Detoxifing & Proper Eating With

Rife Therapy, Magnetic Field Therapy & Ozone Therapies
(Or, How To Escape Group Think:
To Be Free You Must Be Healthy)


(by Editor Updated MAY 2013)

(Here we will deal with the degenerative diseases of civilization mostly.  It is evident there are other causes of illness and disease, e.g. starvation, accident, radiation, genetic problems, etc. Although, proper living habits can help in any condition.  We do need more real doctors and healers. Speaking of which, please see new article on Healing by Gary Wade called Synergistic Energy Medicine below.)



We foresee the time when the various methods of treatment will blend seamlessly into a new and natural “synergistic” solution.  It will be more naturopathic and holistic in that the doctor will not rely so much on powering the germs to death with “drugs and surgery”  but will “finesse them” into oblivion using much more intelligent and harmless-to-the-patient processes, (like the ones on this site).  But, just as important, the newer aspect will be the inclusion of a regimen for the patient which will preclude the possibility of the germs coming back! Their previously comfy little habitat will have been purified and strengthened to such a degree it will inhospitable to the little critters.  The host-environment will be rendered toxin, mucus, etc. free, and will be maintained by proper and correct living principles!  This may strike at the basic principle of repeat business for the doctor and drug trade, but I think there are enough sick people to guarantee a nice retirement for most living doctors.  The ones in school can switch to preventative medicine and research and the ones who have not started school yet can take up golf or find something actually useful to do.


Other than the commonly known bio-chemical and energy force approaches like herbs and other traditional therapies like acupuncture, there are a few basic electro-medical methods of killing pathogens or germs that are super-effective and super-safe when used judiciously. (You may not have ever heard of electro-medicine and that should make it all the more important and significant for all of us to learn about its incredible and suppressed potential.) They are Rife Frequencies, Charge Density Waves, Magnetic Field Pulse Also: Strong Magnetic Therapy either pulsed or static  and Ozone Therapies like Ozone Steam Sauna.  These are clearly and cogently explained in Gary Wade’s new article soon to appear on this and other web sites.  This will no doubt revolutionize healing therapies for anyone who is lucky enough to 1) comprehend the importance and 2) actually put together the equipment and use it.  As with Dr. Royal Rife and his Frequency Machine, there is always the possibility that the FDA storm troopers with their armed swat teams could make this actualization difficult.  But, they can’t stop everyone.  Someplace, sometime, someone or group will actualize the concept and begin really curing people and presto…it will be like Lourdes; only really, really, effective and available to everyone!  Finally the article is out; it is here on this site. Please read it and give it to everyone you know (except at the FDA and AMA) to read it as well.  It may seem a little hard to grasp until the third or fourth reading, but what do you expect?  It is E=MC2 in alternative medicine and health.  SYNERGISTIC ENERGY MEDICINE  But then what?


Then, comes the next and equally important step.  Make sure the condition, disease, illness, etc. cannot come back. You want to evict the little devils and that means getting rid of what they like and dosing up on what they don’t like.  And here is the really hard part.  Most people would rather go through chemo-therapy than to give up sugar, soft drinks, cigarettes, junk food, alcohol, or….you get it.


How bad do you want to be healthy?  The old joke is,  if you have to give up the booze, the cigars, and now the junk food and ice cream, what is there to live for anyway?  It is a good question.  After all, we all like ice cream, even if some of it is really just a bunch of unnatural chemicals. Let’s try to give an honest and well-thought out answer.


