Are you looking for an alternative treatment, cure, therapy, etc. for a condition that the regular allopathic medical world says is "incurable"? or at least the cure may be worse than the disease?

Well, you have found itÖmaybe. I say maybe because there is no panacea. However, there is an effective (experimental) treatment for many of the maladies that strike mankind (microbial based) and it was actually invented in the 30ís! (We cannot legally use the word "cure" since this is too broad-based a claim and besides, since orthodox medicine cannot cure much of anything being mostly symptom-suppressive, well they just get jealous.) Yes, you heard me right! Not discovered, invented, by a Dr. Royal Rife. And whatís more, he was recognized at that time by many if not most of the medical luminaries of the time and was sponsored by USC and some of the more prominent corporations, etc., at least until the AMA and nascent FDA began a brutal and unwarranted attack that destroyed the good doctorís name and pretty much removed it from the history books! (This canít happen in America? Wanna bet?)

What happened? Long story. See Short Review It was apparently decided that a machine that could cure any microbe-based disease would put pretty much all but the most dedicated doctors out of work, (READ) especially the big drug companies. For the long version, you can read up on it in the excellent book, "The Cancer Cure That Worked," or, "The Politics Of Healing", (see Bibliography--Alternative Medicine Books ); but you want an answer, a solution "now" donít you? If you are sick and dying or just plain suffering, you have little time to piddle around. You can be a scholar later. Right now you want practical info. So I am going to give you Practical Info that could really help.

Quite simply, it is based on "energy or vibratory medicine" or more specifically, broad band, low intensity, ultra sound, See "Vibratory Energy Medicine" for a great intro article. But you must do some reading and some research to understand this. This is okay, because you have taken steps to become responsible for your own health, which is as it should be. I can only help you a little.

Once you read a few of the articles on these pages, you will come to understand the true significance of what this re-discovered technology can do for you, as it has done for me. I have used it to help get rid of some nasty infections, ranging from periodontal disease to flu-like symptoms that I think I caught from chem-trails when I was hill climbing, (however I caught it, it seemed like a very bad cold). I have used it to get rid of boil type growths in my lymph nodes and to get rid of a particularly persistent yeast or mold type germ that caused terrible itching in my arms. I know other people who have gotten rid of prostate cancer, but I will not dwell on this because it may be illegal to even claim this in some states, e.g. California.

Suffice it to say that, if your disease is microbe- based, I think you should investigate this thoroughly and even involve your alternative practitioner if you have one. Some Rife Benefits

Ofcourse, there are other causes of sickness like heavy metal poisoning, structural damage from stress or accidents, genetics, etc. and these must be taken into account as well. But, even then, I have known cases where Rife has cleared up secondary and tertiary infections, which, when cleared out of the system, made it easier for the body and nature to proceed with a healing or at least a diminution of suffering. Rife has been known to help alleviate or attenuate pain in some situations that are inexplicable. It may be that some opportunistic and unknown virus, bacteria, etc. was exploiting the situation and blocking other modalities that were being tried by both nature and practitioner.

Currently in the USA, it is only marginally legal to apply Rife to certain diseases, e.g. cancer in California, and only in some states etc. thus, speaketh the all-knowing FDA and AMA. So, it is difficult if not impossible, to run clinical tests to prove or even validate some of these experiences. Where it is legal, such as Germany etc., even then, doctors are reluctant to run "double blind" studies as this would necessitate the "control" group dying to prove the other Rife group effective!! No doctor will countenance this.

I could ramble on. But, why not go to the web site and read for yourself. The actual mechanism of how the pathogens are killed by ultrasound it really quite simple to understand, although it takes a little while to get your mind around it if you are a regular layman like me. But, it is worth it. You can begin with Rife Healing and Therapy Page and read through, (I would suggest "Vibratory Energy Medicine" to start with). I promise you will be surprised if not amazed that such a remedy to mankindís ills is being kept from the American public by the unscrupulous and greedy few that control our out-of-control healthcare system. The truth IS out there, if you want to find it. Best. (By the way, I have to say I am not a doctor and make no medical claims either stated or implied. Like I say, I have to say that.)