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As it relates to Drug-resistant Infections, Lyme disease, Malaria, Cancer, Aids, MRSA, CRE, MERS, STDs, Hepatitis B, Extensively Drug-resistant (XDR) Tuberculosis TB, West Nile, Stealth Viruses, Morgellon's, Bacterial Mutations, Chagas, Flu, Fungus, H1N1, Bio-terror, etc. No claims for any cure are being made. This is purely speculation for further scientific research
(especially on drug-resistant microbes).

You may have come to this page because you clicked on "search" to find some particular disease and its resonant killer frequency etc.  Or, you may just be trying to find a way to deal with the ever-encroaching threat to our health whether produced by Nature or man gone mad. Because the FDA does not allow any claims of cures (soon, with new law, we will not be able to suggest benefits), I must be circumspect in the elucidation of any healing method that threatens the conventional medical establishment. (For more detailed information please see links at bottom of page.) Dr. Rife originally mapped out the killer frequencies to 52 diseases in the 1930's.  Since then, there may have been some research and clinical testing of  specific frequencies one can trust, however, I am not aware of this research.  If it exists at all, I suspect it would be in German or some other non-English language, i.e. rife, ozone, etc., are practiced by some 8,000 Doctors and qualified health practitioners in Germany (doctors are allowed more leeway by their FDA) and some 15,000  worldwide. Some informal research is going on as we speak, all over the world in the form of brave experimenters. Also, you can find a lot of discussion at the Rife Forum. But I digress; we want to be pragmatic and discuss what can be actually done now with the state-of-the-art.

Some form of drug-resistant bacteria is in the news now, (At least this week; there are plenty of other potential superbugs on the horizon, e.g. Marburg, XMI, Morgellons, etc. Besides, we know that anti-biotics only work on bacteria and orthodox science is woefully deficient in fighting viruses effectively!)  and they seem to be the major concern for most people, so we can use them as a paradigm. We know they are viruses and that there is no known cure to date (allopathic that is) for these exotic maladies.   The question is, will a rife frequency instrument such as the Rifetech Ultra 10A take these critters out and shoot them?  As always, we cannot prescribe.  That said, since our unique  sweeping scan is designed to get bacteria and also viruses that are generally in the high mega-hertz range we can say that it could and it should.  Can we say definitely at this time?  No.  Because it has not been tested as of this date 2010 in a clinical trial or double blind study.  (For one good reason why it has become so hard to market new cures see 100 Years of Medical Robbery ) But we still have the right, even under the FDA (the evil step-sister of the AMA) to experiment to a certain extent. An example:
In algebra you can have a formula.  Now this formula you are told will solve the problem if you plug in the correct data.  How do we know this?  Because we test it over and over by running various data and then double or cross check the results in other ways.  But wait!  How is it that we can know that it will work in every and all cases?  Have we tested it in all cases? No. But there is a term we learn in math, extrapolation. Simply, this means that we can assume that if it is true in all the cases we have tested, it will be true in the cases in between, (interpolation) or even beyond those cases, (extrapolation).
This seems to work in life on a practical level and so we trust it.
A real life example: We believe an antibiotic will work on someone even thought it has never been actually tested on them because it has worked on other people who are very similar.  You get the idea.  Another example:  We use computers to test mathematical equations that would take a thousand mathematicians millions of years to work out.  And yet, any good computer scientist will admit that they are not really sure what is going on inside the computer when it is doing this.  Can we be sure the answer we get it correct?  How?  We can't solve it ourselves.  Extrapolation. (Scientific faith)
We have made the Ultra 10A to scan/sweep as completely as possible in the known range of bacteria, parasites, amoeba, paramecium, viruses, etc. and even well beyond that range past even the stealth viruses that are just being discovered. Is there a good chance we can kill those nasties?  I think so. It has worked for me and people I know.  I have seen testimonials.  However, it is a razor's edge.  I also know of doctors, yes MDs, that have been jailed for using therapies and treatments not approved by the almighty FDA and AMA. Yes, right here in the good old Us of A---AND WHAT MAKES IT SO DIABOLICAL IS THAT THEY WORK. AND THAT THREATENS THE PRESENT MEDICAL STRUCTURES.
I would suggest some reading to familiarize yourself with some of what is known, the formula so to speak. Then, you fill in the data and solve the formula.  We have to do it this way because of the pressure alternative therapies are always under. (There is a place for these policing agencies ofcourse because there are unscrupulous and incompetent products and services out there. That is why you are responsible for due diligence.)  If you then have intelligent questions, we are always glad to help if we can.  It is always best to procure or, if you have one, involve your alternative or complementary doctor, chiropractor, osteopath, naturopath, etc. in any serious healing process you might have.  They are trained  and know your individual needs.  This is very important.  Still, do not wait to start your research.  These superbugs are getting stronger very fast. We are ultimately responsible for our own healing.  Some articles on the site you will find enlightening are:
Best, Editor
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