prostigmin 1:2000, 1cc. and vitamin B1, 200 mgms. were given 1M twice daily. On the tenth day of treatment the hearing suddenly returned to normal."

"The x - ray picture of the right lung was one of almost complete consolidation. Although the patient was clinically well of her pneumonia after 72 hours, the x - ray picture was not completely clear until 90 days later."

"This phenomenon of Nature clearing the debris after killing out the virus organism was observed in five other cases. The time required was in direct proportion to the degree of pulmonary involvement. There is nothing new about this procedure; Nature merely duplicating a stage in the metamorphosis of the frog in getting rid of its tall."



"In herpes zoster (shingles) two to three grams of vitamin C was given every twelve hours, this supplemented by 1 gram in fruit juice by mouth every two hours. Eight cases were treated in this manner, all adults. Seven experienced cessation of pain, within two hours of the first injection and remained so without the use of any other analgesic medication. Seven of these cases showed drying of the vesicles within 24 hours and were clear of lesions within 72 hours. They received from five to seven injections. In herpes simplex it is important to continue the treatment for at least 72 hours."


"Chicken - pox gave equally good response, the vesicles responding in the same manner as did those of herpes. These vesicles were crusted in 24 hours, and the patient well in three to four days. We interpreted this similarity of response in these three diseases to suggest that the viruses responsible were closely related to one another."


"Many cases of influenza were treated with vitamin C. The size of the dose and the number of injections required were in direct proportion to the fever curve and to the duration of the illness. Forcing of fruit juice was also recommended, because of the frequency and ease of re infection during certain periods of the year."

Virus Encephalitis

"The response of virus encephalitis (inflammation of the brain) to ascorbic acid therapy was dramatic. Six cases of virus encephalitis were treated and cured with vitamin C injections. Two cases were associated with virus pneumonia; one measles and a combination of measles and mumps."

"In the case that followed the measles - mumps complex, definite evidence was found to confirm the belief that massive, frequent injections are necessary in treating virus infections with vitamin C. This lad was first seen with a temperature of 104 degrees. He was lethargic, very irritable when molested. His mother said he had developed his present clinical picture over the preceding four or five days. His first symptom was anorexia (without appetite) which became complete 36 hours before his first examination. He next became stuporous. Although very athletic and active, he voluntarily took to his bed. He was given 2 grams of vitamin C intravenously and allowed to return home, because there was no available hospital accommodations. His mother was asked to make an hourly memorandum of his conduct until his visit set for the following day. Seen 18 hours after the initial injection of vitamin C, the memorandum revealed a quick response to the antibiotic - after two hours he asked for food and ate a hearty supper. Then played about the house as usual, and then for several hours he appeared to have completely recovered. Six hours following the initial injection, he began to revert to the condition of his first visit. When seen the second time temperature was 101.6 degrees, he was sleepy but he would respond to questions. The rude irritability shown prior to the first injection was strikingly absent."

"A second injection of 2 grams of vitamin C was given intravenously and 1 gram of C was prescribed every two hours by mouth. The next day he was fever and symptom - free. As a precautionary measure a third 2 gram injection of vitamin C was given with direction to continue the drug by mouth for at least 48 hours. He has remained well since."

Epidemic keratoconjuctivitis

"I will make the flat assertion that in no established case of a virus ailment has ascorbic acid failed to effect a fast, safe cure in my immediate family and in my own case, for example, my wife had a diagnosed virus eye trouble epidemic keratoconjunctivitis. Established medical practice states "no treatment useful as far as I know, of virus origin, let it run its course, which will take about eight months." We effected a cure which was confirmed by a lengthy one - and - a -half - hour test in three days by the use of one gram of liquid vitamin C with each meal in the form of sodium ascorbate (injectable) taken in orange or fruit juice."

