They Are Just Feeding At The Special Privilege Trough

And Afraid To Lose Their License


Guest Essay by Sammy Baxter


Since prehistoric times we have been confusing the messenger with the message.  It is a primitive trait and an infantile one as well.  When you point to the moon, a dog or a very young child looks at your finger.  When you say, “See the moon”, they, of course think you mean your finger.  Let us not shoot the messenger and let us not allow the ones really responsible for our miserable health care system to elude responsibility by continuously finding ways to misdirect and misinform the public.  Doctors are not the culprits, at least not the good ones and that is the majority.


One could make a case, and a good one at that, that the AMA and FDA are to blame for our present system, but this would be too simplistic.  They are, in the sense that a “hit man” is guilty for killing the mark, yet the courts also recognize they are just a tool for the real instigator behind the scenes.  Who is the instigator?  Who are the puppet masters?  They are the “them” that everybody blames so they don’t have to accept any responsibility. Whoever “they” are, that is not the thrust of this little essay.  But here is a hint; they probably are the ones who ultimately benefit financially the most and buy another castle somewhere you will never be able to afford to go.


Doctors are somewhat like fancy witch doctors, medicine men and shamans, yet they are necessary.  Ideally, they compete with and balance out the chief or the King’s power in primitive societies and they are also invaluable when it comes to trauma injuries, setting bones, necessary surgery, etc.  Where they are not so great is in the area of prevention and utilizing alternative, complementary methods to help their patients heal, i.e. they are trained in symptom suppression, not in cures.  But, it is not their fault, at least not entirely, although they have some culpability in that they play along because the money is “just oh so good”.  (These days, they have their own inbred coterie of lobbyist whores from the big pharmaceutical and big diagnostic equipment companies, who lavish them with all manner of bribes and incentives to “not rock the boat”.)


Over time, there has been an insidious octopus of legislation and  quasi laws that has insinuated itself into the medical profession very much like a cancer and as sneaky as bracket creep is to income taxes.  It has through attrition, managed to turn good human beings into drug pushers for the giant “legal” drug companies. And, just as important, it has found a way to completely control the teaching agenda in most medical schools to preclude any teaching that would allow doctors to actually help prevent the congestive diseases that are so common in our overfed society.  Veterinarians are taught more about the diet needs of farm animals.  They know, for instance, that many common diseases are caused by and can be treated by a missing trace mineral that may not be available in the soil anymore.  Too cheap, too easy and toooooooo simple. No profit there.


More and more doctors are studying alternative methods and where the law allows, they practice them too.    Yes, the law limits MDs in many ways that Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Naturopaths and even just plain citizens are not.  They have to answer to their “peer review board” which has the power to put them out of business if they misbehave.  But it is very risky for anyone to try new treatments if the almighty FDA has not bestowed its blessing, (translate:  if the FDA employees want that lucrative job with Big Pharma when they get sick of public service, they had better play ball and get with the program. It is a fact that many high level officials, wind up working for Big Pharma almost right away after they finish their FDA “training”.)


Doctors are under increasing pressure from  Big Brother, I mean the government,  and big insurance companies.  Between the malpractice insurance demands and the thousands of rules and regulations, forms and codes, they have to adhere to, they are being beaten into the ground.  Some of the new laws even make it possible for a doctor to be jailed and or fined for something as silly as a coding error on a claims form.  Rubbish!  If they can do it to doctors my friend, what do think they can do to you and me?  When you see that train rollin on by headed for Auschwitz, yeah, you better wonder what or who the cargo is and what they are being taken for. Maybe we are all being taken.  We cannot turn away from this travesty.  The reason we cannot see it is that it is so gradual, so incremental.  That is how they do it.  It is happening all around us all the time to everyone.  It is the death of a thousand cuts.  It is being nibbled to death by ducks.  It is slow and the perpetrators are all but invisible.  Our freedom and our way of life, is being eroded like a sandy cliff, and we are sliding toward the rocks.  Everyone feels it, they just do not know how to articulate it.


What can we do?  First, become informed.  Read.  But read the side that the public programmers do not want you to.  Start with this bibliography and check out the articles on this host site like VIBRATORY ENERGY MEDICINE and the list below (Re-read “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley and “Animal Farm” by George Orwell).  Ask questions.  Don’t allow your rights to be taken away just because it is “only a little thing.”  Big things like FREEDOM are made up of little things, like acts of bravery and honor.  We need to stand by the people who dare to defy the Darkness whatever form it comes in.  If your doctor has the courage to try a new treatment that helps his patients, then do not desert him when the FDA raids his office in the middle of the night.  They tried that with Dr. Atkins while he was alive, and the patients and people of NY caused a complete shutdown of city business by their phone calls, until they were forced to reinstate his license.  It can be done. 


So who are the perpetrators?  Some say it is that invisible ruling class with all the various fancy names. Well, so what?  They are not going to change their ways easily.  They see you and me as workers at best and farm animals at worst.  We are just going to have to grow a backbone and fight for our rights.  We still have a Constitution and Bill of Rights, at least for a while.  Don’t let them take it away. Don’t let them nickel and dime you to death by their subtle, gradual, step by step attack.  Be aware of Codex Alimentarius, the plan to take your health freedom away.  Be aware that the income tax is not a law and is a deception, and is really a tool to feed the coffers of the richest most powerful families in the world (most of it now actually goes toward paying the interest on the National Debt. Guess who owns that debt.)  . Be aware that if a giant asteroid or comet was going to impact Earth shortly (was that the Third Secret of Fatima?), reeking havoc and mega destructive weather storms, they would never tell you. And, in fact, they would go out of their way to keep you from knowing until the last minute to preserve their own wealth and power.  Be aware, that if there were many alternative cures for cancer, aids etc., they would never tell you because they grow even richer and more powerful as you and I get weaker and sicker.  Just be aware.  Seek out truth. Google it while we still can.  The mainstream media is locked up and tied with a ribbon for the elite who run things.  You will not hear much truth there.  But there will be some brave souls in every arena of life.  Seek them out while you still can.  Freedom is a demanding lover, and will flee at the first sign of indifference.


If you want to read more about medical truth please see the Bibliography of alternative Health Books—as the X files said, “The Truth is out there.”  Also, I have included some interesting alternative sites and links below so you can begin to explore the alternative views.  When I began my search for the “red pill” of the Matrix we call the planetside trip, I found that not only was there something wrong in Denmark, there was a whole hell of a lot wrong right here in River City.  Let us pray enough of us wake up in time because something’s coming and it ain’t the Ice Cream truck.


Just a closing afterthought:  It may be true that we are headed for a medical and technological Renaissance by 2030 or 2050 or so.  Due to the ingenuity of many thousands of brilliant and dedicated researchers and inventors and even honest business people, we are on the cusp of what could be Shangrala--- if we can survive.  The trick is to survive.  So far, the medical industrial complex has only used us for guinea pigs. Perhaps our children will be luckier. To be fair and balanced you should look at the positive side of the present technology as it applies to medical innovation. One good source is the book “Fantastic Voyage” by Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, MD.  There is a plethora of good, solid advice within these pages, at least as far as I have read (page 239).