To help those who have been pronounced hopeless by the orthodox medical community. We also seek to help anyone who wants to improve their health and protect themselves and their loved ones in these dangerous times when antibiotics and other allopathic remedies are beginning to fail in protecting the public.  RifeTech technology quite simply kills germs without harming the host's body or immune system. Read on.

Background information about Gary

and his experience with Rife etc.

My Adventures In Rife Technology

GARY WADE is a physicist by training. He has an M.S. in Physics, Master's Thesis in Plasma Physics. He worked for seven years in the Advanced Manufacturing Technology section of the Hughes Aircraft Co. He was Scientific Advisor to the National Health Federation and Science Editor for Health Freedom News. Currently he is doing research and is the Research Director of the American Institute of Rehabilitation. He is the Inventor of Rifetech and is continually developing this Rife-based technology. (See articles for background on Rife and his work as well as explainations of the theory and application.)
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