Third degree burns and arthritis

"Ascorbic acid has a fantastic effect on the human frame which is making me wonder about it. For example I know of a child who sustained an extremely severe 3rd degree burn, and was brought into a local hospital. While there she was given vitamin C by mouth on an hourly basis. No other treatment employed as a test. The theory was that vitamin C tends to restore the integrity of the capillary body structure. One of the dangers of burns is fluid leakage and normal medical practice is not to stop the fluid leakage as such because no accepted method is generally known, but to restore fluid to the blood stream through proper fluid solution injection. The child in question stopped losing fluid in the third hour."

"She was discharged from the hospital in five days. The doctors who viewed the records considered this a fantastic recovery and suggested the report be sent out for publication. Of course this is only one burn case. I know of another case of a microscopist working for a very large plant in Chicago. Her problem was stiffening of the fingers making her work almost impossible to continue. Her record was one of constant colds."

"Liquid vitamin C was suggested until a Benedict test showed spillover in the urine. She took 100,000 milligrams the first day. Tests showed no spillover. Repeated the second day. Spillover showed the third day when 50,000 mgs had been administered or a total of 250,000 milligrams ascorbic acid in 3 days. The stiffness left her fingers on the fourth day. The question I ask of course is this, is there a relationship between rheumatism or arthritis and vitamin C? What became of that 250,000 mgs. of ascorbic acid before her body began throwing it off? Where does the daily minimum requirement of 75 milligrams of vitamin C stand in the light of this professionally supervised case?"

Dr. Klenner's Conclusions

Taken from a paper presented at an AAN Convention, May 1953, Pasadena, California by Frederick R. Klenner, M.D..

"In using vitamin C as an antibiotic no factor of toxicity need be considered. Vitamin C possesses abilities which antagonize many of the . . . effects of histamines. It should be employed with the anti - histamine drugs in all the allergic states. It is because of this factor that it serves so well in the treatment of acute rheumatic fever. It is a specific for snake bite, except the coral and cobra. It is directly concerned with the antibody formation and this in turn leads to an increase in the gamma globulin of the blood stream. It joins with the virus and its toxins to form a new compound which is destroyed by oxidation of the blood stream. It makes all cells more permeable which allows the entrance of immune factors otherwise denied. It prevents or lessens tissue damage. It serves as a hydrogen transport in cellular respiration. It functions as a dehydrator and diuretic. It is the key to good health. Don't lose this key for it might lock or unlock your life."

To fully begin to understand how corrupt and incompetent the administrative leadership of the allopathic medical establishment is, it is useful to see a specific example of how legitimate vitamin C research has been maligned and how attempts have been made to discredit such research both in the public mind as well as in the professional medical community at large where there are large numbers of honest though misinformed doctors. As a specific example consider the 1976 test clinical trial carried out by Dr. Ewan Cameron, M.D.. This clinical trial of vitamin C therapy for terminal cancer is discussed in detail in the book Cancer and Vitamin C, by Dr. Cameron and Dr. Linus Pauling, Ph. D..

A dosage of 10 grams a day of vitamin C was given to 100 terminally ill ("untreatable") cancer patients. A control group of 1,000 terminal cancer patients matched for sex, age and type of cancer received no vitamin C. The results of this study were rather significant. The average survival rate of the vitamin C patients, at the time of the reporting of the study in 1978, was 4.2 times larger than that of the control group. Moreover, the degree of subjective pain was much less and quality of life much greater for the vitamin C treated patients. Perhaps most striking was the fact that 16 of the 100 vitamin C treated patients were still alive in 1980, all of the 1,000 controls had died.

