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(Editor’s note:  Most questions can be answered with a careful review of our web site. That is why we set it up.  We have tried to focus on some things that may not be fully covered in the articles.  Some of these are quite scientific (although they can be read with great profit even by laymen), and others are meant specifically to communicate complex ideas to the average non-scientist and non-practitioner, i.e. the patients themselves who probably need the information the most.  The Ref. Links at the top of the page, will educate anyone sufficiently to understand rife technology as applied to disease and pathology.  If, after reading these and the following, your questions are still unanswered, you are most welcome to contact us.
Note: We recommend that you read all the Q and A to further your understanding. However, if you cannot find what you need you can go to Edit in the upper left corner in IE and when the menu drops click on "find (on this page)". Type in the term(s) you need and it will take you to them. Best.) 



1.         Will Rife cure everything?  What is this Rife stuff anyway? How do I know if it will help my individual case?


A:        There is no panacea or cure-all that we know of.  But, a careful perusal of the relevant data will indicate that Dr. Royal Rife was on the right track. This is abundantly illustrated by how far the vested allopathic and drug interests went in shutting his efforts down.  You can check out a brief history and if you have not already, read the short and brilliant explanation of Rife by physicist Gary Wade. Also, for or a short summation of benefits.


2.         Is there a complete list of Rife frequencies and the corresponding diseases that they affect?


A:        There are lists even on the internet and some of these frequencies may or may not be valid.  However, we contend that since there have been no real clinical trials we know of, (because of resistance from the establishment), that we cannot be certain. Also, one other factor is that these microbes, especially cancer, change and mutate and there are even new strains, both naturally mutated and manmade, etc.  How does one keep up with this?  And, there is always the consideration that many, if not most diseases, are a combination of many opportunistic infections in various parts of the body.  We address this and other problems with our “scanning instrument”.


3.         Does Rife interfere with other treatments?  If I am taking drugs prescribed by my doctor, is it safe to do Rife?   What if I just had an operation?  Are there some conditions where it is unsafe to use Rife?


A:        Rife does not interfere with other treatments, (refer to Some Benefits). It is not recommended right after an operation.  There are some rare bleeding conditions where it would be contraindicated.  These are spelled out in our Protocols.  There are very few situations where Rife cannot be used.  It is non-invasive and synergistic with all other therapies of which we know.  However, we do not recommend using this modality with conventional therapies except as prescribed by a qualified alternative practitioner.  The reason being, whenever there is improvement the benefit is almost automatically ascribed to the orthodox treatment by the doctor or the patient who many times has more “faith” in allopathic medicine.  Plus, most times, people only try alternative therapies after they have tried all other methods, e.g. chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, experimental drugs, etc.  Unfortunately, many times the prognosis is bad for such unlucky individuals because these very allopathic treatments have destroyed or severely encumbered their immune systems to the point where their body just cannot fight anymore!!  Sorry, sometimes it is too late.


4.         How long does it take for Rife to work? 


A:        This of course varies with the disease or condition.  Dr. Rife, using his original instrument back in the ‘30s, was able to knock out the really bad ones like cancer in 70 to 90 days.  He had to do it slowly because it takes time for the body to dispense with the break down materials of the tumor.  The liver, kidneys and other eliminative organs have to deal with this “load”.  And also, one must consider that the dead tumor can become food for bacteria and create a secondary problem.  Herxheimer Reaction is the term loosely given to the sometimes flu-like symptoms that accompany the fast break down of a major pathogen in the body.  It is also referred to as the “kill-off effect”.  It is actually a positive sign.  Sometimes, when the “effective frequency” is hit in a scanning segment, a strange but unmistakable sensation (or hit) can be felt in the affected area(s)!  This is also a very good sign.


5.         Does your device work the same way Dr. Rife’s machine worked?  I read where he used rays or radio frequencies etc.and you use ultrasound?


A:        Yes and No. 


Yes, because the end result of Dr. Rife’s frequencies, no matter how generated, eventuated in ultrasound being generated in the patient’s tissues.  By the way, this ultrasound is thousands of times less in intensity than the standard medical ultrasound used to “see” the baby in the womb.  Yet, it is millions of times stronger than the original intensities generated by Dr. Rife, due to increased technological advancement. 


No, because our device goes directly to ultrasound and using the contact mechanism, it does not lose intensity at higher frequencies where many of the really bad viruses and more exotic bugs (stealth viruses) are found.  Rife, not being a physicist, probably did not really know how his technology worked.  He got most of his results through patient trial and error, spending long hours trying various frequencies on the observed organisms until he could “blow them up”.


