What Do I Do If I The Doctors Can’t Find Out What Is Wrong With Me?




          Tests, tests, tests.  Someone is getting rich off not solving the problem.  This is symptom-based, allopathic medicine at its Frankenstein best.  There are two sayings you learn in medical school, one tacit the other outright;


          When in doubt, cut it out.  And,


          Cure a patient, lose a customer.



          Inability to get a clear diagnosis is a very common problem believe it or not.  So much so, that the Reader’s Digest in their February 2004 issue on page 120, go into it at length.   In “10 Diseases Doctors Miss”,  they at least give a nodding mention to a few of the many culprits eluding medical science. Just for your information, the terrible ten are Hepatitis C,  Lupus,  Celiac Disease,  Hemochromatosis,  Aneuryism,  Lyme Disease,  Hypothyroidism,  Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS),  Chlamydia, and  Sleep Apnea.  Some of these are not microbe-based diseases like Hemochromatosis (which is usually inherited but can be caused or exacerbated by taking too many iron pills). 

          However, they can many times be associated with multiple and opportunistic germs that take advantage of the body’s weakened condition. (By the way, the other side of the coin is that there are too many new diseases.  That is, every time a food additive or some other poison in our food or water triggers some reaction from the body, medical science pounces on it and proclaims a new disease!  More grist for the mill I guess.) 

          It is the nature of pathogens and germs that they are opportunistic; they take advantage of weakness in the body.  So they congregate and party in those environments but that does not make them the actual “cause”.  But, that is another essay.) Also, there are numerous other reasons for misdiagnosis, e.g. see New Scientist article Also, see Why Doctors Prescribe Wrong.  


          There are the whole class of “stealth viruses” that are just being recognized by mainstream medicine but have been causing problems for millions of people for many years.  The are invisible to the human immune system!  You can read up on it and other vaccine dangers at   Papers By Dr. John Martin., (the Center For Complex Infectious Diseases).  And, no doubt, there are many others critters that are mutating, sharing genes and becoming immune to the last antibiotic cocktails that work, like vancomycin, etc.  No sci-fi movie could ever be as scary as what is really going on!


          So, how does this help you?  Well, it means we hear you.  We know.  We understand.  That is why we are putting our information out there on the web.  It is a bit risky, but then, it is the least we can do since we consider ourselves healers and helpers.  Someone helped us along the way.  So now, we keep it going.


          Rife frequencies, correctly produced and applied, is almost that “magic bullet”  science is always looking for.  You can read about it at  RifeTech.  But, for right now, let’s stick to how it can help you if you cannot get a diagnosis of your problem.  One of the major drawbacks of allopathic medicine, and there are many, is that you have to have a pretty good idea of the problem, (diagnosis) to offer an effective solution, (prognosis and prescription).  You can prescribe an antibiotic for a virus, but as we are all learning the hard way, antibiotics don’t have any affect on viruses, only on bacteria.  And, the bacteria are fast building up an immunity. If someone has lyme disease, it is no use putting them on a lupus regimen, unless you just feel lucky or you can’t spell.


          We hear from people usually either after they have tried everything else, or when they just run out of doctors to go to.  Sometimes they are just smart enough to realize there is an alternative to cutting, burning and poisoning, i.e. surgery, radiation and chemo.  Oh, I forgot drugs. How could I do that?  By the way, you need to read the  new research statistics   concerning drugs, hospitals, etc. It is totally unbelievable that this can go on in this day and age.  God help us.  Drugs and hospitals sure won’t.


          So, our solution?  RIFE (see  A Layman’s Overview),  is one of the ray-gun type approaches that is completely effective against all pathogens.  It is an indiscriminant killer of most germs, e.g. bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc. etc.  Let’s repeat that, It is one of the ray-gun type approaches that is completely effective against all pathogens.  It is an indiscriminant killer of most germs, e.g. bacteria, viruses, parasites, fungi, etc. etc.  It is not a cure-all but it is close.   There has not been the clinical study that it deserves because of a world-wide repression and cover-up by the medical and drug etc. establishment. (See  The Politics Of Healing and The Cancer Cure That Worked in the Bibliography.)


          That is good news for you because you don’t have to know what is wrong with you to fix it!  You can get an idea of how and why this works by reading  “What Makes This Rife Machine Different?”.  If this sounds like I am making a medical claim then please read the disclaimer.   You have to make up your own mind.  I am not a doctor and so cannot give any medical advice.  Your particular condition requires the attention of a qualified health practitioner, (although, I will recommend a synergistic team of alternative doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, etc.).


          The bottom line is, if you are suffering or dying, leave the diagnosis for the guy who wants the Nobel prize.  It could take years.  Have you got the patience or even the time to be a lab rat for the white coats?  No, of course not.  Use what works now.  If you are not familiar with the basic concepts of rife therapy, go to the homepage and read the few very good articles. (The best to start with Vibratory Energy Medicine)  It may take a day or two for you slow readers like me.  Have you got something else that is more important?  You will be amazed and maybe a little bit shocked or even angry that your physician did not tell you this.  Be kind.  He may not know.  Or, he may be brain-washed.  That is the first thing they do in medical school.  Who do you think runs it all?  That is why doctors are fast becoming paper shuffling, legal drug-pushers. It is not their fault entirely.  We do have many doctors that order one of our units built for them.  But they need to wake up as a group and realize that their profession has been “high-jacked” by the big drug companies and chemical companies.  And then there is all that “diagnostic equipment” that we just found out is another type of scam.


          Okay, we are sorry.  We don’t want to create an economic dislocation of this entire “health industry” by popularizing a magic bullet that puts them all out of business, (like the tobacco companies?).  Those sincere cancer and aids researchers  have kids in college no doubt and a mortgage payment or three.  And then, there are the Golf Club and Mercedes payments.  I will say, when it comes to trauma and related injuries, thank God for surgeons and some drugs.  Sometimes I just want a pain-killer.  It is just that “prevention” is not yet a part of the allopathic medical lexicon.  That is not their forte.


          So, we just want to help people one at a time.  There are plenty of new cancer patients, aids, etc. coming through the door all the time.  More than enough to keep them all in business until they can figure out how to make an honest living.  If you found this, then your karma is pretty well saying you deserve to get well.  The follow-through is up to you.  It is sadly true that some people fight hard for their limitations.  If you are one of the few that really wants to get well then….read, think, decide.  Then contact us and we will do what we can.  You will find all the information you need on our site.  The journey begins with your decision to get well and take responsibility for your own health.  It is your right to be healthy and happy but you have to assert your rights.   Best.