After the publishing of the Cameron - Pauling cancer study in 1978 the allopathic medical community generally criticized the results on ostensibly methodological grounds ( It was not a double blind test as though the placebo effect could give the cures found. ), though it was clear that researchers did not believe vitamin C could have a significant effect in the treatment of cancer. In other words the non - nutritionally trained allopathic medical doctors believed their own erroneous medical school training as to the non - significance of nutrition in disease occurrence and disease out come. In an effort to discredit the results of the Cameron - Pauling study the corrupt administrative leadership at the National Institutes of Health funded two studies carried out by the Mayo Clinic. No effect upon the survival rates of terminal cancer patients receiving vitamin C was found in the first Mayo Clinic study. However, this study was severely publicly criticized by Cameron supporters because the study subjects had all previously gone through devastating chemotherapy, suppressing their immune systems to the point where vitamin C could be of little benefit. And the study / trail was certainly not comparable to the Cameron - Pauling study.

Due to the non - validity of the first Mayo Clinic study, the Mayo Clinic carried out a second study. This study was even more discrediting to the Mayo Clinic's competence and integrity. In the second study (a double blind study) the placebo was easily identifiable, and the control patients were not monitored regularly to determine whether they were taking vitamin C on their own. Only six of the 50 control patients were tested only once, for urine levels of vitamin C. Five of the six control patients had levels of around 500 mg vitamin C in the urine per day. The sixth control patient had 1,200 mg of vitamin C in their urine. Since unsupplemented cancer patients normally have less than 10 mg vitamin C in their urine per day it is a safe bet that the control patients were taking significant to large amounts of vitamin C on their own. The fact that the Mayo Clinic "doctors" did nothing about this situation showed a great lack of integrity on their part. In fact the Mayo Clinic doctors tried to falsely maintain that the vitamin C levels in the urine of the tested control patients was "negligible" . It perhaps should be no wonder that the survival rate of the vitamin C group and the control group were about the same sense both groups were apparently taking comparable amounts of vitamin C. To further compound the inadequacy of the Mayo Clinic's second study the researchers stopped giving vitamin C to its test patients after only two and a half months. Where as Cameron continued his patients on vitamin C indefinitely.

One tangential result of the second study which the Mayo Clinic researchers did not want to focus on was that a group of cancer patients who refused to take part in the study had only about half the survival rate of both the vitamin C and control groups, even though the study lasted only a pathetic two and a half months.

In March of 1985, in front of the House Sciences and Technology Committee Cameron called for an authoritative, competent, and honest test of the efficacy of vitamin C cancer therapy:

"Whether vitamin C is of any help to cancer patients is still uncertain. I sincerely believe that the National Cancer Institute has a duty to the American public to fund a properly designed trial to answer this question once and for all. Such a trial must not be carried out by vitamin C enthusiasts nor by bigots, but by fair - mined skeptics, and conducted not in secrecy but in open cooperation using a mutually agreed protocol with particular attention given to ensuring that the controls are not also taking vitamin C."

"If such a competently run trial failed to show any benefit from vitamin C, I would be prepared to be a co-author and repudiate all my previous statements to the contrary. However, if such a competently run trial demonstrated beyond doubt that vitamin C had therapeutic value, as I am convinced it would, a new, simple and very safe form of treatment would be available for all cancer patients world - wide as a supportive measure alongside other forms of cancer treatment of proven value. Such a finding would also brand the Mayo Clinic performance as the medical scandal of the decade, if not the century."

I personally believe that Dr. Cameron was far to kind to the Mayo Clinic and by inference the National Institutes of Health. Also, I believe the medical scandal of the decade, the century, and the millennium must be reserved for the U.S.C. Medical School Special Medical Research Committee for their damnable suppression of Dr. Royal Raymond Rife's discoveries and accomplishments.