6.         Is there any pain?  Do the treatments ever hurt?


A:        No, not as a rule.  The only caveat here is the possibility of a brief “hit” that tells you one or more of the salient frequencies has been hit.  Many times, there are more than one.  And, as mentioned, if you kill off a disease like cancer or lyme too quickly, it can cause an overload on your system and thus make you feel sick.  In some cases, of extreme illness, it is best to follow the “protocols” very carefully to compensate for this.  Therapy is started very slowly with rest periods so the reaction can be noted. If there is significant “kill-off”  effect the treatment schedule must be adapted and slowed down appropriately!


7.         What is a Herxheimer reaction?  Does Rife ever cause or precipitate such a reaction?  


A:        Originally it referred to the reaction to drug therapy of venereal diseases.  However, it has taken on a much wider connotation.  It now refers to, mostly in alternative medicine jargon, the flu-like or just plain yucky feelings that accompany any really effective therapy that kills the offending pathogens.  When any microbes are destroyed in large quantity, they produce poisons that many times mimic the actual disease.  This is very common knowledge to most alternative practitioners.  It is a good sign and the symptoms should not be suppressed as is wont to do in allopathic medicine.  The body, in its wisdom, knows how to get rid of these toxins,  However, it always helps to utilize good detoxifying methods to make this process more efficient and more comfortable, e.g. enemas, sauna therapy, hydration (lots of pure water), proper diet, herbs, exercise, etc. 


8.         How long is a typical treatment period? 


A:        Finally, an easy one.  The standard sweep is a 45 minute period with the Ultra 10A scanning device.  This goes from 0 to some 80+ Megahertz and focuses on the high or low frequencies depending on the appropriate setting.  But, all frequencies are hit in any one scan.  Also, and very importantly, it is not just one single frequency that is hit so to speak. It is more like “sets” of frequencies, highly-sophisticated combinations that sort of “machine guns” every harmful microbe in its way.  At least that is the aim. We cannot claim that every single germ is killed. That would be impossible to test anyway.  You might check out the short paper on this idea for more details of the concept.


9.         Is your device very complicated to operate? 


A:        It is probably the simplest, easiest and least expensive unit on the market. We have made it that way.  In fact, most of the commercial units are so complicated that only a technician can really operate them. They have to be because they are predicated on the assumption of finding and blasting the “correct frequency” as it were.  This is not practical in our estimation, and so we came up with a device that is as fool-proof as can be.  You just turn it on and it does everything.  There is the Professional Ultra10B (see the buying information page), for practitioners which can target specific frequencies as well as scan.  But, this is fairly simple too.


10.       Why is your machine better than all these other Rife machines I see? 


A:        We have been discussing this in previous questions, but a quick summation can be had at  “Difference”.


11.       Can I get a consultation before ordering your device?


A:        If you have a real need and intelligent questions we are glad to speak with you.  Please make a careful study of the main papers we have put on our site for your edification. Many of your questions will be answered there.  If you have specific questions about a condition you have,  then of course we are happy to talk with you, keeping in mind that we are not doctors and cannot offer medical advice.  Please see  Disclaimer.


12.       If it is so effective, why has my doctor not heard of it?  Why would not the FDA and AMA jump forward to approve it if it can save so many lives?


A:        This question reflects a certain naivety and continuing “faith” in the very medical establishment that suppresses real, alternative therapies. We cannot convince someone who has no experience or has not studied this situation. This is not for everyone.  If you have faith in allopathic medicine, then by all means turn yourself over to them.  However, you first might want to look at the statistics from orthodox medicine.  They are shocking. They make our case for us. You will find them referred to on our site. One is at the end of this paragraph.  An honest study of our web site will confirm much truth that will help to answer your question.  Unfortunately, if you are sick, you may not have time for a complete research. You can read just two of the very good books on the subject from our Bibliography, (“Politics In Healing” and “The Cancer Cure That Worked”).  Also, you might go to Mercola.com and look up some of the thousands of articles that debunk the myth that the FDA and “establishment" give any thought to our well being. Use his search engine and put in the term you want to research.  Millions die every year from allopathic medicine. For just a glimpse at the statistics see Article "Death By Medicine"


13.       Are there doctors nearby me that use Rife?


A:        Perhaps. Even if we knew do you think it would be wise for us to broadcast it?  Why should we do the FDA’s swat team’s work for them? They have harassed and jailed enough good hearted doctors over the years for trying to save their patients.  But, you have a better chance of finding someone or a clinic in the US in one of the states that has state alternative health protective laws.  You can do a Goggle search on the internet for alternative and complementary doctors and clinics.


14.       Do you have a list of diseases that your machine does work on or  has been effective on with other patients?


A:        No.  This would be illegal and only based on our experience.  As we said, we are not aware of any formal or university studies on Rife for obvious reasons. It is too effective. It is lethal competition for drug-oriented and established medicine. Most people have to research the science as it stands, swim through a plethora of disinformation or just plane false data to get to our site, and come up with their own decision.  That is why we have put so much information up on our site.  You may notice that it is not filled with products and ads etc. It is a resource for real, alternative and Rife-based information. That is all we can legally do.