The transition can seem quite unpleasant depending on how toxic your body is.  It is called a “cleansing reaction” sometimes to depict its “illness-like” quality.  When it accompanies some kind of therapy it can be called the “Herxheimer reaction”.  I agree basically with the theory of illness subscribing to the premise that sickness is the body’s efforts to heal and/or cleanse itself and re-establish homeostasis, i.e. fever is good because it is the body’s way of dealing with an infection, etc. The good news is, once you are clean and free of all the toxins in your body, you will feel wonderful all of the time. This is not a theory but a fact attested to by thousands of people who have successfully fasted until their bodies are healed!  (That is, barring other contaminants that can always exist like some power lines, food additives, pesticides, etc. etc. ----see Bibliography--- the political state of the world, large asteroids hitting the earth, etc.)  I think we can eliminate most of these as a little unlikely. You will be healthy and live long.  Let me explain:


First, the bad part; “transitioning”.  This is the age old principle of the hangover, (bad action=bad reaction).  The night before you could hit your head on the wall,  eat an entire pizza and drink beer till the cows come home. But you would never feel a thing! Why? Because you were drunk of course.  Next morning…oh ….my….god!!  This is it in a nutshell.  Your body can only start eliminating the toxins etc. when you stop taking them in.  Eating is the same.  The bottom line is you are dumping tons of stuff into your body that it really doesn’t need but still has to process.  Once the body is free from having to digest a monstrous meal it naturally begins to clean up waste and fight germs and all the other nice things it does for us when we give it half a chance. And, because a lot of this stuff is pretty toxic, it makes us feel “crappy” while it is going on.  The more extreme state is when we get a “cold” or “fever” both of which are really our body’s efforts to throw off “stuff”, eliminating it by coughing up mucus, sweating it out, etc.


So, you make a resolve to be good and refrain from taking in “bad stuff”.  But then you start to feel “bad” and mistake the effect for the cause.  You think if you just drink another martini, or just eat another slice of sugary cake, or--- and it works.  You re-poison yourself, your body goes into digestion mode and delays the general “housecleaning” that you really need.  Eventually, taking this metaphor to the extreme, you have so many toxins that your body has to literally “knock you out” so it can do a serious cleaning. In other words, you get ill.  One of the worst things about the new drug-oriented, symptom-repressing paradigm is that it represses your body’s attempts to rid itself of toxins. It stops you from getting that cold, or flu etc. That is why the diseases become more prevalent, get worse and especially become more incurable.  They are nature’s next-to-final answer to the accumulation of toxins, waste products, etc.  The final solution  of course is death---recycling.


Overly simple?  Maybe.  But true nonetheless.  Then what?


If you are willing to pay the piper what can you do?  Is there an answer? Well, yes indeed!  The main problem is, getting rid of the disease itself is sometimes too easy.  There is always the danger of a relapse, because the patient wants to retain their same lifestyle. They think, “Wow, it is so easy to get well now, I can do it anytime I want.”  It is like the old joke, “It’s easy to quit smoking. I have done it hundreds of times!”   This is like bailing water out of a boat then picking up a pick ax and chopping holes in the bottom.  The best you can hope for is some kind of equilibrium. But, even then, time and old age (entropy) will always win.  The wonderful devices on this site illustrate how easily you can kill some of the germs very effectively but the main thing is making sure they are evicted from your bodily temple once and for all.  I will share some of this with you and some you will have to dig out of books etc. like I did,  finding nuggets from your own little gold mine of truth.  Then, you will apply these laws of living and get healthy and live happily ever after.


  I won’t repeat everything here.  It explains my concept very well.  The short version is,  basically  our bodies live on very little after we are grown….. 


“Man lives on one quarter of what he eats.  On the other three quarters lives his doctor.”  Inscription on an Egyptian Pyramid, 3800 B.C. Taken from one of the best books ever written. “Fasting and Eating For Health” by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.  (Stop the music again! I just realized that that was said back in ancient times when there was no junk food and people ate good, clean food. That means I should eat maybe one tenth of what most Americans eat at my age! But, then, who would put the doctor's kid's through college? 11-14-03 ) From Detoxifying Your Body Part Two


Everything else we pour into it becomes or is waste!  WASTE!  You would not dump such a mixture of fuel into a race car engine.  It would be like filling up the tank with wood chips, oil, gas, methanol, and anything else that you can dig up just because it burns. Too much rich food and bad combinations;  And, even with this over-abundance of calories, many nutrients are actually lacking.  Paradoxically, in the best fed country in the world (USA) many are starving for essential nutrients like EFA (essential fatty acids like Omega 3), Vitamin C (of which we never get enough), trace minerals like Boron and Vanadium,  anti-oxidants like  Coenzyme Q10,  Quercetin,  Grape Seed Extract, etc.