Please note that since that 1985 House Science and Technology Committee testimony of Cameron, that the National Institutes of Health has still not supported or carried out "a competently run trial" on the use of vitamin C for cancer therapy or any other disease, such as those demonstrated by Dr. Klenner's work to be curable by large doses of vitamin C. The simple truth is, that the corrupt administrators at the National Institutes of Health do not dare to carry out "a competently run trial". To do that would be to risk a revolution in allopathic medicine. For example, after "a competently run trial" people might wonder if the survival rate of cancer patients might go far beyond the sixteen out of a hundred , which Cameron experienced for "terminal" patients, if the treatment were started early on. Some might even think to go to much higher treatment levels than 10 grams of vitamin C a day. My god, who knows what and where "a competently run trial" might lead to. It is a chance the corrupt administrators at the National Institutes of Health can not , dare not take. There is far to much illness, misery, and death money at stake. My god, what would happen to the allopathic medical establishment if we the people stop putting approximately one seventh of our economy through their pockets? We could easily cut that amount in half by implementing Rife's technology, not to mention by the use of good nutrition implementation.

Before closing, we should look at vitamin C's successful use in controlling / halting and reversing the coarse of the disease known as AIDS. In this we have another monumental example of the corruption of the administrators of the National Institutes of Health. These administrators have turned a blind eye and a deaf ear to those researchers and allopathic medical doctors who have found a way to stop AIDS. For example in the book The AIDS Fighters, by Peter Fitzgerald and Dr. Ian Brighthope, M.D., and published by Keats Publishing Inc., they describe the successful use of 30 to 100 grams per day of vitamin C being given to AIDS patients for several weeks by Dr. Brighthope in his practice in Milbourne, Australia. Dr. Brighthope has continually been able to return patients with a clinical AIDS diagnosis back to only a HIV positive status by the use of massive intravenous vitamin C dosages and a combination of other vitamins, minerals, and herbal supplements.

Dr. Joan Priestly, M.D. in Hollywood California had approximately 900 AIDS patients in her practice. A couple of years ago when I last checked, only a hand full of her patients had died in the preceeding two year period. Similarly, to Dr. Brighthope, Dr. Priestly has her patients use large amounts of vitamin C and other vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other supplements. But strangely enough no matter how hard Dr. Priestly and others have tried to get the NIH / CDC to pay attention to their success story, they will not hear, they will not see. There is far to much research, illness and death money to be made on AIDS by the allopathic medical establishment. The pharmaceutical company Burroughs- Wellcome grosses well over $650 million on its sales of AZT per year. AZT is a drug that will kill / totally disable the average HIV negative person in approximately two to three years of usage at the dosage level given to AIDS patients. And this formally healthy HIV negative person will die of exactly the clinical symptoms of AIDS. Do not believe me, go read it for yourself in The Physicians Desk Reference under the name azidothymidine. Azidothymidine is marketed under the names Zidovudine or Retrovir, which is AZT. AZT was developed in the early 60's as an anti leukemia chemotherapy drug, however it was not used because it was far to toxic. And that is really saying something when you consider just how toxic and deadly the drugs that are used are. It should also be mentioned that the AZT test trails which were conduced for AZT approval by the FDA were full of fraud and falsified data. The only reason the AIDS patients receiving AZT survived marginally longer than the control patients was that the AZT patients received six times more blood transfusions to keep them alive. The NIH / CDC is a cesspool of administrative medical corruption and criminal behavior. We must dismantle and reorganize the National Institutes of Health and put the FDA under a commission that can undue / veto any directive / administrative law that a corrupt FDA administrator might make.

Conclusion: Vitamin C is the first "drug " of choice in both viral and bacterial infections. It is cheap, completely safe and effective, with no dangerous "side" effects. We need to light a fire under allophatic medicine's corrupt, ignorant, and complacent ass to get them to implement vitamin C treatment as standard treatment.

Note: When taking vitamin C in large doses ( 2 or more grams ) to fight off infections, the powder forms of vitamin C are best to use. Make sure to take adequate fluid/water with the vitamin C so as to eliminate potential stomach irritation and diarrhea problems. There are non-acidic forms of powdered vitamin C available. You should take at least six ounces of water/fluid with every grams of vitamin C. If cancer is involved, do not use a buffered vitamin C that has calcium.



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2) Recommended Daily Allowance for Vitamin C, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 70:969-972.