15.       Where can I get historical and clinical information on Rife?


A:        Good question.  You can start with the books we mentioned earlier although you won’t find them in the library we suspect.  We have given internet sources when we can. We do not sell any books. You can also read everything on our site. We went to a lot of trouble to put this information up in a form that is accessible to layman and scientist alike.  Dr. Rife has pretty much been purged from the establishment database.  Like Wilhelm Reik, who you also may never have heard of, Rife was a threat to business as usual.  You can find some historical papers and newspaper articles etc. at Rife.org. Gary Wade is perhaps the world authority on Rife science today, and you can read his papers on our site.  In fact, the Ultra10A is his device.


16.       Can you give me references of people who have used this method so I can check it out?


A:        Perhaps.  Can you give us references that you are who you say you are? Fair is fair.  We have to protect our clients. Some of them live in places hostile to alternative medicine like inside the USA, Canada, South Africa, Britain, etc.


17.      Is there any kind of warranty?  Can I purchase an extended warranty, and if so, how much for how long?



A:        Yes,  it is pretty standard.  The machine is strong and should last for years. You can read all the details at  the  Purchasing Page.



18.       Can two people use this machine at the same time?



A:        Not really.  There are electronic circuitry  and other “physics” reasons why this is not practical.



19.       What is the advantage to the 10B model?  Why do I have to be a certified practitioner to order it? 



A:        There are exceptions if we think you know what you are doing. The advantage is you can target a specific frequency  IF you know exactly what it is.  However, as we said, this is not always known even when it is claimed. Some “bugs’ vary according to strain. You can miss it by a “silly millimeter” as the old ad you to say, and you “done missed it by a mile”.  The  main reason is that it can be actually  dangerous to expose yourself to a certain frequency for too long a time.  You can kill yourself by drinking too much water. It has been done. Too much of anything can be bad.


When Dr. Rife cured Cancer patients, he would be careful to only treat them for a three minute period once every three days!  It would take from 70 to 90 days to completely and safely eliminate the tumor.  He was well aware of the “kill-off” effect and knew a tumor should never be killed too fast!  For a complete answer see warning, “Rife Cancer Therapy—Appendix B”.



20.       Can this be used on children?  Can this be used on animals?



A:        Yes and yes.  As for animals, the contact has to be with bare skin so they would have to have that area shaved.  No problem.



21.       You imply that the contact has to be in a certain place. What about systemic conditions that are all over the body?


A:        Very good question.  It is explained in the Protocols, but there are very effective ways of treating the whole system.  Ultrasound is carried very well by blood and arteries and other tissues and thus can reverberate through the entire body when the contact is placed strategically. 



22.       I have lyme disease I think.  Will Rife help me?



A:        Lyme is hard to diagnose.  I wish I could assure you that it does. We know people who have had Lyme for years and got great results with our device.  Yet, that does not help you necessarily.  That is just our experience and our word.  And, the law will not let us make medical claims, diagnose or prescribe.  If you go back and read the short essay on rife,  you may figure it out for yourself.  There is a good short article on Lyme and some alternative cures that makes a lot of sense.  Again, to try to isolate and clinically test every one of thousands of diseases would take every scientist on earth a long, long time.  Probably we would all be dead by the time they got the answers using that approach anyway.  This is why the “scanning” approach is so superior.  Any and all potential pathogens (germs) are targets.  Theoretically, we should get most if not all.  There are some that rife does not work well on, at least at this time in any event.  But, there are other alternative solutions for these as well, e.g. ozone therapy, magnetic field therapy, super-silver, etc. etc.  If it turns out you have one of these rare and/or hard-to-treat-with-Rife conditions, we will be happy to suggest other therapies that we have found work. 



23.       I once saw a portable model for sale.  I would like to have something I could have with me on camping trips or when I travel.  Do you still carry this?



A:        Technically, we do not “carry” anything.  We build these devices on a case by case basis after you sign a “commissioning agreement” that allows us to build an experiment device under Federal Law.   We did have a small, portable unit at one time.  It can be useful for limited applications, but the batteries wear down fairly fast and the standard unit is a hundred times more powerful, and so hundreds of times more effective.  If you are planning to go where there is limited electricity etc., we would recommend you’re getting a deep cycle battery (marine), and an inverter to change DC to AC. There are other solutions.  If you are going where the actual voltage and cycles are different, you might consider a converter of some sort.  If you are going to stay for a longer time, we can adapt the unit for you.  However, we do not build the smaller model anymore.