As we age, our bodies get less and less efficient in handling this waste and its break-down products and we develop toxemia to an ever-increasing degree.  Toxins tend to accumulate in all parts of the body and clog arteries and cells, etc. so they cannot adequately take in nutrients and throw off waste products. Like the proverbial bath tub ring, the worse it gets the faster it gets worse!  Germs, being the clever and opportunistic little beggars that they are, find this a playground.  They are adept at taking advantage of our individual weaknesses due to genetics or life style. They don’t really care. They are like flies breeding in garbage.  The lack of oxygen only multiples and magnifies the effect.  Less oxidation and faulty elimination combine and lead to premature aging, sickness, and disease.


We need to learn how to live correctly and naturally,  not normally.  The norm is sickness-producing because this is what sells and buys baby’s new shoes.  We are all part of the conspiracy of potato chips and TV Dinners. We all benefit from plastics, computers, genetically engineered crops, TV, etc.  But, this “convenience comes with a very high price tag---our health.  To opt out of this cycle is not easy and is not the norm.  Most people have a proclivity to go with the crowd---group think. You will have to have courage to go against the general societal programming. You will have to study and pay dues.  You will have to give up old habits and form new ones.  In a way, it is like going through “cold turkey” or withdrawal. But it is worth it.  The alternative is not worth it.


The answers are all out there.  The truth is out there.  Begin with these articles and read also in the Articles Page. I spent my life discovering and collecting this small but dynamic library. These books are more precious than diamonds. If you are open you will be led to an answer.  We are always available to sincere seekers.  Our devices are “experimental” because by law we have to call them that. We believe they can be extremely effective in many cases.  But, we cannot prescribe.  Therefore, it is encumbent upon you to study and make your own decisions. We are all responsible for our own health anyway.  When did we lose control of our body’s exactly?  Do you want control back?  Good. You can contact us if you are in dire need. Please try to get some background first so you will at least be conversant with the science behind this alternative approach.  Best.

*Energy Medicine and electro-medicine  are related in the sense that both are from another paradigm than the allopathic.  Medicine, like the rest of science, can go off on tangents.  Once a basic path is taken it can carve a  deeper and deeper rut forcing any kind of new solution to “fit” into the philosophical box built on those tenets and assumptions.  The allopathic and chemical approach certainly has its advantages in some areas, but as we have seen, the limits are being reached, (it has been years and still there are no fundamentally new antibiotics to fight the resistant supergerms).  And, because researchers are working within the strict belief structures of their past scientific theories and assumed “facts”, there is little chance they will stumble upon any real breakthroughs except in their own preconceived directions.


Electro-medicine affects the basic operations of the biological organism on a completely different level. Resistance cannot be built up as with allopathy because the forces used are not simply chemical in nature but are of a completely different energy domain, e.g. magnetism, sound, etc.  Using broadband low intensity ultrasound, charge density waves, static and pulsed magnetic fields, ozone decay light, etc., is a completely different pathway than conventional medical science has taken thus far, albeit such devices at MRI are flirting with the edges of a new medical paradigm. 


The problem has been that the application of this technology is so effective that there is the risk that doctors would put themselves out of business by curing nearly everything that has heretofore been considered “incurable”.  Of course, we know that there are other causes of disease e.g. obesity, that are not microbial based and do not respond well to any treatment other than prevention and discipline, i.e.  they can be cured by removing the cause (eating too much).  That is why the new healing modality or paradigm must include all aspects of a person’s life.  It would be a shame to wipe out germ based disease only to find that as a people we were succumbing to a more insidious complex of diseases based on our own weaknesses, appetites, and abuses of foods, alcohol, and other chemical substances.  We, as humans, seem to have a proclivity to see how far we can push our bodies in trying to attain some kind of Nirvana.