24.       How does your unit compare to __________, or _____________?



A:        We do not compare our device with any others.  Some are good and some are not so good.  I wish there was some reputable comparison method but there is none at this time.  Again, some alternative therapies have been welcomed in other parts of the world and so have a track record and a lot of clinical and actual applications on their side, e.g. ozone therapy has been used in Germany for the last 50 years and is now being used in Russian, Cuba and some places in the North American continent.  Not so with Rife.  One way is to study the various papers and scientific articles on the subject and pick the ones that make the most sense to you.  Who can explain the actual basis for how it works the best?  This is our approach and we believe very strongly, based on the physics and the math, that our method is the best.


25.       Okay, but why don’t you advertise more?  It is very hard to find out anything about your Rife instrument.  And, you won’t really say what it is good for if anything.  I have had to read a lot of stuff to find out it really is pretty fantastic science that backs it up.  If this device is as great as you indicate then don’t you owe the world more effort in bring it to people’s attention?


A:        Perhaps.  But, you need to read Barry Lyne’s  “The Cancer Cure That Worked” to really understand what anyone who tries to promote Rife technology has to deal with.  A few years back, one of us worked for a man who came up with a sort of Rife based machine and began to market it.  Now, his father had made a lot of money and had a real manufacturing facility with a line of successful products.  This meant that this man could actually market his device in a professional and effective way. He had all his ducks in a row.  The short version is, the FDA paid him a visit one day and made it clear that they would be very displeased with him if he went ahead and continued to market his device.  He got the message, (it must have been very strong because this guy is no pansy), and he pulled the machine off the market and never went that way again.  So, if you are one of the lucky few that learns about Rife, just thank God.  It will never be a household term or item, at least not for a while.  After one of us heard about the Rife machine that helped a friend get rid of a bad dental condition, it actually took us 10 years before we found a “rife machine” and another 5 years before we found THE Rife Machine and it’s inventor that we are discussing.  So be it.



26.       I heard Rife works well on dental problems.  What is the track record with this?


A:        Okay, assuming you have not read any of the other answers, we will indulge you.  One of us personally had great success with periodontal disease and a rather persistent tooth or gum infection.  We have had some of this corroborated by our dentist with x-rays.  But, this is a very complicated area. We believe that there are tremendous benefits to using Rife on the mouth area, e.g. according to some reputable data, most people have pockets of gang green infections in their gums and teeth called cavitations.  Almost all Americans, due to a sugary, fast-food diet etc. have periodontal disease to some extent.  This keeps many dentists in business.  But, teeth are very complex structures.  A single microbe can hide in an infected tooth and though you destroy all its buddies,  they can all grow back pretty quick. 


On the positive side,  Rife is well  adapted to the mouth because it can penetrate without surgery or  ionizing radiation into the deep bone and tissues that nothing else can, (except on Star Trek of course).  So, there is a good chance you can wipe out most if not all of the germs.  But, again, because of the complexity of the structures, (the tubules if laid out straight might reach the moon if I remember correctly), and because we all have a sweet tooth and do not eat like healthy, primitive societies who never had dental problems, it is best to double check with x-rays for good measure.  That said, we and others we know, who eat right, have managed to control if not eradicate most dental problems with Rife.



27.       Is this covered by insurance?



A:        We wish. Maybe someday when the insurance companies realize how many billions they would save!



28.       Do you have financing?



A:         No, sorry, not at this time.


29.       Is there a return policy?



A:         No. We cannot afford to have people use the device and then return it. Most people never would give it back when they realize it is the end of most illnesses they will ever contract.




30.        NEW QUESTION: Can you do upgrades? My machine is several years old and I would like to take advantage of any improvements etc.


A:         On the average, I make about one significant upgrade to the Ultra 10A unit per year. So your 2007 Ultra 10A unit is approximately five upgrades behind (as of this writing). For example, I have invented and now fabricate a much more efficient high mega-hertz transmission cable to the transducer treatment head. Also, I have gone from a 12 volt power supply, to the circuit board, to a 15 volt power supply which allows the unit to produce significantly higher output intensities, particularly in the higher frequency range. I would have to talk with you about some potential upgrades to your unit, if you are interested. While the unit is set to semi pause, it is still putting out ultrasound/sound. However, it is called semi pause, because it actually slowly retraces its frequency path in a backwards direction while on that setting. This can be very useful when you come across a place in time during the treatment scan where you feel something obviously being killed off. You can set the unit to semi pause and slowly slide back through the frequencies to clear the problem out. The unit is designed to be maintenance free, except for normal ware-and-tear brake downs, i.e. fan going bad. The Ultra 10B can be used for bone repair, but requires the use of an external signal function generator, which costs around $250.00. The Ultra 10A can be upgraded into a Ultra 10B unit.





See excerpts from actual, personal responses to e-mails by Gary Wade, Physicist
and Research Director of the American Institute of Rehabilitation.